Sunday, April 17, 2011

Should I fix you a drink too?

‘Should I fix you a drink too?’

he asked as he set down his backpack on the bed, shrugging out of his shirt as he walked to the mini-bar in the room.

‘Yes honey, thanks’ she said as she typed away furiously at her laptop keyboard, wanting to finish the report and email it so she could relax fully and enjoy her weekend with her lover.

She had been looking forward to this time alone with him for a while, and her boss dumping an overdue report on her late on Friday was quite the mood dampener but after hearing his deep, drawling voice on the phone saying he was leaving the airport...that made her, perk up.

She was startled by the touch of a cold glass on the back of her neck, she had been so engrossed in her work she didn’t realize when he came up behind her. ‘What are you working on?’ ‘it’s a damned report my boss insists must be sent today’ she says as she placed a hand over his warm, calloused one that was kneading the muscles of her shoulder. ‘Aahh, that feels so good’ she says… He hands her drink to her, at the same time bending over her and placing a kiss on her forehead like a father would on his daughter. ‘take it easy babe, you’re all tensed up’ he breathes in her ear.

The familiar smell of him suddenly makes her nerve endings tingle as she inhales the mix of aftershave, the musky cologne he favours and sweat of travel that wafts off him. She realizes how much she had missed him being with her and suddenly ignored her computer, turning in her chair, she grabs him by the waist. ‘I missed you baby’ she murmurs into his belly, the soft hair around his navel tickling her lips as she speaks.

His reaction is instant, his loins tighten up as her soft, warm arms encircle him. He leans down over her, rubbing down her back through the sheer material of the work shirt she has on.. pulling the shirt out of her skirt, finding her skin beneath and working his thick, hard fingers into her muscles. She sighs in pure pleasure, writhing under his touch as she feels herself relaxing.

He straightens up, picking his glass from the table and sipping on his drink, pulling her up by the arm as he does. She gets into his arms, face turned up as he envelopes her in a deep,fiercely passionate kiss. She can feel the hunger for her in him and that knowledge makes her both excited and scared at the same time. Excited that she holds such an attraction for him and scared that she may lose him at some time. He lives and works in another part of the country as an engineer, always on the road, sleeping in different hotels in different towns… and surely meeting lots of different women.

She feels his breath get deep and fast, the taste of brandy in his mouth mixing with hers as both their tongues entwine. Her nipples are so sensitive; they are almost painfully squeezed against his chest. His hands slip lower, cupping her round bottom in a gentle squeeze. He lifts her off her feet while still kissing her, and lays her on the bed. His eyes are locked on to hers, boring a hole deep into her soul as he gets up and removes his jeans, then his boxers. He doesn’t say a word and does not break eye contact while he walks to the window and opens it.

There is a sudden, moist and cold breeze from the rain outside in the room. With the curtains billowing behind him, she watches him stalk back to the bed like a panther, his erection proudly displayed to her lustful gaze.

She licks her lips, smiling at him while feeling the molten heat well up from inside her core. She starts to unbutton her shirt but he stops her with a hand. Gently but firmly pushing her down on to the bed, he grabs her glass and gulps some her drink, then he leans over her and kisses her again. As her lips open she feels her drink trickling down into her mouth from his. He hadn’t swallowed, just used his mouth to serve her. He has deftly shed her buttons while kissing her, now he slides his hand underneath her and unclips her bra. Her proud breasts feel the heat of his hands and the coolness of the breeze coming through the open window. It is such a delicious feeling.

Her hands rake through his hair as he lowers his lips to her nipple, biting and sucking hard while his hands slide under her skirt and hooks on the waistband of her panties. She raises her hips to help him ease them off, watching his eyes look down her skirt as she raises her legs to kick off the panties. He smiles and rubs a hand lazily across her chest, palm flat over her breasts, fingers teasing her neck and chin. His other hand he cups firmly over her mound, the heel of his hand making hard contact with her clit as his finger teases her wet slit. He’s not going inside, just gliding his finger over her lips enough to open them, circling round her opening and making her groan with the need to have any part of him inside her.

Her arousal is very evident now in the rich scent of her feminine musk which he inhales rather dramatically. She knows he’s teasing her, she sees that look of intense concentration on his face she knows is a sign of his arousal. His gaze never leaves the moist morsel between her thighs as he lifts his glass to his lips, drinks and bends his head to her sex. His hands push her skirt up to her waist as he spreads her legs wide, she is wide open to his view and intentions now. She shudders as she feels his breath over her engorged clit, then the exquisite pleasure of his tongue, which is cold from the drink and warm as he licks in slow, circular motions around her clit. He does not touch her anywhere else… yet.

She clutches at the sheet as he abruptly plunges his tongue into her slick tunnel in the same motion that he uses his hands to raise her hips.
Her sensual, thrusting motion makes her clit contact against his nose as she fucks his tongue. She can feel her orgasm coming up quickly. He’s a master at working his tongue sinuously inside her, bringing it up to suck on her clit. Now he has 2 fingers deep inside her while her clit is being strummed by his tongue. She’s moaning deep in her throat and bucking under his face like a wild horse. She starts to drum her feet on his back as she climaxes, holding his head tight against her dripping wet sex. His name is spinning on her mind as she lies breathless in the afterglow of the intense orgasm. He brings his head up, breathing deep, looking at her with lust filled eyes, his lips glistening with her juice.

He smirks at her effort to regain balance and says ‘I missed you too babe’… She smiles and pulls him to her, licking his lips, nose, eyes.. tasting herself mixed with him, instantly getting a high from that. She says ‘I know honey, I know’. Her hands are both stroking his hot hardness and his soft sac as she kisses him. She scrapes a fingernail over his glans and gets the reaction she wants from him. A sharp intake of breath, then a long drawn out sigh of pleasure as she takes him in her mouth.. takes him as deep as she can. He’s big and stretches her lips but she loves sucking him. She’s got saliva coating him and her movements are smooth and sensual, fucking him with her mouth just as she fucked his mouth earlier. She’s good at this and knows exactly how to bring him to a load...moaning her name in the process... She wants to taste his seed and drink it greedily but he’s not having that.

He held her head to stop her, moaning ‘I don’t want to cum yet baby, I need to be inside you’. The naked need in his voice makes her cream her pussy even more. So she gets on her knees and he gets behind her, the penetration is fast and hard but not painful. She is well lubricated but feels the immense size of him filling her up, pushing against her womb. The connection is deep and erotic, the sound of his balls slapping against her as he thrusts deep into her are adding to her excitement. He’s groaning deeply and she knows he will unleash his thick cream into her very soon. His hands grab her breasts like the reins of a horse he’s riding….. and he is riding her, hard, deep, furiously. She feels a throbbing inside her that emanates from his magnificent dick buried deep inside her, his belly on her soft butt.

He starts to rub her clit with a hand in time with his thrusts, which are getting quicker. He’s close to losing control now. She arches her back, raising her bottom up and presenting him a deeper angle of penetration. Though it’s a bit painful, she revels in the sex she’s giving him and urges him on with her voice ‘fuck me baby, fuck me hard… who’s ur sweet baby?’ he responds with a furious, grunting assault on her body that rocks him to an explosive climax, which makes him give short, choked off cries as he cums deep inside her. She feels the heavy gush of warm, male seed flooding her insides and that triggers another orgasm for her, clenching her butt cheeks and pulsing the walls of her tight pussy to milk every drop from him.

He’s dripping with sweat and breathing hard against her back. She bears his weight on her as her hands and knees tremble from the shared orgasms. ‘welcome home baby’ she murmured.....