Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Balcony

I love balcony's
my earliest memories of them
Gramps and i sitting on chairs
swatting at mosquitoes
talking about any and everything

Em has a balcony
and there were no quitos
(an endearing name for mosquitoes)

we were laughing at something he said
i giggled then slapped his thigh softly

he caught my hand and stroked it
i smiled, licked my lips and
........our lips fused

the kiss was .......bliss
i opened my eyes and said
Em, people can see
he smiled and said
spend the night with me

the breeze is cool against my skin
i'm sated...
i cant remember what we ate, neither do i recall what we drank

i however can recall every touch,
how his skin felt when I slid my hands across his back

how his beard tickled my thigh

wide grin

i love balcony's