Sunday, January 17, 2010


Someone gave me a new year gift
a dvd-he apologised that it was small
it was an apt gift cos
the one in my living room recently packed up
my brother asks is the guy your toaster?
i say no
he says oh he will soon toast you
i said no i doubt
he says......well guys dont give women gifts without a reason
i said it was a group of us at work o
he says well he may have given the others gifts as well
but your gift has a hidden reason
so people cant give or receive gifts again without people thinking *something*???

as for him(brother)
in the space of a month
i've so far stumbled on four different *links*
he says a link is not a girlfriend and neither is she a slut
she may become a girlfrend
but for the moment she's a link

he always asks me
what do you think?
i always shrug
i dont think nothing
i dont even register their faces
i only acknowledge their greeting
then immmediately ignore them
i have no intention of *knowing* any link
he can ask my opinion when he gets a girlfriend
one of them is probably off the link list
well she asked for 3k for her hair
she got 1k
and since then she's been acting funny
his words

i dont know what she expected
guy is only just a corper
how much do they pay them peeps?
and yes i object to my money being spent on his *links*

i remember in uni
while some would send/take a list of 10k home for the folks
another would send a 30k list
whilst another had a 50k list
my deduction
you ask for what you know the person can afford

if my papa na farmer
my list no go pass 5-10k
if my papa na banker
i'll try for 15-20k
if my papa na politician
why?i'll ask for 100k

same with boyfriends abi?
a friend of mine used to say
how do u date a guy and not get money from him?
i've always thought-why should he pay my bills?
if he's a student like you
if he doesn't pay for your hair
wont you make it?

if he's a corper like you?
if he doesn't buy you dem shoes
will you go barefeet?

if he works like you do?
what is your own salary for?

no qualms if a lady is broke/has a need
and her man gives her some money/sorts her out
no qualms if he puts her on a salary
but i have a real issue with babes like my colleague
even if all she needs to buy/pay for is 1k
in her words
a man has to pay/buy it for her

i dont get it

note to future husband
yes you will foot every bill mama foots the bills in my home
i aint doing same for NO man
i wish we could get papa to pay child benefits
sadly...........we are not children......

its been another week without electricity

caught Sherlock Holmes and Avatar
with peeps from work
both movies i enjoyed
had a 5 min doze during both movies
i guess i was dog tired

as for mr link
since i gave him a spare key to the gate
my 11pm curfew no longer counts
if i ask him when he came in
he says at a reasonable tyme
if i say
not true cos i fell asleep at 230am
he goes well i must have come in about 3am then?

D says boys will be boys
i just lock my door once i'm settled for the nite
i dont want any surprises

since most women dont get orgasms from vaginal stimulation
why do friends look at me funny when I mention vibrators
especially the ones for stimulating the clit
ok i must admit
a woman has to be brazen to need a toy
apparently i'm one of the brazen ones


Myne Whitman said...

Hmmm, why vibrators? Oral can do the trick too or manual no?

SHE said...

Most men consider gifts an "investment". Why won't people think "something" when you receive a gift from a man?

He he he... a "link" is what now, a point in the networking cycle?

tboz said...

While some men consider a 'gift' as an 'investment'.. its not necessarily true of the general male population. I think though, that the real issue is that raised by Ibi of women with a mindset that a man has to pay for everything. That's what leads to the commercialization of sex, or as I put it ' value definition' of your pussy. How much is it worth?.. since its not given freely in the spirit of friendship.

As for the young man, I think we all went thru this stage at some point. Howeva, you both need a mutual agreement of security procedures in this crazy naija if he's gonna be coming home at 3am.

I have always believed that each person should do exactly what works best for them sexually. If you dont enjoy it, why bother? So if its dildos, vibrators, bottles, same/other sex partners, stuffed/blown up toys.. i dont care. My line is drawn however, at animals.

Muse said...

links? meeeehn, dat guy get balls! one woman in enough; bbut linkS? daumn!

lot @ tboz and animals.

Muse said...

links? meeeehn, dat guy get balls! one woman in enough; bbut linkS? daumn!

lot @ tboz and animals.

FFF said...

actually, i've never tried a vibrator b4, but am certainly looking forward to it if husband is willing.

CaramelD said...

My cousin had been seeing this lady for about two weeks when she dropped "My uncle died please give me 30K for uniform".

I was so ashamed on her behalf. Why do women do that? He dropped her sharp sharp.

Shubby Doo said...

lol...a link is a jumpoff o!

Nice Anon said...

Never ask a man for money! Na wa o!
Those clit massagers can make a girl feel like she died and gone to heaven. It's like you dont know what to feel. If na to cry in pleasure abi na to scream in pleasure *wink*

miz-cynic said...

i would like a vibrator too but where do they get these things?

security wise there has to be ground rules o, he cant come in anytime he likes.ti ko ba wo he shd get his own place.

also if ur bobo never buys u/pays for anythn it begins to look like he's a drop fifty/fifty financially kinda guy so if its tht everythn else had better be fifty/fifty

Naijalines said...

I agree with you on every point. Common sense rules...surely.

ibiluv said...

@Myne.....vibs is for when you need help when self pleasuring
also they cab come to life in a partner's hands.....wink

@SHE.....i agree an investment...but not always a prelude to a sexual tryst-sometimes a gift just is....a gift at value definition...that is why pple get trips to foreign lands,cars,apartments etc....pussy price?priceless.....him????i shall make his key go missing dats all...wink....animals???i'm with you-hell no-i also dont care for same sex relationships

@Muse.....he's young....recently liberated-needs to spread his wings-i recently clipped dem-no links overnite

@FFF.....broach the subject subtly...u both should be pleasantly surprised

@CaramelD....haba-ur cuz should have given her something at least.....5k?


@Nice anon....mwah babes.....spread the gospel....wink my current post for a naija webbie dat sells dem stuff-his key i shall make disappear-wink-bobo paying for a date or an outing or even a shoe isnt the same as bobo giving u 30k for uniform abi?