Sunday, January 31, 2010

Car,Deola&Tayo,The One,Muse,

Got my car in Oct
went back and forth over the mechanical problems it developed
then i got frustrated and asked that it be sold
my agent-uncle picked it up and unearthed a damn good mechanic

car came back to me rolling great
parked it for a month cos i wasnt ready to do the fuel hassle thingy

recently a colleague asked if i was still owing the guy that brought my car in
anyways i also discovered i was spending more on public transport than i would spend on fuelling my car
i was also secretly afraid of braving the roads
but i found out i was lusting after other pretty babes in their rides

so this weekend
i got my adorable cuz to do the fuel hunt for me
poor boy spent 6 hrs at the station

car wash dude said he had no idea my car was that good looking
well that was 4 weeks of grime.......wink
also needed my brake pads changed

everything else rolls fyne

so i did surulere to my hood with my L sign proudly displayed
( second learners permit expired in Jan)
i do have a license though

dont ask me how
this is naija aiint it

my other learner's permit expired in 2004

i'm gonna do mama Ibi style
she went for 11 out of 20 lessons
proudly displayed the L sign and hit the roads
so after 2 lessons 6yrs apart and 2 expired permits
i need to earn the right to use my license

so,if u see a cutie with an L sign in a car
dat makes you do a double take
thats me from today.....wink

D......i love your poem

His late nights are driving me nuttttttttttttttttsssssssssssssss
yes o my brother........
he just waltzed in-its 1am
there's work today
he will wake up at 5 and start to moan about needing more sleep

I could kill for a raise.........

Ubong asked for an update on Deola and Tayo
Tayo just came back from his trip
dem never see
Deola insists she will break it off
but i did let her read all them comments
and she thinks it'll be nice to give Tayo a good bye fuck
Cos me thinks and i told her
if he hasnt given you the 400k yet
its 2 things..........
he doesnt have it to give OR he is not gonna give ya
or maybe he thinks she hasnt earned it
i told her they need to talk about it
will he or wont he give?
he can always loan it to her if he cant give it to her
he insists she shouldn't bother about his wifey.....
the decison is hers to make.........

My cousin has finally found *the one*
i really think she hit the jackpot this tyme
this is the first tyme she's talked marriage
and i'm looking forward to it
she's had 2 previous fiance(s) that i didnt care for
the girl is the most ready to marry babe i know

Ubong will send the update to the former post
soon as he gets his creative juices flowing
(he really isnt blogging anymore)
i'm just a fantastic muse


SHE said...

No goodbye anything if the guy no drop 400k o!

Drive carefully sister...

Freaksho said...

FINALLY! The Ibimobile is back up and rolling - smart move dodging all the fuel hassles. here's a hint - next time, tip your gateman to go stand at a queue for you.
works for me!

~Sirius~ said...

LOL @ u and ur car.
I swear more money is spent on transport than fueling a car.

Hmm...good luck to your friend, and I hope she gets the money after all....if not. it's just wasted effort...........which it will be :-) knowing men.

rethots said...

You have found 'the one' how beautiful, and i was busy strategising...... When shall thou introduce him to us?

bArOquE said...

Is 400k something that people can fuck out of other people's pockets? Good for her. Anyway, whatever you do please don't drive infront of you too

Omotee! said...

lol @ baroque's comment, 400k no be small thing o!

stay safe

Fragilelooks said...


tboz said...

Congrats on facing d roads... if u keep at it for 2-3wks, u will gain all d confidence and road know-how u need to ditch d L (Lunatic) sign.

Can ur agent/uncle get me his mecho's numba?.. a good one is hard to find.

I think deola & tayo shud be left to sort out their shag/cash deal howeva they want it. personally, i think they are both fooling each other. she will continue to shag him and he will continue to hold out.

ur bro too will eventually find his level.

Ubong dey pay u for posting so? na naija we dey o!

stay safe y'all...

Myne Whitman said...

Hope you won't over-oppress in the new ride.

You're Ubong's muse? Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Hmmmmm....

bob-ij said...

haha. I can drive anywhere but Lagos with those "okadas". They are crazy!!


Shubby Doo said...

ubonga's muse...that's an achievement o! :D

CaramelD said...

So much catching up to do!

LusciousRon said...

Missed you. Proud of you. Na Naija now! Expired permits all goes. I got my licence before I could even brave the raod alone! 5 years running now no shaking! Go on so un...

Naijalines said...

Tell Ubong not to keep us waiting o.
I need to know if I was right! Lol.

Hope you have a good valentine's.

Tigeress said...

2 previous fiance's ke? I've only had 2bf!!! WTF?!

Nice Anon said...

hahaaaa@Tigeress's comment. Make una no kill me with laugh.

400k na how much in dollars sef?


I have a friend that has had a learners permit far longer than you. hahaha.

Someone owes 400K and that is the solution suggested? Haba, there has to be some other way - some jaguda cousins that are very convincing or! Just kidding, please don't quote me oh!

ibiluv said...

@She.....she don goodbye....guy didnt drop..... gateman????nah...i'll make do with my colleague's driver....

@Sirius....yels real wasted effort.... be me find person o....*he*-when i find him is not welcome to my blog.....recipe for disaster

@baroque....yels o-there's no amount of money people cant fuck outta each other's go bash mi ni???mwah


@tboz.....i don ditch the sign after 3days...lastma was harrassing me....will get u the numba...hehehe at your analysis of deola and tayo...i don comot my mouth for dia matter....i truly should charge Ubong money o...nurrin is free ke

@Myne Whitman....i promise not to....werrin u dey think???

@bobij...what can we do?we cant let them keep us away from the roads....

@CaramelD...yels....... lastma harrassment dey do me soso 25k fine

@Naijalines....dont mind the boy...i did...*blush*

@Tigeress....aha..when u get to a certain age....wicked men know the only way u go *drop* is when they say the *M* word.....sad

@Nice anon....about 2600.....

@Solomonsydelle....heheheheheh....jaguda?na mutually consenting agreement ke....she drops....he drops...