Monday, May 3, 2010


Took a stroll after dinner this evening
saw two couples
different distances
couple one hugging by the roadside
one half had to be headed off to theirs
other couple downstairs in the dark
and i thought....cute

but....a roadside hug mean say
them no get motor(heheheheheheheh)
and a downstairs in the dark hug mean say
make mama and or papa no catch them...

mind me not
just feeling evil

must be all the pettyness Cruella spreads my way
must be rubbing off.....

his music.......
used to own a few tapes
cant find my old tapes
need to go get me some cd's
i remember boyfriend i was dating then
used to say i acted possessed whilst listening to his music
guy threathened to throw my tapes out
kept my tapes away from him
and indulged in my obsession or possession whenever he wasnt around

When a guy stops taking your calls,wont email,text,visit....
is he breaking up with ya?
I think he is.....
My cousin finally read the writing on the wall
guy is an ass though
a man can get most things he wants without dangling the M word
cos when you do dangle then misbehave....i really just wonder
i know some men do that, cos it seems thats all the girl wants to hear
i think its decidedly evil though to dangle the M word with a babe
who is soooooo ready to be married
when there are soooooooo many other girls that will let you do as you please
with each realising thats all there is to and or friendship
no in-laws,no wedding,no kids ever.....

but then again, why is that once *sum* babes dont hear Marriage dey wont date
sometimes all a man is good his dick
sometimes his money
sometimes he can get you up the corporate ladder
or he is just that darling friend who helps you sieve the good from the bad
cos,well he is male.....
cos they have a code-a man always knows-
so whenever your male friend tells you to let that guy go
drop him fast.........

Lynette of desperate housewives can always get Tom to do what she wants
its like, what she says is what gets done
Tom says letting her get her way makes her feel safe
cos her childhood was wack

In will you merry me?
The fathers told the son
the secret to a happy marriage is deciding if you wanna be right or happy

so they choose to be happy
hence they let their wives get away with most things

isnt that a *white* thing
In Naija...........what the guy wants, is all that matters...true?

I think in every relationship
there has to be balance.........compromise
with each couple there should always be the one dat can back down first
so peace can reign......

I like to talk things through when i'm calm
I hate to argue when i'm angry or mite get angry
at that point-silence is what i'll dish out
but when i'm calm...........
i can be sooooo annoying
cos i wont stop talking till u see it my way
or pretend to see it my way
and i'll enjoy it immensely cos i'm calm and
whoever it is,is probably pissed or headed there....
*evil grin*


TayneMent said...

re: naija men letting women have their way..sometimes, you see the calm men with their loud rowdy wives and they just let them be.

doll said...

I totally agree with "

Sugarking said...

@ "with each couple there should always be the one dat can back down first so peace can reign"

This is so true!!! Tho pple would argue different like "when I'm angry, I like to say my mind" That's not true, When ur angry, u say shit!!! Nice one babes!

Naijalines said...
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Naijalines said...

Ah there's so much to take from this post. It's a bl**dy good read. Welcome back. I hope ur good? *wink*

'Sorry' is never a bad word. That's what's important in relationships. If the same person 'backs down' all the time, it's not healthy.

Sometimes it goes back and forth but It's often true that one person tends to hold more power in the relationship. It's a responsiblity and a duty to share it as often as one can if one really cares about the other person.

I really cannot stand a man who's too proud to say sorry, as I haven't got that sort of ego myself.

That thing you said about guy friends is true o, as long as he does not have a hidden agenda of his own... A guy can smell a hound a hundred miles away.

CaramelD said...

I remember that Desperate Housewives episode. Made me want to cry because of the perfect understanding he had about his wife.

Myne Whitman said...

I remember that episode too and it is true for a lot of marriages but like Naijalines said and in another episode where they were getting therapy, that power must be shared.

Nice write-up.

SHE said...

Useless guy wants to break up, won't call, or text or mail.
I think its absolutely cowardly. Mscheeew.

True talk jare, different men with different uses. May God grant a woman the wisdom to know the use of each one.

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

True talk.NOT EVERY MAN IS USEFUL FOR THE LONG HAUL,totally agree with this

miz-cynic said...

i loved this post cos it so rings true,not every guy is good for the long haul

I also love the part whr u said most women wont date except u mention marriage.....omo i dont blame them o, when she know say she don old and her biological clock is ticking .....what can fa dating for long periods again.......make hin go find opeke young omo ele to date not a 30 yr old and u wont be talking marriage.

Nice Anon said...

One of the things I dislike is when men say " all the girls I meet seem to want marriage" I shake my head because I wonder what the girls who are dying to marry the said man see in him anyways. Men and their ego sometimes.

When a man stops calling then my sister it is time to move on to the next!

~Sirius~ said...

There has to be a balance, not just for peace, but for both parties to feel important to each other.

If he's not calling or responding.........It's ON TO THE NEXT ONE!

Dangling the M word is just darn childish.....anyway I don't blame them....if I don't give up the goods after your dangling shey he'll still dangle, abi he'll run away.........hiss

Fragilelooks said...

men just fool around with the M word. rubbish.

ibiluv said...

@TayneMent....those calm men are wicked o....they are
usually very good at getting back at their women........

@Doll....yels o....wink

@Sugarking.....usually in anger we say things we will eventually regret...

@Naijalines...glad to be back babes...not necessarily the same person backing down all the tyme,i agree.....i pretty much am a sucker for the sorry saying man myself....yup most male friends can smell a hound was so cute.....

@Myne Whitman...a writer giving *me* the thumbs up???*blushing*

@SHE....guy is an ass...amen....

@The Girl with the Red so o

@miz-cynic...but women should learn to know the difference...moreover marriage doesnt complete us....only a happy person emanates joy-which people want to be a part of...needy people attract scumbags....

@Nice anon....sometimes its true-all the women their age want marriage....or nurrin

@sirius....yes balance is important

@Fragilelooks...arrant nonsense!!!!!!!!!!