Wednesday, August 29, 2007


What keeps a relationship strong?
Sharing goals and interests
Sharing tasks
Daily Exchanges

i agree with whoever coined this
but the one i agree with the most is the last one
i personally agree with a quote i saw on my mum's friend's keyring
"never allow a man's mind to wander,it is too small to do so,it'll get lost"
i was amazed when i saw that and i was about 16-but it stuck
and years later i do say i agree with it

it is true that a man will cheat on u,
if he wants to,even if he is tied to ur apron strings
i just like to be in CONSTANT touch with whomever i date
so his mind doesnt "wander"
i like daily excahnges-made easier these days with technology
emails,calls,texts,mms......... u dont have to visit daily

the daily visit was necessary in uni
where would he rather spend his after school hours,if not with u?
my uni was non residential,so we had privacy!!!!!!!
(to do what with,i have NO idea "WINK")
except if u had the kinda guy who liked to drink
(we had no clubs,funspots so guys found solace in bars)
then he would hang out with his drinking buddies
poor u,when they are done,u would have to feed them all
moreover,he was sure to get fed in ur apartment
why miss out on a good meal thats free?LOL

i guess they are no sure tricks to having a good relationship
i've heard u have to be the perfect person to find the perfect partner
but i do believe in a relationship where.......
Trust,Communication,Intimacy,Humour,Sharing goals,Sharing tasks,Daily exchanges
the couple will go from strength to strength

Thursday, August 23, 2007


crazy title?
i know
my cuz and i were hanging out a few days ago
so,this chic sends him a text
then he calls her
he sounds angry..............
why did she send him a text to remind him its her birthday today?
so if anyone hasn't called her by noon does that mean he/she has forgotten?
he didnt forget-he said
so i am thinking..its noon...why hasn't he called or sent a text?
he didnt look like he was planning to spoil someone......
he tells me...........
we are fuckmates so whats the big deal?

so ladies
wives are wives
girlfriends are girlfriends
friends are friends
fuckmates are fuckmates
apparently a fuckmate is a friend of the opposite sex
where both friends help themselves to relieve sexual tension
there is NO relationship
problem is, many girls dont understand the difference

if he never asked you out and you sleep with him
u are probably a fuckmate
a man can function in a relationship where the sex is good
but we(ladies) tend to have emotional ties when the guy keeps coming back
forgerrrrrrit..he comes back for the sex
rememeber they(guys) say
once debe,ever debe(if you have tapped the ass once,you can ALWAYS tap it again)
even when basically all that happened
is a friendship that evolved into a sexual relationship

i advice that in all relationships with a man
LADIES.......spell it OUT in plain language
are u friends?stay sex
are u dating?have sex if you wish
are u married?if u like stay off sex.LOL
dont allow yourself be a fuckmate.....except if U CAN HANDLE IT

maybe u desire to let off sexual tension
without the hassles of being in a relationship
but for ladies...i advice against it

Saturday, August 18, 2007

tu parles francais?

not sure what to post about

anyone speak fluent french out there?
i need to pass intermediate french
a course i MUST pass as part of the prerequisites to getting my MBA
which i should bag sometime next year
always loved the language
actually went to Alliance Francaise in Yaba for 8 months in 2004
cos i wanted to learn the language of love(i really believe this)
but those verbs?
they undid me
i mean in english we say
I am
You are
They are
We are
not so?
in french..i is Je
you is Tu
he/she is Il/Elle
we is Nous
they is vous
ils/elles is he/she (plural)
but when u have a verb like etre(am)
it is conjugated as Je suis
Tu est
Il es
Nous sommes
Vous etes
Ils/Elles sont
am i right?or i have blundered?
but do i make sense of a verb
that changes for everyone unlike
good old english you are,they are,we are
though i am being made out to be a demi-god in class
cos i seem to understand what the guy is talking about
apparently my 8months dey pay off
but it reminds me
the best way to learn french is to be born french.LOL
but a french man is understood by me to be arrogant and proud
but he LOVES life
and his women

Monday, August 13, 2007

love letter

4th april 2000
Attraction takes off at different speeds ,but once it does,the feeling is unmistakable.I recognised that feeling the very first time I set eyes on you, you invariably created a flurry of excitement,for there was a magical quality about you, one that evolved the most romantic of images. It was compounded of a variety of elements, the spectacular looks that startled with their impact,the intimate sense of personal style, the intuitive flair for selecting and wearing with great panache the most eye catching of clothes and finally but by no means the least, the dignity in your bearing.

ibi,sorry fr not even bothering to greet you before all this story, it is all to show the excitement in me, it is a thing of pride to meet a woman that is full of knowledge,brave,bold and talent such as you.

ibi,showing my interest in you now does not mean i am a coward but a wise man will always look before he leaps so as not to allow a flashlight to take figure from him

ibi,you are such a lady that a wise man will always run after because of your wealth of character,to cut it short, i think it will b better for us to continue when we meet at Ibadan during the april 21st meeting

please never take this to be a stupid exhibition of character by me but a thing you can think of and analyse

take care of yourself

i care

yours in service

I was digging through my stuff a while ago and i found this,well i turned him down...i did appreciate that he saw all of that in me but i didnt like the letter approach and i was head over heels in love with someone else then...well he is married with kids..the guy i was in love with then is also married..i dont feel i missed out on a marriage with is just nice to know someone cared this much about me sometime ago

i am a happy single and i know he is out there(my soulmate) he just has to find me...he is the one looking for his missing rib...........LOL