Sunday, August 8, 2010

Baby....We not talking....My Past....Bullet...Cruella...

Always be my baby by Mariah Carey Cannon

you'll always be a part of me
i'm a part of you indefinitely
boy don't you know you can't escape me
ooh darling cause you'll always be my baby
and we'll linger on
time can't erase a feeling this strong
no way you're never gonna shake me
ooh darling cause you'll always be my baby

This song was the theme song for me and star
well it was the song in my head
everything i thought of him

I am still in love by new edition

I'm still the man for you
And I'm still the man that's true
And I'm still the man who's lucky
And I'm still in love with you
It don't matter what your friends do
They're just jealous of me and you
And I'll always keep you happy
'Cause I'm still in love with you
I'm still in love

this was the song in my head when
he left me for a jambite

i heard the first song whilst
getting my nails done today
and i remembered him
i loved dat man
first cut is the deepest they say

but my mum would never have let us be
t'wasnt cos he was a xtian
it was cos he was 19 i was 18
and we both had AS as genotypes
he turned 33 a few hours ago
8th aug
i decided not to facebook or email him

i dont care for ex's dat dont keep in touch
just a line
and then when i drop a line
they ignore it?
or take me off their friend list
i guess its cos some people need closure
i am not built that way
i dont go having relationships
with every thing that has a third leg

so it irritates me
when a person i consider friend
takes me off their list
or ignores my emails/sms/facebooking etc
just cos he considers me an ex?
i would have thought i the female
should be the one exiting people

i have always being a very good girlfriend
the relationship mite not work
but if it wont, i dont wanna stop being friends

i wont be all up in ur biz
but actually removing me from ya friends list is
unpardonable in my books

oh and i always remember people's bday's
but in the last year
i decided
u forget mine
i forget urs
that is also an unpardonable crime in my books
send an email,flash me,text me,facebook me
do something
but if you forget the day i was born
i will forget yours
and even if its a cruise you invite me to
i aiint coming

i choose my friends carefully
so if anyone wants to defriend me
good ridance

which brings me to my pal
we havent talked in a little over 2 weeks
well we went at each other pretty much
i just told her some shit she was always getting herself into
and she decided to recount how i was celibate for 8months
cos no guy wanted my punani
and how i used to have flings
and how i used to..........

so i told her
pretty much used to
you still havent learnt from your mistakes seemingly
i learnt from mine

i love sex
but i always know when a man is around me
just for sex
and it is possible to have something deep
with a person which no one else undertands
which wont lead to the altar
people dont need to understand why/how each person lives dia life

but i just am tired of listening to her bemoan her single status
and i think she looks for a husband in every 3rd legged homo sapiens

she buys a wedding dress (in her mind)
with every guy that says hi to her
it irritates me to my core
na so to marry dey hungry person?
you meet a guy monday
and by friday you are checking out
if his crib looks like it is ready for female habitation?

oh well
the last tyme she upped away from my friendship
she didnt speak to me for a year
she came back after she broke up with
her then boyfriend of 9yrs
oh i was also accused of being happy
that said relationship didnt lead to the altar
even though i found out about the break up
5months after it happened

i dont do female drama well
i may have my own share
but i have too much male in me to handle it
so when a friend/relative lays down the drama queen attitude?
i ignore them

I stole this-its cute!!!!!

My Past....

I do not fear it


I embrace it

Because whether I triumphed or

whether I screwed up

I cannot change it now

But it has made me strong

It is…………………

MY PAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i have a new vib
remember how i gave the old one
too much love and killed it?
i dont like dildos
but my clitoris and my new toy
are great friendssssssssssss

spawn of the devil?
she dey.....
we are pretty much keeping each other at arms length
i love the new Ibi vs Cruella office mood