Sunday, January 24, 2010

From Ubong,Caught,Cruella,Vib.....

It is quite windy today she said as she held my arm and snuggled into me,resting her head on my shoulders and placing her open palm on my chest.That is a nice perfume you are wearing she said, as she playfully traced circles on my chest. I placed my arm around her shoulders rubbing her upper arm in a futile attempt to warm her up.

Her finger soon found the opening in my shirt and slipped in. I gasped as she held my nipples between her fingers and started stroking it. She giggled saying your nipples are getting hard like those of a babe. I moaned out my response, those are not the only things getting hard.

Are you serious she said with a mischievous look on her face. See for yourself. She retracted her hand from inside my shirt traced down my stomach and placed her open palm on my bulge squeezing lightly and saying it must be very uncomfortable in there. Before I had any chance to respond she zipped down my trousers and plunged her hand inside and brought out my phallus which immediately rose like a peacock once freed from his confines.Better.......she said as she gripped it in her small soft palms. You dick feels very warm and nice she said as she started sliding her palm up and down its length and cupping the head...I groaned, closed my eyes and leaned back on the park bench where we were seated, overlooking the water front of our hotel. It was very late at night; everyone else had gone in for the night except us.

It had been a week since we came in for the conference. The conference had lasted for just 2 days but we decided to stay back an extra week to sightsee and do some shopping. We were due to travel back to our country the next day. We met during the conference, upon discovering that we were from the same country we bonded and flowed naturally. The time spent shopping and touring together made us bond even closer and within a short time we were discussing and revealing intimate things about ourselves to each other. Our marriages were good but the sex had become routine and boring. We both agreed that we loved our partners. She had asked me if I have ever had an extramarital affair and my response was yes, once in a while but I didn’t have any permanent person and I try very hard not to make it a habit. She said in her own case she met up once with an ex and they smooched heavily but she didn’t allow him to go all the way and that at times she wished she had.

She started pumping faster as I involuntarily raised and dropped my waist in perfect synchrony with her hand movements. I could feel the pressure mounting inside me as my balls filled up and swelled under her ministration. I warned her that I was about to erupt upon which she bent over and took me into her mouth. The warmth and wetness around my dick was too much for me.....I came instantly spurting hot cum into her mouth. She transferred her palm to my balls, squeezing gently as she milked the cum out of me, swallowing as I discharged. She eventually released my dick licking it clean, before placing her head back on my chest and saying you taste really good.

She didn’t put my dick back in my trousers but held it in her palm, squeezing as it softened and shrank. I turned to her and asked if I could return the favor?, she looked up, smiled and said…

………………………….TO BE CONTINUED ………………………………

Deola dates Tayo
Tayo is married
Tayo says he loves his wife
Deola really does not care
Ironically Deola doesnt even know why she bothers with Tayo

Deola is with Tayo cos Tayo seems to really like her
I think.......its bcos of the 400k he says he'll give her for her car
She's 400k short of getting the car she wants
truth be told-she cant walk the streets of Lagos beside him
she'd rather be slightly behind or ahead........
when they hook up
its usually always nite tyme and she keeps her head down so no one
who knows her will see her with him

Tayo doesnt wear his wedding ring
(when did that ever stop anyone anyways)
she doesnt let him kiss her down there or even on the mouth
she hates her clit being stimulated by him
she wont indulge him with raunchy fone calls or text messages
she just wants him to do the deed and go home
her own orgasms she reserves for someone else

Tayo told Deola his wife found a text from him to her
so he told wifey....Deola is a married friend of his
well wifey did the facebook surfing thingy and has confronted Tayo
Wifey described Deola in detail

the text wifey saw was about him(Tayo) needing to hear her(Deola's) voice
cos he was calling her and she was cutting him off
what if wifey had seen/read loads of raunchy texts between them?

Deola has been meaning to break it off with Tayo
His recent carelessness is all the fuel she needs
There is someone else she would rather be spending all her tyme with

He(Tayo) is currently in Spain on a business trip
Deola assures me soon as he returns, she's breaking it off
she's considering a goodbye tryst
I say thats the one wifey will trace her husband to
and catch them together at........

This is one tyme when its ok to break it off with someone on the fone

Cruella is back...........meaner and nicer
She sent a crazy mail on Monday
gives me a back breaking deadline
She's extra nice to me by wed
i deliver on wed.....wink
she says its crap after perusing for 2 mins
i insist i wont take that from her
i expect her to study for 10mins tops before
she can commend and not condemn my hard work
She asked me to come in sat
i ignored the request
its gonna be a backbreaking week starting tom
i look forward to it

I think a dead relative will re-die by thurs
i think i'm gonna need the day off

My Vib is not working
D insists i over worked him
i say
what is a girl to do?
was resigned to bed humping last night
it didnt stimulate me
i'm hooked on mr silva
D is a mechanical genius
he better fix mr silva or we're getting me a new toy

curious about toys?


SHE said...

If Deola ends it on the phone, how will she get the 400k?
Won't it be a case of wasted efforts?

All the best with Cruella.

Naijalines said...

Well missy, I think we can conclude that the minx's answer to returning the favour wouldn't be no, lol.

Keep your cool with Cruella. There are plenty out there like her. If you appear not to be bothered or intimidated by her, she'll soon find other fish to fry.

Myne Whitman said...

Has Deola gotten the 400k? So why is she sticking around.

Where is Ubong?

Anonymous said...

@ She my question exactly?

cerberus said...

She ate the fruit of her hands labor....

We all know what happened to cruella D....

All that hassle for just 400k.....

I'm good with toys too...

Always a pleasure reading your posts Ibi....


~Sirius~ said...

On top 400k...LOL
I hope she gets it and scrams....

Tayo is just a Goat!

CruellaD...........nothing do you, You pass her.

Fragilelooks said...

if deola hasn't got the 400k then she bera not end it on the fone. cuz she go b looser.
@cruella: i bet u knw how to handle it all.

Afrobabe said...

Hmmmm she probably smiled and said of course and he bent his head and nibbled her head…or maybe not!!!

Continue quick biko...Nice one

Naaaa, she has invested enough into the Tayo do..She deserves the N400k, one more shag wont hurt anybody…tell her Afro said so!

Fluffycutething said...

Hope d Tayo isn't just dangling that 400k carrot sha because these men sef get small sense!!!

marilyn said...

ib,are u now working for ubong?anyways,as for deola,no married man is worth keeping for too long.
that 400k,she wont get lai-lai.
as for zee virtual media,i just want them to open a shop with a big sign board reading SEX SHOP!
i wont be shy to walk in

bArOquE said...

thanks to Ubong...

Tayo is a sex starved nitwit, & Deola is a churchrat

...i have a brown bent replacement for you *wink*

Ubong Da said...

shoo 400k for fucking kai. How come no one has ever paid me for my company damn. Na im I dey do for free like this. chei. Make una give me formula biko.

Baroque which replacement be that?

FFF said...

lmao @ ubong d. abi o. deola should try get d 400k - although sometimes tells me dat tayo no go give am sheshe

ibiluv said...

@She.....true talk about not getting the cash...but she no fear make person pour am pepper water???
Cruella and I?????......we cool she gats to talk yels.....oh dats the bone of contention
the fact that i am not intimidated by her

@Myne Whitman....No she no smell the money....Ubong is on a hiatus

@Pink aiint fair.....

@Cerberus....abi o...too much hassle for 400k jo.....t'is always nice to know another person who has discovered and mastered the use of toys...wink
*blush*.....always a pleasure writing them posts....

@Sirius....i think she wont get it so she berra scram now....Tayo is an ass i you...yels o i pass her

@Fragilelooks...Deola needs to know he's stringing her along....dat money?she wont even smell & Cruella are in a good place...wink
she respects me?she gets it back...she disrespects me-i dash her back....

@Sis....i'm sure the babe said yessssssssss......continue???will you help me???....That Tayo no ready to give jo...why all this hassle????na one last tyme dey always put person for wahala...ask Queen Latifah in *set if off*...wink

@Fluffycutething....i think he is....just dangling.....

@Marilyn....i'm his muse...wink...i quite agree she wont smell the wont be shy to walk in...others harsh be church rat...she just needs a boost...dont we all????Kai D will beat me if i get a different replacement......

@ need to shag the cougars for that kinda money...i no get the formula...ask my brother me ask Baroque oooo....

@FFF...the Tayo na Ijebu boy oooooooo....wink