Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Balcony

I love balcony's
my earliest memories of them
Gramps and i sitting on chairs
swatting at mosquitoes
talking about any and everything

Em has a balcony
and there were no quitos
(an endearing name for mosquitoes)

we were laughing at something he said
i giggled then slapped his thigh softly

he caught my hand and stroked it
i smiled, licked my lips and
........our lips fused

the kiss was .......bliss
i opened my eyes and said
Em, people can see
he smiled and said
spend the night with me

the breeze is cool against my skin
i'm sated...
i cant remember what we ate, neither do i recall what we drank

i however can recall every touch,
how his skin felt when I slid my hands across his back

how his beard tickled my thigh

wide grin

i love balcony's

Sunday, February 22, 2015


so coookie got a lil sumthin sumthin
wink wink
17 yrs is too damn long

he hit me up on lync-what you doing at work?
deadlines, hon i replied.

same here...
i'll be done in an hour he said

i'll be done in 2 i said

was saving my work
then i heard the doors open

a wide grin spread across my face
i thought you said you would be done in an hour?

i decided to wait for you-he said

i smiled and said

i'm horny....

thought you had a man he said

hes not here, is he? i asked

i get up and slide into his arms
i steer him into the meeting room-its d room u can see the doors from

i'm wet
hez hard
protection on and i straddle him...

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Seen the series?
its nice shey?
the story line is fab, aiint it?
Omari's body is a work of art
that man can arch my back anyday
still not sure if its the series i love or the sex scenes

...long slow kisses...
my heart smiles when i feel him shudder

he doesn't state it much
i'm cumming...
i can feel him cum
but i love it best when he screams my name
well maybe not a scream
a growl..wink wink

i get a kick from seeing someone on the dining table or the couch
and knowing what we did/plan to do to the poor furniture
if only the inanimate objects in this home could speak
people wouldn't bother to visit us

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I like me some him

He's cute

he's not cute like a kid but i do believe i'm older than he is

i seem to be older than everyone these days

well age has never bothered me

will it bother him?

He's light skinned

first time I've ever drooled over a light skinned dude

my tastes seems to be changing...

He's a great talker

I've always been that girl that loves to hear a man talk

i'm talkative so i don't need a man that will talk my ear off

i just mean a man who can hold a conversation intelligently

someone who can pronounce his words properly...

i do love a rich baritone but anything in between will suffice

just not a girly squeak...

He must like me too

he smiles when i bat my eyes at him,

he smiles when the timber of my voice goes down an octave when we talk

He gives another girl his attention

is that to keep me at arm's length or to get me to show my claws?

He has a gut

i like all of him

we can slide our guts over sweat drenched skin all day and night....

Father forgive me....