Monday, May 30, 2011

Ibiluv is 4 years old today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yippieeeeeeeeeeeee

She loved her beach house. It wasn’t only the serenity she craved it was also the sight and sound of the ocean. Also knowing she just upped and left everyone-her job, her friends and family just gives her inner devil a lotta joy-the minute she got in-she took a shower and had a meal-God bless her housekeeper-now it was tyme to settle down for a lovely story
It was sunset and she could no longer read by sunlight, her glass of lemonade stood empty on the floor beside the chaise lounge she had been reclining on-she had heard him drive in a while ago-she knew he would need to go to his study to do some work before joining her upstairs..

Lost in her thoughts she heard a sound behind her…..there he stood…her adonis…this man had to have been a greek god in another life…beautifully sculpted…people tell her all the time how fabulous she looks..she always wishes she could retort wait till you see my man….

Wordz were not needed…her body always reacted when ever his was close…and he could always tell-even in the midst of an argument, they both could still cut the sexual tension in the air with a knife….it didn’t help that she only had on her lingerie…..a slinky number in the softest pink and he could see every inch of that body he loved so much..he had a smirk on his face cos already he could see her nipples hardening…

She stood where she was..her back to the sea..listening to the sounds..he walked towards her…when he got to her-he enveloped her in a bear hug…this was one of the reasons she loved this man…fitting into his arms like this always felt so right….she went on her knees and slowly flicked her tongue over the tip…..he made it to pre cum in a matter of mins…slowly she trailed her fingers down his legs whilst giving her tongue the liberty to roam freely along his shaft

He had his hand on her head, her hair..he wasn’t tugging or shoving..just resting his hand there…she smirked cos she knew for him it was some way to balance himself so he wouldn’t topple over…over and over again she licked, sucked and worshipped his family jewels….she wasn’t even sure how they made it to the chaise but he was gently laying her on it and proceeded to plant feathery kisses on her inner thighs..after what seemed like aeons..he kissed her...long and slow and slipped his digits into her…she loved how he managed to do both…kissing him was always a joy. The fusion of their pie holes always drove her completely nuts…and his digits???…glorious and they always served as a reminder of what was to come…

She are driving me nuts. Could you please fuck me now? I will he said…he turned her over and with the slightest of motions stationed dat lovely appendage by her labia lips-she gasped..just the feel-nothing else yet…but she was dripping buckets and dat was all the encouragement he needed..slowly ever so slow he inched into her…felt like he was going in in millimeters….and then he filled her…and there they were…naked with the salty air swishing around them kneeling by the chaise as he proceeded to make love to her….

It was glorious and earth shattering…much later as they lay spent...she listened to both their heart beats as normalcy returned...the kiss to her forehead was the last thing she remembered before she drifted off to la la land..