Monday, July 30, 2007

from nyemoni

I am ....Ibiluv
My ex-boyfriend ….is still my ex..... Maybe I should …marry my best friend? I love …Sleep! I don't parents! I lost fone last month. My current boyfriend is …none existent. people say I'm ….easy going.Love is ..…universal. Somewhere, someone is…getting laid.
I will always... love Star. Forever is....till infinity.I never want to…..lie to my mamam again! I think the current President is….a good man
When I wake up in the morning….I thank the Lord for another day Life is full of....beautiful people. My past has been.....great! I get annoyed when….I see agberos. Parties are for...mingling! Girls are ...mysteries. Sex is…. earth shattering with the right person!!!!I wish...I had more moeny. Tomorrow I'm going to…..sleep in! I really want some….fun in my life! I have low tolerance for people who….are pathological liars If I had a million dollars... I’d retire NOW. My job makes me…. wish i was old/rich enuff to retire!

What's on my playlist? Rihanna - Umbrella Gwen Stefani -Sweet escape. Beyonce - upgrade you.Fergie - Glamorous.Sasha -Adara. Tuface -truelove. Rugged man-Boing Boing

life goes on

so my VERY first boyfriend(cant remember sharing a FULL frontal hug,much less a kiss) got maried recently
was there
had fun with a group of guys and a friend ,we were all in secondary school together
i and a pal kept adding little snippets to what the pastor was saying
we sure acted like imps in church(GOD forgive us)
it was fun
and i really am happy for him

ironically was at my ex's sister's wedding a week later
and all i wanted to do was strut in front of him so he would see what he is missing
(got hit on though by a good looking dude-felt good)and probably decide to marry me,then i remembered all the love in the relationship was one sided(my side) and i am not going to subject my self to that anymore
my cousin thinks i am nuts.....why did i attend?
she invited me(the bride) and i decided to honour the invitation
didnt seek out the brides's brother though...still have feelings for him and i didnt want the feelings beclouding my judgement so i stayed far away from him
felt stupid later for not strutting...........
i need me a man.........that adores,cherishes,loves ME for me
i promise to do adore,cherish and love him back
where u at?
please come loaded though......................

Friday, July 13, 2007


i am sad
yea i lost a part of me
well it sure feels that way

I lost a sister
she died july 8th
I loved her(now i have to talk about her in the past
in sec sch- we were 4-used to hang around together
we did all sorts of stuff together
defied seniors,talked about first crushes,first
loves,studied together,how far we would go
(we didnt go far though)i remember leaving sec sch at
age 15(much too young to go far)
ate together,played together,slept together(we are all
straight- THANK YOU)
and all the other stuff friends do together
we had code names we called ourselves with,cat
we loved to dance,mime,we dabbled into drama and
debating society,press club,discovered a beach
(found a small stretch of sand behind our hostels away
from the noise of the hostel-
we used to go there pretending we wanted to study -all
we did was gist and eat mangoes
u know the kind of friendship where u could almost
read the other person's mind
always knew,felt what the other needed,was feeling,was
talking about
we were that close

since i heard the sad news,its like i have been
watching a movie,playing back all the times we spent
like a movie in my head
now it is too late to tell her how much i love her
too late to tell her how i looked forward to growing
old knowing she would always be there for me
my friend-a support system
someone i dont see often but i can feel her love from
miles away
hoping our kids would be friends
going on trips together with our hubby's and kids
or alone(just us the girls)

i couldn't bring myself to call her hubby(we were in sch together)
still havent caled him
i sent him an sms
i will eventually dig up the courage to call him
thing is........ i dont have the words ....i know
nothing i say is equivalent to what he is going
through right now
other are denying it,refusing to acknowledge the
unfortunately it is true
she is gone
she was ill-in hospital-admitted sat afternoon-dead
sun morn

i can hit my head against the wall,scream, wail but i
know it wont bring her back
but i find solace knowing that
her life was His to give and take
He has taken her from us too soon
but the decision was His to make
i thank Him for the memories
cos she always had and will always have a special
place in my heart
love u MFTA
rest in His bosom

I pray the Good Lord will grant her hubby,mom
siblings and family the fortitude to bear this loss
Adieu dear friend

Sunday, July 8, 2007


So now,i enjoy reading blogs rather than updating mine
dont mind me
saw Linda Ikeji on Funmi Iyanda's show wed 27th june...........girl is cute
she sure deserves better than Dan
u go girl..................
u will find u a honest man
and it is tru
All i really need myself is a honest man
i dont understand why men cant practise fidelity???????????????????

we got into a talk the other day,Kaz(my cuz) and I
i said a woman just understands and practices fidelity
y are men so weak?????????????
we(women) get asked out on dates people we give a damn about ,by people we wouldn't give the tyme of day ,by asswipes
but we dont go saying yes to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
or anyone else once we have a man
i mean the thing that i appreciate most in a relationship is ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
if a guy cares about me ,he will be attentive
i dont mean being attentive like a lap dog................. but u know
i wake up and he calls/sends a text....he is taking his 10min break at work and he calls/text/email,he gets off work and he visits/call/text
we have a late night talk and one of us falls asleep first
i used to do this with Rah so i know it is possible
(Rah is my confidant/boo/elder brother/friend/crush/boyfriend i never dated)
unfortunately Rah belongs to Dee now and we dont do the attention thing no more
all his attention is spent on Dee now

so i mean if a guy can do this he sure wont have a wandering mind
and thats how u know when u r man is cheating
his calls/texts become infrequent and his visits none existent
he suddenly becomes busy
haba................thats y we have cell fones
when i am busy and i cant really call/text,i could be in a meting and send a text Hi...
it just shows him i am thinking about him
like Beyonce said..if i am not your everything, how about if i am your nothing?nothing at all to u
i think that is just apt.....................if i mean the world to u and i should........................ u would think about me all the tyme
i know a man's mind is too small to wander on its own....................... .it will get lost
but i think brothers should make an attempt
i look at cute guys but dont get greenpalms's blog about nne's bash 2 final temptation and i thot yea
women, we do that.....................but men........
God i wonder y we love them so.........................
but u see i am a one man woman ..............dont like to share
so my man better understand that
else ......................he can use the door
dont need that kind of drama in my life
so i am holding out..........