Monday, April 12, 2010


I saw a girl a few days ago....she walked past me
she looked padded............
Ay and I used to *pad*.........way back in uni
wear 1 or 2 pairs of shorts underneath our outfit(s)
looking at ourselves,we thought
we didnt pass for members of nassatall(no ass at all)

but seeing the young padded lady 2 days ago
she sure looked i guess
we probably didnt succeed in our quest to look like we had bigger butts
and people could see we had some extra padding to back then

isnt it just mad when conductors harrass their passengers
arent passengers the customers?
isnt the customer always right????

told the nysc guy in my office
he needs to find a way to keep busy
being online means he's idle
which is ok....if he doesnt get caught
he got caught yet again today
my boss actually said
he's always online...........
i wonder what Cruella will say in her mail tom..........
she loves to make things *official*

monday morning
saw a dead kid on the road
bus/car....something hit him/her and left him/her dia
lastma vs agberos and bus drivers had a faceoff
dey say......lastma oppresses dem
lastma says dey stop to pick and drop passengers
at busstops dat are not designated
na the peeps whey dey stranded for busstops i pity

it shouldnt hurt when ex's get engaged,married,have kids abi?
it does.......
it hurts less if he/she has nurrin on a person
but if he/she has a mate whey fyne.....maybe pass the person
it hurts..........
its way easier to accept their coupledom if their other half is fugly/stupid
and the one who gets married first........
usually doesnt get the other amongst their wedding party
sometimes dey get invited
sometimes dey get omitted
but its easier to be at an ex's wedding if already engaged/married
if not,you wish them well.......maybe(evil grin)
and wait for your own............

some are drop dead gorgeous
some its the voice
some its the height or lack of it
some its the charm
some its the shoes(dress sense)
some its the way he/she walks,talks
some its the diction
some he/she is so intelligent/stupid...(lol)
some spend money like its from a bottomless pit
some make the other feel special
some you just wanna have their genes in your offsprings
some are fabulous cooks(homemakers)
some shag you real good.....wink
so many reasons, why we are attracted or stay attracted to people
others outside of the relationship try to understand it
i advice them to stop trying..............


~Sirius~ said...

I concur, they will never understand no matter how much they keep trying. Poor kid, that's very sad. That whole ex thing; I guess It depends on how you feel afterwards. I dbout if I'd be hurt because my ex is getting married. It'll be more of goodluck to them.....*wink.

Tayne said...

I was going to cosign on the ex part but then the attraction part is true too and so sad about the kid.

Fragilelooks said...

its so sad abt the lifeless chap. mschewww. if ex is getin married,wel i cnt say if i would b dere or nt nw. till it happens.

fantasy queen said...

Lol, I'm probably one of the very few people who didn't pad as a kid. So sad abt the lil kid,to ve his life caught off so young. About d ex, its always better when u look in d mirror n knw u fine pass her.

CaramelD said...

I hope someone comes to claim the young person as for ex's, hmph! I am currently working very hard with all my good will wishing. It gets easier with time.

UBIUDUE (Nigeria's marketplace) said...

lol at the nysc guy

miz-cynic said...

ibi, sometimes the only feeling i get when ex-es marry is....uuum another one sails off into the high in if i ever saw them as a fall-back when thr is no longer hope......
also it makes u feel better when she is not as pretty

now i go in epistle abt wht u like in peeps...tht gets u attracted

my first boyfriend it was the complexion and the cuteness
2nd-quietness and mystery abt him
3rd:-his voice and neatness
4th:-height and calmness......i sound boring so far.

but the one i have refused to forget about....cos he had swag!tht boy had everythn....swag, problem solver,funny,style, yans.....etc.

Afrobabe said...

Oh gosh, poor kid...That is so sad..and her parents must be frantically looking for her...I hope someone somewhere loved her...sigh..

Exes getting married hurt...even when you didnt want him and still wouldn't want him if he left the bride at the alter...It still WTF!!!

Evee said...

yeah i sure did the padded thingy way back but sometimes i think it was a case of a child wanting to be all grown. With the size of hips I have now, I wish i could go back to those days...hmmm

Conductors are always right o, they will practically drag you to enter their bus and harrass you when you get in and you dont have change
Sometimes when ex-es get engaged or married, it hurts, especially if the breakup was from the other partner and the he is the one getting married.

you can't really say what will attract you to anyone cos it can be anything. Sometimes it can even be the wierdest thing... like the way he dimples when he smiles, the sound of his laughter, his take charge attitude...

may the soul of the little one rest in peace

tboz said...

Lol!! is that what it was?.. saw a lot of that in sch... thot dem babes were protecting modesty when falling off bikes.. hmmm, i wonder if some guys 'pad' their pant fronts..

last(ma)/agbero/drivers all still a necessary evil that the hardworking governor hasnt been able to find a solution for.

nysc guy is being young, they all do that (well, almost all) but really, you should create work for him if he's idle.

every human being deserves dignity in death, if not in life. Its a sign of our backwardness that victims/corpses are left in plain view while the rest of us go about our business. The governor should be harder on the people responsible for this matter.

Diff strokes for diff folks abi? me thinks u just wish every ex the best in life and move on, regardless of who/what they marry. Otherwise you will left them have some control over your life, which makes no sense

Your attraction list could have an additional 3000 items if you let people contribute. The variations are endless...

an ex once told me, many years after we were an item.... that my ex before her actually came to her room in the hostel to bad mouth me. 1 of the things said went like 'he will fuck you sensless just like he did me'... which apprently had the opposite of the desired effect as she confessed she was rather interested in being fucked silly!

Omotee! said...

poor kid, just like that...

i never padded, i think i'm naturally over padded, it was embarrassing.

when exes marry, there's a funny thing esp cos i aint married yet but hey, its their time

Myne Whitman said...

I found out that an ex was married the other day. I never considered him o but still...

Too bad about the child.

SHE said...

If an ex marries someone who does not quite measure up. It doesn't really hurt.

I quite agree...You are attracted to some people simply because they are good "specimen" in more ways than one.

Tisha said...

I like you cos you make me laugh, tis why i come to your blog, you love being you.

i used to like for popularity and status.

I now like for personality, character and values.

attracted to folks for their intellectual capacity, you need to speak well and make sense. i fall for brains and good looks, you gats to have the two and lest i forget, you need to fellowship with Christ too...

Nice Anon said...

The thing about a particular ex being married( notice only one ever mattered the rest can jump off a cliff for all i care)
is that i don't want it rubbed in my face so basically yeah get married but I rather not talk or hang out with you afterwards.

Na wa o! Pikin just dey dead for road like that?? Naija eh!

My cousin's friend who is 12 padded her bra only for the tissue to fall out from there. I laughed so hard eh! plus na white girl. I told my little girl " serves her right for trying to make you feel bad that you haven't got any"

bob-ij said...

I agree. Even though things are done, when you share a history with someone, you feel a pinch when they belong to someone else! As for padding...haha! I didn't have nastall! Bt it grew! Amen to that!


Funms-the rebirth said...

Poor sad.
If any of my exes are getting married, i wont be hurt. I guess it depends on how the relationship ended. I will wish them well and maybe not a sincere one though cuz i really dont care

Geebee said...

It'd hurt most especially if you and that ex are still in touch. Normally, it shouldn't but it does. I know of a few cases. . . Now that you've let me in on this secret of padding, I guess i'd begin to pay a closer attention to ladies so i'd differentiate the 'padded' from the 'natural'. lol

ibiluv said...

@Sirius..not hurt just that you might feel a twinge especially if you are still single-yea sad about the kid...

@Tayne...yea-ex's...sad about the kid i agree...

@Fragilelooks....if i have a man in my life-attending wont be a problem,if i dont-i might be staying home....wink

@Fantasy Queen....i wasnt really a kid-i was a woman 18 going on 19 and flat as a board in the ass department-t'was soooo annoying

@CaramelD....tyme heals a lot of stuff dearie... mind d guy...

@miz-cynic......its always hard to forget swaggalicious guys.....wink true!!!!!!

@Evee...congrats on the hips....yup ex's who do the breaking up then get all coupled up hurt a little....

@Tboz....well...shorts may be to protect modesty on bikes but if a babe has no need to be on a bike-then she's guys pad?i have no idea!!!!...i gbadun the babe-was looking forward to all the dick she was gonna get...

@omotee!!!...yup poor child...lucky so..dia tyme don come

@Myne Whitman...i so feel you....yea its sad about the child....

@SHE...its easier when their mate is fugly...yes to great specimens!!!!

@Tisha...bless you dear...yea our values change over tyme...

@Nice Anon...awwww dats not laughed at her padding....

@bob-ij....we cant help but feel dat pinch...lucky you..

@Funms-the rebirth...wink at the padded from the original!!!!!