Sunday, December 5, 2010


So my cousin is in town for a couple of weeks
after 9 years in the states
so we decided to treat him to a nite out on the town
na so i carry my tired bones and got
into some short shorts and 6 inch heels
even my best pal asked how i was gonna dance in them heels???
but with the help of a glass of vodka and cranberry juice
with lodsa ice and barbecue....
i managed 3 and a half hours of dancing
deejay didnt make me loose my head but he try sha

such a far cry from wearing a pair of jeans and sneakers
to a parry or club and dancing from 11pm till 5am

i don old o


i love PhD's
i Bless God that my man has one

i pride myself on my PtP
bite me if you dont believe it to be true

i cant stand PsD's
what does any woman need them for?

i feel sympathy for PsP's....
please visit Dr matlock

wonder what they mean?
pretty huge dick
pretty tight pussy
pretty small dicks
pretty slack pussy

10 signs of a Perfect Girl:
In otherwords - T.I.G.H.T.P.U.S.S.Y!!


the last man i told
i love you
responded by saying i think i love you
at that tyme it was all i expected of him
but then....months later..........i wanted more
and his thoughts were no longer enough for me

i do believe i have said those same words to a man recently
not sure if i have said it to his face though
aeons after he first said it to me
i do remember butterflies in my belly and my heart going fast
when i heard him say it
and i thought-oh hell no!!!!! dont.....

i have heard that there is a difference between i love you
i am in love with you

i have found that it is easy to love someone
someone does you a good deed
u like dem so feels like you say it
even if you dont really mean it.....
i love you
someone saves you from a bad situation
i love you
you spend a lot of tyme with someone
i love you
but when these people move away or you lose touch
life goes on.....

but what is it that makes you pine for someone
after they have left your life

sometimes its not even love

my last boyf i pinned for......when it ended
but when i got over him i realised i was happy
we didnt end up as a couple
cos what we really were was acquaintances who enjoyed good sex

the reason why being with Dee is soooooo glorious is cos
with him............i am me

i can be goofy,silly,fart,dress like an ass,
speak like an uncultured slum rat
be this eloquent speaker,dress sexy,plain,official
he is the older brother i dont have
the friend i can get a man's perspective on.....on anything
the one i call when i am hurt,sad,hollow,exasperated,angry,horny,need advice,need to laugh,sometimes just to hear dat sexy voice
the one i am able to be me airs
the one who has never once...judged me

i was thinking back and i realised its been
a while i had that kinda connection with a man
it occured to me that i have not in a long time
being the real Ibi with a man
what i am with him is the persona i decide to be
so it gets old after a while and i want out

unlike how i was with Star/ airs.....
odd how i was me with first two guys
i dated and it just went downhill after dem two
sometimes i held back
sometimes i gave all of me and dem guys could not handle it
so i conformed to what seemed to suit them

but thing is Ibi is too old to play charades
you either love this small,shy,loudmouthed,foul mouthed
eloquent,lovely voiced,dirty minded,sexy,talkative,lazy,indecisive,
(there are more adjectives but my wrist don dey pain me)
sweet siren or you can go jump into the lagoon

feels great to have this again.....

its crazy how i was thinking forever with Mel
but i couldnt talk to him about everything and anything

Ubong wants to know why i only danced with my cousins at the club
told him i dont pick guys at clubs
i have gone out with guys i have met online
at alumni meetings
at other meetings
at office parties
at a friend's party
at the workplace
in uni
friends of friends
cos i need ur info
verified info before i set out on the date

i neva go anywhere or hang out outside my home after 7pm
without an sms or bbm to my cousin and my pal

they dont do same
but its an old habit
i always had to let mama know exactly where i was headed
guess it stuck with me

even with Dee outta town a lot
he usually has a pretty good idea where i is

but then i love this relationship because
we have no boundaries
but on the other hand
we do have boundaries neither of us will cross

do i experience jealousy sometimes? i do
does he? i hope so
do i experience an overwhelming need to possess?
when he impales(Ubong's favourite word) me....yesssssss
will i ever do anything to hurt him?never
just as i know for sure in my heart
hell would freeze over before he hurt me

oh and then again i agree with this....
"You know it's love when all you want
is that person to be happy,
even if you're not part of their happiness."
- Julia Roberts


SHE said...

Phd's and Ptp's. You got me wondering! Funny.

You danced in six inch heels? Geez!!!

Nice quote on love.

SHE said...

Am I First!!!!

Yipeee! My Blog day is made!!!

Naijamum said...

LOL @ PhD and Ptp
I actually thought you were talking about academic qualifications!

Beautiful said...

nice...happy for you. could feel the joy u're experiencing from your words. Danced for hours in 6 inch heels???? hell no! i wore 4 inch heels to church ysterday and by end of service, my eyes were already watering!

Afrobabe said...

lol @ ur abbreviations...ptp...yahhhh me too!

If that is Julia Robert's idea of love then I've never been in love..well maybe once..I did wish him well and still do!

Funms-the rebirth said...

i love the abbreviations.......i love pHds too and i have a ptp....hehehehe

love your insight on Love......
easy to think we love people based on how they treat us......word!!!!

glad u are happy and in love....:)

Myne Whitman said...

LWKMD at those abbreviations...

Being in love is sweet sha, enjoy it and keep feeding it. All the best.

2cute4u said...

Boy, your blog rocks mega time!
I'm so coming back!

LG said...

"You know it's love when all you want
is that person to be happy,
even if you're not part of their happiness."
LOL so so true!

Naijalines said...

I kinda guessed it wasn't a straight PHD before I read the full meaning below. Lool.

It's nice to see you exuding the confidence that comes out of feeling you can just be yourself in a relationship.

LusciousRon said...

And the lady is in love! I am fasting and praying it lasts.

Nice Anon said...

Love a beautiful thing. Enjoy!
now I think I am a size queen. PhD all the way.

Uzezi said...

like the quote at the end. didnt know u still blogged. how u dey?

Parakeet said...

I love you and I'm in love with you different oh.

So Ibi is in love????? Dancing!!!

But na wa for your abbreviations oh. Iwkmd!

bArOquE said...

is it not Ibiluv again? & she's in got me jealous of Dee *green with envy*
Ptp is good, but wetPtps are the best

PS: 'i love you' and 'i am in love with you' are so not the same thing

Happy New Year darling

Muse said...

ou, my dear, have a PSP. Pretty Serious Problem. Happy new year Ibiluv...Welcome to the GOOD year.

Naijalines said...

Now you've got an excuse to update this joint!

Versatile and stylish: you've been tagged, missy. check out the rules on my blog.
Happy New Year.
Happy Sunday and New Week!