Sunday, December 5, 2010


So my cousin is in town for a couple of weeks
after 9 years in the states
so we decided to treat him to a nite out on the town
na so i carry my tired bones and got
into some short shorts and 6 inch heels
even my best pal asked how i was gonna dance in them heels???
but with the help of a glass of vodka and cranberry juice
with lodsa ice and barbecue....
i managed 3 and a half hours of dancing
deejay didnt make me loose my head but he try sha

such a far cry from wearing a pair of jeans and sneakers
to a parry or club and dancing from 11pm till 5am

i don old o


i love PhD's
i Bless God that my man has one

i pride myself on my PtP
bite me if you dont believe it to be true

i cant stand PsD's
what does any woman need them for?

i feel sympathy for PsP's....
please visit Dr matlock

wonder what they mean?
pretty huge dick
pretty tight pussy
pretty small dicks
pretty slack pussy

10 signs of a Perfect Girl:
In otherwords - T.I.G.H.T.P.U.S.S.Y!!


the last man i told
i love you
responded by saying i think i love you
at that tyme it was all i expected of him
but then....months later..........i wanted more
and his thoughts were no longer enough for me

i do believe i have said those same words to a man recently
not sure if i have said it to his face though
aeons after he first said it to me
i do remember butterflies in my belly and my heart going fast
when i heard him say it
and i thought-oh hell no!!!!! dont.....

i have heard that there is a difference between i love you
i am in love with you

i have found that it is easy to love someone
someone does you a good deed
u like dem so feels like you say it
even if you dont really mean it.....
i love you
someone saves you from a bad situation
i love you
you spend a lot of tyme with someone
i love you
but when these people move away or you lose touch
life goes on.....

but what is it that makes you pine for someone
after they have left your life

sometimes its not even love

my last boyf i pinned for......when it ended
but when i got over him i realised i was happy
we didnt end up as a couple
cos what we really were was acquaintances who enjoyed good sex

the reason why being with Dee is soooooo glorious is cos
with him............i am me

i can be goofy,silly,fart,dress like an ass,
speak like an uncultured slum rat
be this eloquent speaker,dress sexy,plain,official
he is the older brother i dont have
the friend i can get a man's perspective on.....on anything
the one i call when i am hurt,sad,hollow,exasperated,angry,horny,need advice,need to laugh,sometimes just to hear dat sexy voice
the one i am able to be me airs
the one who has never once...judged me

i was thinking back and i realised its been
a while i had that kinda connection with a man
it occured to me that i have not in a long time
being the real Ibi with a man
what i am with him is the persona i decide to be
so it gets old after a while and i want out

unlike how i was with Star/ airs.....
odd how i was me with first two guys
i dated and it just went downhill after dem two
sometimes i held back
sometimes i gave all of me and dem guys could not handle it
so i conformed to what seemed to suit them

but thing is Ibi is too old to play charades
you either love this small,shy,loudmouthed,foul mouthed
eloquent,lovely voiced,dirty minded,sexy,talkative,lazy,indecisive,
(there are more adjectives but my wrist don dey pain me)
sweet siren or you can go jump into the lagoon

feels great to have this again.....

its crazy how i was thinking forever with Mel
but i couldnt talk to him about everything and anything

Ubong wants to know why i only danced with my cousins at the club
told him i dont pick guys at clubs
i have gone out with guys i have met online
at alumni meetings
at other meetings
at office parties
at a friend's party
at the workplace
in uni
friends of friends
cos i need ur info
verified info before i set out on the date

i neva go anywhere or hang out outside my home after 7pm
without an sms or bbm to my cousin and my pal

they dont do same
but its an old habit
i always had to let mama know exactly where i was headed
guess it stuck with me

even with Dee outta town a lot
he usually has a pretty good idea where i is

but then i love this relationship because
we have no boundaries
but on the other hand
we do have boundaries neither of us will cross

do i experience jealousy sometimes? i do
does he? i hope so
do i experience an overwhelming need to possess?
when he impales(Ubong's favourite word) me....yesssssss
will i ever do anything to hurt him?never
just as i know for sure in my heart
hell would freeze over before he hurt me

oh and then again i agree with this....
"You know it's love when all you want
is that person to be happy,
even if you're not part of their happiness."
- Julia Roberts

Sunday, November 7, 2010

See bucket of ice cream oo

Hey peeps
i have been away 3 months

in between being without impure thots cos of ramadhan-wink
and treating malaria back to back thrice
it was easy to neglect blogging

but The great has been bugging me to update
and he did promise me ice cream..........
oya i don update.....if i no see ice cream
i will defriend you ooooooooooooo

had a convo with a group of guys
colleagues at work
3 married guys and a girl
the girl was venting
saying her hubby would be castrated
and be imprisoned if he strays and she catch am
so i asked.........castrated and imprisoned for what?
wetin the guy do whey he deserve such punishment?

as was expected, the guys hailed me and said please tell her jo
two of them go on to say
when their wives say
Dear Lord thank you for my hubby
they get scared........
well.....cos they know
they do the nasty with others
so it scares dem that their wives actually speak of them as loyal

the third guy didnt add his two pence
his marriage is younger
i think he hasnt strayed........(yet)

i am not saying men should cheat
i just dont see why a woman wont ask herself
*why* he is cheating
cos reasonable men *always* have a reason

she's hawter than wifey
finer,leaner,fleshier,curvier,lighter skinned,bigger boobs
she shares his hobby(s)
she loves to fuck
she fucks him silly
she is always ready to fuck
she fulfils his sexual fantasies
(yup-sex is a major reason why peepe cheat)
she listens to him
she feeds his ego
she babies him
she understands damage control
she says she's sorry and means it

so if he cheats
i hope you married your friend
so you can ask him why
and i pray he can be honest
cos every wise woman knows
you should neva allow your man's mind wander
their mind always gets lost
they have a short memory span

9 times out of ten
its old men that become senile

how many senile grandmothers do you know?

gramps had 3 wives............
no wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love you gramps
miss you like crazy
but i now see why you went that route.......

A pal called me up on my birthday
to those of you who forgot....
you just dont care enuff in my books
and if na so-then na so
aguda o jeun labe geesi.......
friendship no be by force

Star surfaced on facebook
my very first boyf
i remember planning to elope with him
aeons ago....*fluttering lashes*
reality set in and several buxoms taller ladies later
we fell apart

whenever either of us was between relationships
its not like he was the best i eva had
but it was easy to fall back into his bed
last tyme we hooked up
all he wanted to do was get me pregnant
he wanted me pregnant so we could tie the knot he said
he was tired of hopping around he said
i detested the fact that
he thought both parents would only be swayed by a pregnancy
to let us walk down the aisle
i didnt like the reason for the aisle walk
moreover i wasnt ready to be a mother
he wasnt ready to be a father either

a couple of months later he ranted...........
ranted about how i needed to get off the pill
or whatever i was using
he did said he was irate
all i saw in his features was...........relief

fast forward to today
the lovesick star is getting married sometime in 2011
i am soooooo looking forward to the the rice
(even though i was rooting for the babe before this one)
babe is hawt!!!!!!!!!!!
this one?
she will grow on me.....
he has chosen her......

if you think it odd
you dont know me..........those who do know
know that Ibi is a very good girlfriend
i stay cordial with every man i have ever fucked dated
except the one who could not fuck
the one who wants to marry me and leave me in california
(while he fucks every thing in sight in lagos)
the one who wanted to sleep with my mother
(sleeping with a mother and daughter ensures long life in his village)
and two guys who seem to have dropped off the earth's surface

and she(Ibi) will make some guy a very happy man soon
i also plan to be a fabulous mother
when i was 15
my goal in life was
*to be a wonderful wife and mother*

an aunt of mine has a very solid marriage
and all i see in her is
patience and wisdom
two virtues i have an abundance of

my current goal?
i wanna be a billionaire so freaking bad

shade and bukky are gisting
how i go dey help my mate?shade says
cos dude is probably a few years older than me
his wifey cant be much older than me
that is if she old reach me sef
so how i go dey help my mate or my junior?
she suppose fit fuck her dick well ke
and i wonder why her dick keeps saying
oh you are sooo tight
you are soooo wet
him wife neva born
wetin dey make her pussy untight?
abegi i tire
i don delete teh guy o
i cant justify to myself anymore this mate helping i dey do
i would rather help my aunty's mate jare
i was brought up to help my elders carry their load
not my mate

it took a lot of willpower for me not to laugh out loud

my closest female pal and i didnt speak for about 4 months
we exchanged emails,jokes,messages,or whatever catches our fancy
but no calls or hook ups

recently we had a reunion with a couple
of oda peeps and we all just synced

fast forward 2 weeks
she looses her job
i ask an innocent question and she starts to hyperventilate

i wonder what it is about me that gets her mad

Uti won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
me.....i am glad that arrogant short prick didnt win

(people dey talk say Uti papa burial go rock!!!!!!!!!)
human beings!!!!!!!!!!!
wish him well
and i hope he dumps Sheila fast
i cant stand confused people

and if you are bisexual or gay
you are confused

it is my blog
i can say what i like
if you dont like what i have to say
go and sit inside gutter water
if gutter no dey near you
drink battery water

remember that machine(mi car) i bought for my birthday last year?
i sold it
it was planning to give me hypertension
i have a wooden box
donations are welkome
Ibi needs a new ride

this year for mi birthday?
i shopped for new eyes,clothes,shoes and bags
taxi neva finish for Lagos

I hope i love sex as much as i do now when i get married
my mind is in a perpetual state of filth
it needs to be washed with izal,dettol,jik,persil,omo.....
all i see in my mind's eye is phallus
all i wanna do is cum cum cum
and oh dear
oh God
Oh my God
i am definitely currently having the bestest sex of my life
marra of fact
this guy makes love to me
its not just about getting sexually gratified
its its its..........cant fucking explain it......
mwah sweetim

my colleague is going away to born pikin
5 months she will be away
see how my life just got easier?????
i have her duties plus mine
they say i just got more relevant in the work place
so i should embrace it
i dont mind ooooooooooooo
i just need half of her salary..........

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Baby....We not talking....My Past....Bullet...Cruella...

Always be my baby by Mariah Carey Cannon

you'll always be a part of me
i'm a part of you indefinitely
boy don't you know you can't escape me
ooh darling cause you'll always be my baby
and we'll linger on
time can't erase a feeling this strong
no way you're never gonna shake me
ooh darling cause you'll always be my baby

This song was the theme song for me and star
well it was the song in my head
everything i thought of him

I am still in love by new edition

I'm still the man for you
And I'm still the man that's true
And I'm still the man who's lucky
And I'm still in love with you
It don't matter what your friends do
They're just jealous of me and you
And I'll always keep you happy
'Cause I'm still in love with you
I'm still in love

this was the song in my head when
he left me for a jambite

i heard the first song whilst
getting my nails done today
and i remembered him
i loved dat man
first cut is the deepest they say

but my mum would never have let us be
t'wasnt cos he was a xtian
it was cos he was 19 i was 18
and we both had AS as genotypes
he turned 33 a few hours ago
8th aug
i decided not to facebook or email him

i dont care for ex's dat dont keep in touch
just a line
and then when i drop a line
they ignore it?
or take me off their friend list
i guess its cos some people need closure
i am not built that way
i dont go having relationships
with every thing that has a third leg

so it irritates me
when a person i consider friend
takes me off their list
or ignores my emails/sms/facebooking etc
just cos he considers me an ex?
i would have thought i the female
should be the one exiting people

i have always being a very good girlfriend
the relationship mite not work
but if it wont, i dont wanna stop being friends

i wont be all up in ur biz
but actually removing me from ya friends list is
unpardonable in my books

oh and i always remember people's bday's
but in the last year
i decided
u forget mine
i forget urs
that is also an unpardonable crime in my books
send an email,flash me,text me,facebook me
do something
but if you forget the day i was born
i will forget yours
and even if its a cruise you invite me to
i aiint coming

i choose my friends carefully
so if anyone wants to defriend me
good ridance

which brings me to my pal
we havent talked in a little over 2 weeks
well we went at each other pretty much
i just told her some shit she was always getting herself into
and she decided to recount how i was celibate for 8months
cos no guy wanted my punani
and how i used to have flings
and how i used to..........

so i told her
pretty much used to
you still havent learnt from your mistakes seemingly
i learnt from mine

i love sex
but i always know when a man is around me
just for sex
and it is possible to have something deep
with a person which no one else undertands
which wont lead to the altar
people dont need to understand why/how each person lives dia life

but i just am tired of listening to her bemoan her single status
and i think she looks for a husband in every 3rd legged homo sapiens

she buys a wedding dress (in her mind)
with every guy that says hi to her
it irritates me to my core
na so to marry dey hungry person?
you meet a guy monday
and by friday you are checking out
if his crib looks like it is ready for female habitation?

oh well
the last tyme she upped away from my friendship
she didnt speak to me for a year
she came back after she broke up with
her then boyfriend of 9yrs
oh i was also accused of being happy
that said relationship didnt lead to the altar
even though i found out about the break up
5months after it happened

i dont do female drama well
i may have my own share
but i have too much male in me to handle it
so when a friend/relative lays down the drama queen attitude?
i ignore them

I stole this-its cute!!!!!

My Past....

I do not fear it


I embrace it

Because whether I triumphed or

whether I screwed up

I cannot change it now

But it has made me strong

It is…………………

MY PAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i have a new vib
remember how i gave the old one
too much love and killed it?
i dont like dildos
but my clitoris and my new toy
are great friendssssssssssss

spawn of the devil?
she dey.....
we are pretty much keeping each other at arms length
i love the new Ibi vs Cruella office mood

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Its On...Wicked....Married vs single.......Sneaky....

I've got on red nails
i've got on a sleek hairdo
i've a mini dress
i'm gonna pamper my skin
then get a bikini wax.....
its on's on....

She's soooooooo wicked
If i was dating a married man
i wouldn't encroach on his personal space
See...Dad had 2 other mum's
Mum had 2 other mum's
so i come from a generation of women who share
friends find it odd when i say i can share
my very first boyfriend couldnt understand
why i never got mad when he cheated on me
if i asked...did you? and he
it was all i wanted to hear
it meant(to me)
if i was married to his ass
she was still a girlfriend or a mistress
def not a mate(for me)

squeeze your face all you want
spit all you want
i come from a family of women who share
and i have no issues sharing if i have to
i just want the sharing to be fair

so back to my story
if i was dating a married man
and his wife's pic is his screensaver
it would not bother me
if i was dating a married man and he,wifey and the kids
did london-dubai-US for three weeks and all i get is a perfume
it would not bother me
if i was dating a married man and he talked about his plans
his dreams,his biz and all this had wifey and kids in it and no me
it would not bother me
if i was dating a married man and he always had money for madam and the kids and all i ever get is a measely financial boost one every few months it wouldnt bother me

i would enjoy every minute i get with him
not mind (so much)about the dates that get canclled
cos jnr fell ill or daughter had a recital he couldnt miss
or madam needed him at home to put on the gen

you know why?
she freaking owns him
and he owes her.....
he swore before God and man to be there for her....always
and his *unborn children*
what I have with him I cant justify when i go down on my knees
what she has with him she can justify everyone
and to the *supreme being*

i digress....
its hard to judge why people cheat on their spouses
or why single people date married people
some girlfriends will become second,third or fourth wives
some girlfriends will be elevated to mistresses
some will bear the term the *the mother of my children*
some girlfriends will have their relationship fizzle out
some girlfriends will eventually become that girl you used to shag
but whose husband you now play golf with
the one who helps your wife understand you berra
is there when you need someone to talk to
but cos you are both married
neither of you will cheat on their spouse

I consider her a friend-she's like the sister
i dont have
everyone else in my life doesnt get me as much as she does
.......but when she told me
she sent an sms to her Tolu's wife (her married boo's wife)
...........*i'm pregnant for Tolu*

i told her
she is wicked

i still cant comprehend it
then she says
her emotions run deep
she wants him to marry her
she is mad about having aborted the pregnancy last yr
(i just found out about this abortion)

granted wifey calls her up
send curses her way....etc
but wifey can do that shit
even though her pulling such stunts means she's crass
cos women who have class know...
if u are mad at hubby
*punish ur man*
ignore the litle hussy who has her claws in ur man
oh did i tell u
when Tolu needs to go out and
he sends an sms to wifey saying where he is gonna be
it annoys my pal

did i mention
said pal was devastated by her father's
actions when he got a second wifey cos
her mama was relegated to the warehouse
(felt like it)

stupid girl probably doesnt remember what
it was like growing up in her home anymore
she has her eyes set on becoming the *other* woman

i'm appalled at her
i'm mad at her
i'm surprised that she learnt nurrin
from her parents's situation
and i still think
she is down right wicked

when i get invited to a wedding
if the groom is my pal and i know only him
chances are.....i wont attend
i just appreciate being invited
if the bride is my friend and i know only her
chances are.....i wont attend
i just appreciate being invited
but i will buy the aso ebi
if i and some other peeps are friends with
either or both the groom and or bride
chances are.......i will attend
I and other friends can keep ourselves company
if the couple forgets to plan for us
i've been to weddings that i dont even get a sip of water
sorry folks
bad planning by couple
cos your friends wont chase after the caterer or your mama
so if noone is detailed to entertain them
they will share your happy day but
stay hungry and dehydrated

what is it with peeps who get married and dont tell you?
it feels sneaky...........i hate sneaky
i understand about peeps needing to have quiet weddings
i understand about peeps not wanting you at their weddings
but you can send me an sms,mail,chat,post,ping,buzz
i'm getting married soon
dont even hint me about date or venue
i'll know you informed me even if you didnt invite me
i get so upset when i get to facebook
and another status has changed
i guess people forget to invite peeps
once again
all i need is to be informed
i dont need to be invited
i may not even honour the invite
but when i dont hear about it and a week later
your status changes on facebook
it upsets me
cos i care....
becos you see only the people i care about
......are able to hurt me
with their words and or deeds
it tells me said friend doesnt care as much as i do

my friend tells me to shut up about it
i wont invite everyone she tells me
i know i wont
i honestly want a wedding of about 30 people
but my mum gets to be mother of the bride once
so i may have to let her invite the
whole town like i know she wants,needs to
but we may compromise
i really would love a nikkah of about 30 peeps
then a big reception(to please my mum and the clan)
months or even a year later.....

but i'm not bothering myself about it yet anyways
i need me a yam supplier first
(42 tubers of yam)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lion King,Preggies,Passwords,

Finally saw lion king at my salon
yup i know..........
where have i been?
i have no idea.....

Had another convo with my uncle
his take....pregnant women are delicious
he says if a man has a long dong
all he needs to do is stay away from his wife in her first trimester
soon as she hits the 4th month or did he say 5th month?
he can carry go....shagging as he pleases
.....his take...a pregnant woman secretes more
hence allowing for berra lubrication
and preggies enjoy the sex too
so why say cos wifey is preggers; no sex
please try it he advises
you shall not be disappointed he assures you

oh he also said some babies have come screaming
into this world with semen all over them
(now i know why his wifey had those miscarraiges)
my uncle has a long dong
my uncle has a long dong


so why do people put passwords on their fones?
it irritates the shit outta me
i tried it once
doesnt work for me
having to put a password in, every tyme
i needed to make a call or send an sms
was frustrating for me
the password lasted 20mins

i dont scroll thru people's stuff
its just not me

i however hate it
absolutely hate it when people go thru my stuff
fones,drawers,bag in my absence
in part cos i always place things a certain way
so, if that order is tampered with
it annoys the shit outta me

but if someone wants to read my emails,sms,go thru my pics
help yaself
anything you see that bothers you
please take it to your grave
remember ignorance is bliss
and opening pandoras box always
brings on grave consequences

this thrush has refused to go away
need to see my doc....i ususally dont self medicate
but how many women dont self medicate when it comes to thrush???
its like part of our daily lives.....
maybe i can sneak in a pap smear

Monday, May 31, 2010

Mi Blog is Three!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Blog is 3 today

He is fabulous with his tongue
he has a small phallus(she told me)
he is possessive
checks her fone,stresses over everything
wonders how as a markerter in a bank
she seems homely

his possessiveness drove her nuts and she said HELL NO
after all the dick no dey *fill* her neways

8 months later he marries his ex

he's been married about 10 months now
and word from him is his wife has not fucked him in 8 months
not even a kiss he says
his ex(my pal) and i are wondering if na the smallness of the dick
dey cause marital issues
why she marry am?
cos no sex after ONLY 2 months of marital bliss?
or is she pregnant?
well we didnt ask cos some wives tend to close shop
when they get pregnant
but then again
is it a case of two sexually incompatible people getting married?
but why do men marry women with whom they are not sexually compatible?

but like my cousin says........wives change........

my cousin told me
these days after 2 kids he has to beg for *it*
sometimes he needs to buy a gift for wifey
before she lets him have sum
this is a woman who would give it to him just about everywhere
and anytyme when they were dating
so is it the kids that tire her so much???
i no know why her man has to beg for it o
he confessed to loving the tyme work sent him to SA
he sowed his oats he says.......
now he is back and he is begging for it all over again
for some reason he has no plans to cheat on her in naija
but he is running out of his mind..........

i KNOW there's more to a marriage than sex
but THUNDER fire anyone that tells me

colleague of mine
his wife had a miscarriage after 3 months
when she got pregnant the second time
*his words*............she closed shop
up and down shop he says
she for at least open the top shop he said
but she was sore.....
shop was closed for 9 months and now the baby is here
shop is still closed.......
(i know there is a 6 week no sex after baby rule)
its been 3 months since the baby came
he MUST be a saint cos i know him well enuff(i think) to know
he probably has mastered the art of masturbating
or he just cant,wont sleep with others to let go of his sexual tension
cos he tells me almost on a daily,how sexually frustrated he is
i always give him a great big hug and tell him to hang in there.....

another colleague has the same scenario
miscarriage and shop closed
but with him???all he needs is a willing female
who knows??? he may already have a few....

I love sex......after i discovered it...
i keep wondering if pregnancy and kids
will keep away from *my* phallus
cos i know when i decide to have and to hold
one for the rest of me life
its gotta be a pretty good specimen
else why would i wanna forsake all others???
so if i decide to forsake all others
how can he be sexually frustrated if we are in the same bed???
ok fine-some days/nights-one or both of us is too tired
some days/ or both of us is there will be no soundtracks
some days/nights...I or he will be away
i can understand a few days of madness in personal lifes and no sex happens

court documents signed to say sex is legal
yams exchanged
dowries paid in families where dowries are accepted

and one month
two months
then to hear 8 months


wives stop letting those women outside outshine you jo
so even if and when he gets sum on the outside
because some men will...........

homeboy knows for sure that when he gets home
madam will fuck him like a porn star

I know someone who is in love with a man who has
4 wives and 9 children
She is seperated from her own husband
her husband has remarried or is currently cohabiting
with another woman who has a son for him
and he is asking for a divorce

what i dont understand is
she gets into a relationship after her seperation and it is
with a man with 4 wives????

cos for a woman to be number 5
guy must have DIRTY MONEY
wrinkle your nose all you want
shake your head if you will
but something must make a woman wanna be number 5
if you dont know what i mean
ever been near a compost heap?
see how bad it smells and affects you?
yels money that does that to a person

i'm a muslim.....almost everyone i'm related to
is a polygamist
i come from a world where polygamy
is encouraged and accepted

man takes a second need to crucify him
if we are able to know the inner workings of the man's mind
more often than naught...he has a valid reason....
hard to believe i know
wrinkle your nose
shake ya head
spit on the floor if you will
if the guy is not a promiscous fuckhead
there is usually a valid reason......Q.E.D

but when he takes a third and a fourth
he is either a confirmed polygamist.....hehehehehehe
or a KING

so help me ask this person i know
is madness worrying her?
she has been crying ooooo
begging him(Mr 4 wives) to come back
cos her elder sister made a big fuss and
Oga said im no do again
me i dey wonder gan ni
number 5?
9 children?
so her kid if any...will be number 10?

if his money isnt smelling...yea dirty money smells....
there is no basis for number 5ism

cos if he is a pussy eater
he probably has eaten 4 pussys before he heads to yours
if he is a kisser
that 4 pussy eating mouth will pass you saliva????


abi i lie?

dick enter pussy 1,2,3,4 then hers
mouth chop pussy 1,2,3,4 then hers
mouth exchanges saliva with mouth 1,2,3,4 then hers
moreover if he's shagging her(she's not his wife is she?)
then he is shagging others!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and (whisper)your average married man doesnt use condoms
well he's gotten used to, not needing to wear the damn thing
matter of fact....most married phalluses detest *the sheath*
I hear peeps attest to it(men and women alike)
once you put a sheath on such a dick
dick goes to sleep
so her own Oga is probably going sheathless
into some 5 pussys and counting????

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh the things we endure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you,I and all of us whey dey shag.........

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


So my uncle says
polygamous men live longer lives

with one wife
she could kill him so she can get all he has
with 2 wives
if one is trying to do away with him
the other is making sure he stays alive
with three
even better..........
all 3 wives want him around long enuff...else
who will fend for their upkeep with him gone???

and he ended the convo by saying he is getting himself
wife number two a few years from now

i was one of those irritating kids
if we went to a petrol station
i will puke

if i went on a plane ride
i will puke

if it was a bus ride,so long as i had a meal
before embarking on the journey
i will puke

if a man decidded to puff beside me
i will puke

lucky me-papa didnt smoke
uncles who did............
stayed away from me

i can now feast before and during plane rides,bus rides
trips to the petrol station
without puking

as for men who smoke
i've dated and even dreamt of being married to 3

see how people change

My Pal is pregnant!!!!!
happy for her
At first she was sad
now she seems resigned to the situation
her fiance is not around
so i guess the idea of long cold alone nights
na im cause all the cry cry
i sooooo look forward to seeing her with her bump

Am i weird
i honestly dont give a damn about the institution marriage....yet
my cousin disgusts me
every freaking sentence
she cant wait to be outta here
in her own home
she cant wait to be married
funny thing is
she doesnt look,act the part(potential wife)
wish her well she sabi

...i keep telling people to stop being worried
for me
i'm not worried.......werrin dia own??
coupledom will happen for me
cos even the Lord knows i'm not yet mentally and emotionally ready
dats why he's keeping the yam buyer away
(yup...........future husband of mine owes my family 42 tubers of yam)

as for webcams
mine suppose don blow
the things we get up to...

Monday, May 3, 2010


Took a stroll after dinner this evening
saw two couples
different distances
couple one hugging by the roadside
one half had to be headed off to theirs
other couple downstairs in the dark
and i thought....cute

but....a roadside hug mean say
them no get motor(heheheheheheheh)
and a downstairs in the dark hug mean say
make mama and or papa no catch them...

mind me not
just feeling evil

must be all the pettyness Cruella spreads my way
must be rubbing off.....

his music.......
used to own a few tapes
cant find my old tapes
need to go get me some cd's
i remember boyfriend i was dating then
used to say i acted possessed whilst listening to his music
guy threathened to throw my tapes out
kept my tapes away from him
and indulged in my obsession or possession whenever he wasnt around

When a guy stops taking your calls,wont email,text,visit....
is he breaking up with ya?
I think he is.....
My cousin finally read the writing on the wall
guy is an ass though
a man can get most things he wants without dangling the M word
cos when you do dangle then misbehave....i really just wonder
i know some men do that, cos it seems thats all the girl wants to hear
i think its decidedly evil though to dangle the M word with a babe
who is soooooo ready to be married
when there are soooooooo many other girls that will let you do as you please
with each realising thats all there is to and or friendship
no in-laws,no wedding,no kids ever.....

but then again, why is that once *sum* babes dont hear Marriage dey wont date
sometimes all a man is good his dick
sometimes his money
sometimes he can get you up the corporate ladder
or he is just that darling friend who helps you sieve the good from the bad
cos,well he is male.....
cos they have a code-a man always knows-
so whenever your male friend tells you to let that guy go
drop him fast.........

Lynette of desperate housewives can always get Tom to do what she wants
its like, what she says is what gets done
Tom says letting her get her way makes her feel safe
cos her childhood was wack

In will you merry me?
The fathers told the son
the secret to a happy marriage is deciding if you wanna be right or happy

so they choose to be happy
hence they let their wives get away with most things

isnt that a *white* thing
In Naija...........what the guy wants, is all that matters...true?

I think in every relationship
there has to be balance.........compromise
with each couple there should always be the one dat can back down first
so peace can reign......

I like to talk things through when i'm calm
I hate to argue when i'm angry or mite get angry
at that point-silence is what i'll dish out
but when i'm calm...........
i can be sooooo annoying
cos i wont stop talking till u see it my way
or pretend to see it my way
and i'll enjoy it immensely cos i'm calm and
whoever it is,is probably pissed or headed there....
*evil grin*

Monday, April 12, 2010


I saw a girl a few days ago....she walked past me
she looked padded............
Ay and I used to *pad*.........way back in uni
wear 1 or 2 pairs of shorts underneath our outfit(s)
looking at ourselves,we thought
we didnt pass for members of nassatall(no ass at all)

but seeing the young padded lady 2 days ago
she sure looked i guess
we probably didnt succeed in our quest to look like we had bigger butts
and people could see we had some extra padding to back then

isnt it just mad when conductors harrass their passengers
arent passengers the customers?
isnt the customer always right????

told the nysc guy in my office
he needs to find a way to keep busy
being online means he's idle
which is ok....if he doesnt get caught
he got caught yet again today
my boss actually said
he's always online...........
i wonder what Cruella will say in her mail tom..........
she loves to make things *official*

monday morning
saw a dead kid on the road
bus/car....something hit him/her and left him/her dia
lastma vs agberos and bus drivers had a faceoff
dey say......lastma oppresses dem
lastma says dey stop to pick and drop passengers
at busstops dat are not designated
na the peeps whey dey stranded for busstops i pity

it shouldnt hurt when ex's get engaged,married,have kids abi?
it does.......
it hurts less if he/she has nurrin on a person
but if he/she has a mate whey fyne.....maybe pass the person
it hurts..........
its way easier to accept their coupledom if their other half is fugly/stupid
and the one who gets married first........
usually doesnt get the other amongst their wedding party
sometimes dey get invited
sometimes dey get omitted
but its easier to be at an ex's wedding if already engaged/married
if not,you wish them well.......maybe(evil grin)
and wait for your own............

some are drop dead gorgeous
some its the voice
some its the height or lack of it
some its the charm
some its the shoes(dress sense)
some its the way he/she walks,talks
some its the diction
some he/she is so intelligent/stupid...(lol)
some spend money like its from a bottomless pit
some make the other feel special
some you just wanna have their genes in your offsprings
some are fabulous cooks(homemakers)
some shag you real good.....wink
so many reasons, why we are attracted or stay attracted to people
others outside of the relationship try to understand it
i advice them to stop trying..............

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'M SOOOOOO WHIPPED..............

So my cousin's neighbour has a mini stroke
they (neighbour's) rallied around to take him to the hospital
my little cousin is one of the *men* appointed to take him
old man starts to convulse and actually shits in his pants

he was at a political meeting a week later
so you all know he's better

joke is...........

when he came to a couple of days later
he asks
who has these pampers?

his younger brother whispers

eyin la lo fun ni igba ti e poopoo

*we had to use them on you when you lost control of your bowel*

couldnt help laughing at

Ubong asks why no updates?

i said i have no idea why

i've had writer's block

he says its D.........hmmmmm

I open my eyes....(my alarm goes off)
its 430am
he's still asleep
i smile to myself
i have to be at my desk in a few hours
he will be on a plane later in the day
i wriggle back into his arms
he turns...wraps his arms around me whilst still groggy..........

i lay back and sleep for about half an hour
get up,bath,dress up.....was gonna put my make up on
decided against it......
i'll do it when i get to work

I get back into bed and give him a hug
he stirs....

you dressed????
yea i say......

i kiss him.....long........slow...........deep
.......what are you doing he asks????
Smiling......I pop a mint in my mouth....
i slide his boxers off
pull out the mint
circle the tip with my minty breath
then..............his whole shaft
i hear his sharp intake of breath

i grin to myself

every last dredge of sleep is well and truly gone now
i make him squirm whilst not letting him grope me
then i raise my head....strip and tell him
i want you.....

he turns me over and goes down on me
..........i'm bucking and moaning
ok peeps i'll spill
my soundtrack is Oh my God!!!!

when i can no longer take it
i pull him up and say
fuck me..........''

and he does.........

made it to work 10 mins late
and i swear even a reduction in salary
could not have taken the smirk off my face
i had it on ALL FUCKING DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miss you D...............

My cousin was on her way home from a tryst
on a bike-she loves the speed.......
I will never get on a bike before 630am or after 7pm
when i drive......i drive 5 cars
so when i'm on a bike
we drive the damn thing together
........i dont see sooooo good at night
so i wont be on that silly machine when my sight is impaired

they see a flash of colour
colour was human
they rise,they swerve,they hit the curb
they land
machine on top of them........wheels still rolling

someone dashed towards them
help help help he says
finally an immigration guy and a taxi stop
okada guy goes in the boot
he got the worst end of the stick
some guy pays for 3 cards at the hospital
then they start to call last numbers on their fones

my cousin?
they got
her boo
her pastor and her two friends
it was 9pmish.....

Flash of colour has a nasty head gash and she's not coherent
nurses are suspecting....some bolts in her head are loose

bike man may have internal bleeding
bad facial wounds,bruises all over and he was spitting blood
he's Adamawa bound.......

she(cousin of mine) has a badly sprained hip muscle
so she has to use crutches for 2 weeks
to keep her weight off her hip muscle so it'll heal nicely
her calf is swollen.........the silencer burn
her face is swollen
badly sprained ankle
bruises on face,arms,fingers,legs

she looks like she got hit by something
(erm....she was)

hospital she was taken who's treating her?
my friend in uni.....small world shey????

she's home tomorrow
from the hospital

its gonna be a couple of weeks before
she can ride her favourite machine

this is the second cousin who has had a mishap with this yeye machine
dude in question woke up whilst under the knife to fix his broken finger
they had to give him more anaesthesia
silly ass had an out of body experience
was watching his mama and sister trying to wake him up

when he told me
i was like silly fool
so you were gonna die without leaving anything for us to inherit???
we laughed
but i sure wasnt ready to bury the asswipe.......
he did confess he told the bike man to break all speed limits
he had an appointment............
the one he kept.......was at the hospital
he's lucky he can move his finger
its slightly crooked though
a reminder of what could have been...........
he hardly gets on bikes anymore

so make una help me tell G
may her love for the machine diminish
well,i'll see what 2 weeks on crutches will teach her.......
and as for her boo?????

i think he's silly
cos knowing her
she's a stubborn fool
she would have opted for a bike instead of a cab
he really should have dropped her off home
and not done the see me off thingy they do

he comes to ours
she sees him off halfway to his
gets on a bike...back home........

our mothers dont know yet
and we are not telling......
her mum..........recently widowed

my mum.........will have to visit the docctor
well...when we fall ill...she does too
odd,crazy,silly,corny but true.........

hopefully i'm back from my hiatus...........

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Car,Deola&Tayo,The One,Muse,

Got my car in Oct
went back and forth over the mechanical problems it developed
then i got frustrated and asked that it be sold
my agent-uncle picked it up and unearthed a damn good mechanic

car came back to me rolling great
parked it for a month cos i wasnt ready to do the fuel hassle thingy

recently a colleague asked if i was still owing the guy that brought my car in
anyways i also discovered i was spending more on public transport than i would spend on fuelling my car
i was also secretly afraid of braving the roads
but i found out i was lusting after other pretty babes in their rides

so this weekend
i got my adorable cuz to do the fuel hunt for me
poor boy spent 6 hrs at the station

car wash dude said he had no idea my car was that good looking
well that was 4 weeks of grime.......wink
also needed my brake pads changed

everything else rolls fyne

so i did surulere to my hood with my L sign proudly displayed
( second learners permit expired in Jan)
i do have a license though

dont ask me how
this is naija aiint it

my other learner's permit expired in 2004

i'm gonna do mama Ibi style
she went for 11 out of 20 lessons
proudly displayed the L sign and hit the roads
so after 2 lessons 6yrs apart and 2 expired permits
i need to earn the right to use my license

so,if u see a cutie with an L sign in a car
dat makes you do a double take
thats me from today.....wink

D......i love your poem

His late nights are driving me nuttttttttttttttttsssssssssssssss
yes o my brother........
he just waltzed in-its 1am
there's work today
he will wake up at 5 and start to moan about needing more sleep

I could kill for a raise.........

Ubong asked for an update on Deola and Tayo
Tayo just came back from his trip
dem never see
Deola insists she will break it off
but i did let her read all them comments
and she thinks it'll be nice to give Tayo a good bye fuck
Cos me thinks and i told her
if he hasnt given you the 400k yet
its 2 things..........
he doesnt have it to give OR he is not gonna give ya
or maybe he thinks she hasnt earned it
i told her they need to talk about it
will he or wont he give?
he can always loan it to her if he cant give it to her
he insists she shouldn't bother about his wifey.....
the decison is hers to make.........

My cousin has finally found *the one*
i really think she hit the jackpot this tyme
this is the first tyme she's talked marriage
and i'm looking forward to it
she's had 2 previous fiance(s) that i didnt care for
the girl is the most ready to marry babe i know

Ubong will send the update to the former post
soon as he gets his creative juices flowing
(he really isnt blogging anymore)
i'm just a fantastic muse

Sunday, January 24, 2010

From Ubong,Caught,Cruella,Vib.....

It is quite windy today she said as she held my arm and snuggled into me,resting her head on my shoulders and placing her open palm on my chest.That is a nice perfume you are wearing she said, as she playfully traced circles on my chest. I placed my arm around her shoulders rubbing her upper arm in a futile attempt to warm her up.

Her finger soon found the opening in my shirt and slipped in. I gasped as she held my nipples between her fingers and started stroking it. She giggled saying your nipples are getting hard like those of a babe. I moaned out my response, those are not the only things getting hard.

Are you serious she said with a mischievous look on her face. See for yourself. She retracted her hand from inside my shirt traced down my stomach and placed her open palm on my bulge squeezing lightly and saying it must be very uncomfortable in there. Before I had any chance to respond she zipped down my trousers and plunged her hand inside and brought out my phallus which immediately rose like a peacock once freed from his confines.Better.......she said as she gripped it in her small soft palms. You dick feels very warm and nice she said as she started sliding her palm up and down its length and cupping the head...I groaned, closed my eyes and leaned back on the park bench where we were seated, overlooking the water front of our hotel. It was very late at night; everyone else had gone in for the night except us.

It had been a week since we came in for the conference. The conference had lasted for just 2 days but we decided to stay back an extra week to sightsee and do some shopping. We were due to travel back to our country the next day. We met during the conference, upon discovering that we were from the same country we bonded and flowed naturally. The time spent shopping and touring together made us bond even closer and within a short time we were discussing and revealing intimate things about ourselves to each other. Our marriages were good but the sex had become routine and boring. We both agreed that we loved our partners. She had asked me if I have ever had an extramarital affair and my response was yes, once in a while but I didn’t have any permanent person and I try very hard not to make it a habit. She said in her own case she met up once with an ex and they smooched heavily but she didn’t allow him to go all the way and that at times she wished she had.

She started pumping faster as I involuntarily raised and dropped my waist in perfect synchrony with her hand movements. I could feel the pressure mounting inside me as my balls filled up and swelled under her ministration. I warned her that I was about to erupt upon which she bent over and took me into her mouth. The warmth and wetness around my dick was too much for me.....I came instantly spurting hot cum into her mouth. She transferred her palm to my balls, squeezing gently as she milked the cum out of me, swallowing as I discharged. She eventually released my dick licking it clean, before placing her head back on my chest and saying you taste really good.

She didn’t put my dick back in my trousers but held it in her palm, squeezing as it softened and shrank. I turned to her and asked if I could return the favor?, she looked up, smiled and said…

………………………….TO BE CONTINUED ………………………………

Deola dates Tayo
Tayo is married
Tayo says he loves his wife
Deola really does not care
Ironically Deola doesnt even know why she bothers with Tayo

Deola is with Tayo cos Tayo seems to really like her
I think.......its bcos of the 400k he says he'll give her for her car
She's 400k short of getting the car she wants
truth be told-she cant walk the streets of Lagos beside him
she'd rather be slightly behind or ahead........
when they hook up
its usually always nite tyme and she keeps her head down so no one
who knows her will see her with him

Tayo doesnt wear his wedding ring
(when did that ever stop anyone anyways)
she doesnt let him kiss her down there or even on the mouth
she hates her clit being stimulated by him
she wont indulge him with raunchy fone calls or text messages
she just wants him to do the deed and go home
her own orgasms she reserves for someone else

Tayo told Deola his wife found a text from him to her
so he told wifey....Deola is a married friend of his
well wifey did the facebook surfing thingy and has confronted Tayo
Wifey described Deola in detail

the text wifey saw was about him(Tayo) needing to hear her(Deola's) voice
cos he was calling her and she was cutting him off
what if wifey had seen/read loads of raunchy texts between them?

Deola has been meaning to break it off with Tayo
His recent carelessness is all the fuel she needs
There is someone else she would rather be spending all her tyme with

He(Tayo) is currently in Spain on a business trip
Deola assures me soon as he returns, she's breaking it off
she's considering a goodbye tryst
I say thats the one wifey will trace her husband to
and catch them together at........

This is one tyme when its ok to break it off with someone on the fone

Cruella is back...........meaner and nicer
She sent a crazy mail on Monday
gives me a back breaking deadline
She's extra nice to me by wed
i deliver on wed.....wink
she says its crap after perusing for 2 mins
i insist i wont take that from her
i expect her to study for 10mins tops before
she can commend and not condemn my hard work
She asked me to come in sat
i ignored the request
its gonna be a backbreaking week starting tom
i look forward to it

I think a dead relative will re-die by thurs
i think i'm gonna need the day off

My Vib is not working
D insists i over worked him
i say
what is a girl to do?
was resigned to bed humping last night
it didnt stimulate me
i'm hooked on mr silva
D is a mechanical genius
he better fix mr silva or we're getting me a new toy

curious about toys?

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Someone gave me a new year gift
a dvd-he apologised that it was small
it was an apt gift cos
the one in my living room recently packed up
my brother asks is the guy your toaster?
i say no
he says oh he will soon toast you
i said no i doubt
he says......well guys dont give women gifts without a reason
i said it was a group of us at work o
he says well he may have given the others gifts as well
but your gift has a hidden reason
so people cant give or receive gifts again without people thinking *something*???

as for him(brother)
in the space of a month
i've so far stumbled on four different *links*
he says a link is not a girlfriend and neither is she a slut
she may become a girlfrend
but for the moment she's a link

he always asks me
what do you think?
i always shrug
i dont think nothing
i dont even register their faces
i only acknowledge their greeting
then immmediately ignore them
i have no intention of *knowing* any link
he can ask my opinion when he gets a girlfriend
one of them is probably off the link list
well she asked for 3k for her hair
she got 1k
and since then she's been acting funny
his words

i dont know what she expected
guy is only just a corper
how much do they pay them peeps?
and yes i object to my money being spent on his *links*

i remember in uni
while some would send/take a list of 10k home for the folks
another would send a 30k list
whilst another had a 50k list
my deduction
you ask for what you know the person can afford

if my papa na farmer
my list no go pass 5-10k
if my papa na banker
i'll try for 15-20k
if my papa na politician
why?i'll ask for 100k

same with boyfriends abi?
a friend of mine used to say
how do u date a guy and not get money from him?
i've always thought-why should he pay my bills?
if he's a student like you
if he doesn't pay for your hair
wont you make it?

if he's a corper like you?
if he doesn't buy you dem shoes
will you go barefeet?

if he works like you do?
what is your own salary for?

no qualms if a lady is broke/has a need
and her man gives her some money/sorts her out
no qualms if he puts her on a salary
but i have a real issue with babes like my colleague
even if all she needs to buy/pay for is 1k
in her words
a man has to pay/buy it for her

i dont get it

note to future husband
yes you will foot every bill mama foots the bills in my home
i aint doing same for NO man
i wish we could get papa to pay child benefits
sadly...........we are not children......

its been another week without electricity

caught Sherlock Holmes and Avatar
with peeps from work
both movies i enjoyed
had a 5 min doze during both movies
i guess i was dog tired

as for mr link
since i gave him a spare key to the gate
my 11pm curfew no longer counts
if i ask him when he came in
he says at a reasonable tyme
if i say
not true cos i fell asleep at 230am
he goes well i must have come in about 3am then?

D says boys will be boys
i just lock my door once i'm settled for the nite
i dont want any surprises

since most women dont get orgasms from vaginal stimulation
why do friends look at me funny when I mention vibrators
especially the ones for stimulating the clit
ok i must admit
a woman has to be brazen to need a toy
apparently i'm one of the brazen ones

Monday, January 11, 2010

Stallion,Cruella,Marry Me,Pregnant,Horny

She could smell the sex
even as Gabe and his handlers brought the stallion in
the air in the shed thickened with it
the mare called out,in protest or welcome
and the stallion answered with a sound that caused
something to thigten in Kelly's stomach

In a powerful lunge,the stallion reared up and mounted the mare
wide-eyed she(kelly) watched
the stallion plunged wildly-his need.....frantic and somehow human

he covered her-demanding.................commanding
she(mare)accepted-her rolling in what Kelly thought must surely be pleasure

without realizing it-she(kelly) moved closer
fascinated by the passionate frenzy of mating
her own heart pounding
her blood hot-the quick pang of arousal staggered her
then she found herself looking at Gabe
shocked to see her own primitive and unexpected reaction mirrored in his eyes
staggering to have the vision flash through her mind of being taken as the mare was being taken


You people should warn Cruella for me o
when i wanted to go on leave
she said i could not have 3 weeks off cos me
being away from my desk for 3 weeks
means the office can do without me
and to show my job is important to me
i can only do two weeks at a stretch

now i'm being owed a precious month
2010's days none inclusive

but..........she just took a month long holiday
not due back till the 25th
i have enjoyed not having her breathing down my neck
but if she thinks she can take 4 weeks
then bring back some measley chocolates
hoping i will forget she damn well took four weeks at a stretch

not counting all the numerous relatives she buried in 2009

she no well

those days i am owed

i shall take by hook or by crook

every dead member of my family will die again
so she may just be getting some randoms sms's

sorry cant make it in
uncle died last night
off to ife to bury
off to ilesha to bury
off to maiduguri to bury........

in 2009 alone.............she must have buried 9 relatives..............

i think its tyme the dead in my family died again
cos the silly ass wont approve my leave......
if i feel like a few days off to rebury my dead...........Q.E.D


last tyme he had me was in 2003
i was off to nysc camp
it lasted a while
then fizzled out
i no dey for lagos-ibadan expressway every fri
dick dey lagos

he visited me today
he wants to marry me
i smiled

then said..........whatever i did to you in '03
i must have left a lasting impression
but you see
he dropped the marriage card
and asked dat whomever
i am currently dating needs to go

i'm sorry T
cant do that
I'm crazy about D

and just cos you dangled the marriage card dont mean i will jump
its mean to do that when a man is talking to an overipe for marriage babe like me


like my pal said
theres more to marriage than good-great sex
moreover he still works in that yeye ibadan
lagos-ibadan expressway?

na burials dey make me travel that road o

cos if na wedding
dem go still born
do naming etc
i'll make up for missing dia wedding
but na once person dey die

i no dey for that kain journey
i still maintain it

dick dey lagos
dem plenty sef............

and as my paddy said

if he wants me as a second wife
he better be ready for me to get a
second husband a few years down the line

me?numero two?


did i mention
he also said
i can choose to live in cally?
i wont have his babies in naija-yes oooooooo
the twins God promised him.......that his wife has not given him
dem apparently dey my body


i say i've never been pregnant
everyone i've ever told wonders if i'm normal

i've never lived with a man
so its pretty easy to stay away from spermatozoa when i'm ovulating
and in any case
when most men hear-i'm not safe
they wear two condoms....wink

and there's always the pill(s).....

so seriously
why is it soooooooooooo hard to digest????

i've never being

to the best of my knowledge
there nothing wrong with my fertility

moreover i aiint trying to make a baby......yet
so why should i bother about being (in)fertile
when i'm emotionally and financially ready to make a new life
i will

and i know i will do it with or without a man beside me

Oluwa ni fun ni lomo............God gives children

And as for this always wanna shag mode that i've been in lately
i just dey wonder.................


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Its 2010

I have a good feeling about 2010
its sexy to even say it............
its cumbersome to say two thousand and ten

2009 was a good year
albeit incidental
people died
people lost jobs
the recession hit us in naija

last few days of the year
my mama has gone from a pneumonia scare
something fishy in her blood
to the all clear
to her blood pressure issues

my diagnosis

she should come back to lasgidi

my mama is ill cos she has money issues
and she is depressed cos she goes home to noone.......everyday

i want her close
........she does get under my skin
but i love her to bits

my pa......enjoying himself with his new (rumoured pregnant) lady

my brothers are fyne
S is driving me crazy
but i'll survive

the other S
(both brothers have S names)
he's great

I.............i'm fyne

i have no resolutions
i didnt reach some of the goals i set for myself in 2009
but i have a good feeling about 2010

its gonna be a marvelous year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!