Sunday, November 17, 2013



where you carry waka?
my people............. me sef I taya
I dey this gidi o
dey chase money up and down

how I for do?

life is good... we dey pray make e better
work is aiight...that can always be better too
sex is fabulous as always
my family is good...mum just keeps getting old people's illnesses

one day she's cold
another day-her chest hurts
next its her knee
then you always have to tell her again and again something you already told her
if I didn't know any better I would think she has pregnancy brain

its worse for me cos Dee has it too...pregnancy brain

I tell him something in the morning and by afternoon he's calling to ask me about it

all I can do is roll my eyes and wonder why my partner and my mum are growing old on me at the same time

its okay to talk to family isn't it?
my issue is I've always been a bad gossip-I'm also a terrible liar
I always always tell gossipee what we gossipers gossiped about in her/his absence

so the gossip got to me so I told gossipee what we had gossiped about without naming names
well she's has taken a stance and everyone concerned believes there's anger in the reaction
I on the other hand couldn't  care less
cos she did as we wanted/expected
weda the reaction was borne out of anger or of realisation doesn't affect my orgasm later tonight

Dee thinks I should  have held my piece
I told him she's family-she can agree or disagree or disagree to agree
after all that is said and done
it takes a village to raise a child
and we the village have spoken

gonna do my blog rounds now

cant say if I'll be back here tomorrow or next month or in another 8 months
but I'll be back


Sunday, June 30, 2013

titbits and a post to say bye bye to June

would be nice if I could fuck in an elevator

I never wanna try out a threesome-I'm not that wanton-and I don't wanna share

Dee we really should get naughty in a movie theatre one of these days-too bad naija cinemas don't show x rated movies-then we could go all out-yes dear I'll wear a short dress with no panties-but other peeps would wonder why I need to sit on your lap you know-wink

will sex ever get boring?- I hope not....

can I have a kid readymade at 5?.well, kids are a handful at age 0-5.....

I need a raise

gonna have to do an early post in July or 2 posts in August...........Ramadhan

why am I getting bald?...Dee says shave your hair off....he says it'll make me look younger....I'm not willing it take d risk...being growing my hair since I was born...see how long it is...if I cut it??? what will happen???

it rained ALL day in Lagos today....or was it just my hood???

I really hate people that beat about the bush

R.... I really didn't appreciate your feedback, you came off as you were trying to save face-you shouldn't have bothered...I don't really like you and its obvious the feeling is mutual...lets stay civil....we are after all only colleagues...we don't need to be friends

what is cracking the maid up on tv???

did kim really name her daughter north? and I cant believe how quiet her twitter handle has being since the birth of donda....

I used to be the girl who didn't have le petit mort with every sexual experience
I've had pretty amazing sex, earth shattering love making but it would not always culminate into an orgasm
I surfed the net and found women like me
sex was great-fun-fabulous but orgasms were few and far between

I've had previous lovers say their egos were smashed
and I've had to assure and reassure-I had mad fun-you made my world shake
please ignore the fact I didn't cum
its just me
that is the way I am wired

I don't cum as much as other women do
I would totally enjoy the sex but trying to achieve an orgasm would just make the sex mundane

so lets just have mad fun and ignore the fact that an orgasm didn't/wont happen for me

until Dee
he is some kinda sexual genius

not sure how he does it
not even sure its cos I love him cos its been dis way since before I fell in love

I remember an ex who could make me climax with a look
some other guy whose voice drove me mad and who.....I'll NEVER  forget that day and those O's
I've had some pretty amazing O's............just not from coitus

so my friend says he (Dee)is the one
he(friend) says marry him(Dee) before he slips outta your finger

I'm not worried

I don't worry about marriage and kids the way other people seem to

kids will happen when I want them to
I'll go off the pill and slowly get my eggs fertile again
and if that fails
I'll adopt

as for marriage.............
some day....I'll be ready

Belated May

I really have no excuses for may

i'm truly sorry peeps

I'll make up for it

so for some reason I'm not worked up about bba the chase

y'all know how I like my reality shows

I guess its because naija performed badly last year

ola and his pal went out too early and I refuse to speak ill of the dead

all I see is dem peeps should watch out for selly

dat girl is there for the moolah

as for stupid betty

continue enjoying yaself

I'm no hypocrite

I love sex

but I'm fabulously discreet

I've had my fair share of fuck-buddies night stands and whatnots

so when a babe goes in to the big brother house and has sex with some random dude from another country she may never see again......

I know its entertainment for us

but I do have a problem with it cos its on camera for every one to assume or see

I'm a tad traditional about that

she may fuck every dude in the house so long as there is no proof.......wink

but when u go under the sheets.....we can all conclude girl....

so I know someone who tends to drop off her kid at her mum's on Sunday with the maid then picks up the tot Friday evenings

he's a handful

first and foremost---my issues is her mum is older hence handling a toddler is way more tiring for her-my opinion
and why drop him off for 5 days and nights a week?
she lives 10mins away from her mom

i think its bullshit
but if her mom is okay with it and cant/wont complain
dats fine

but i don't think its healthy that her kid is away from her 5nights a week

he's your kid -don't matter how much of a handful he is
he is your responsibility not your mum's

my two pence

ok I started this post before betty was evicted

seems shenanigans under the sheets aren't what its about

she and beau are both out

good riddance

oh and by the way-still on bba
selly has had her share of shenanigans under the sheets
is it just me or just nando just ignore her now???

did I ever tell you about the massive crush I used to have on banky w?

had a fling with some dude about that time and he could never make me cum

didn't matter what he did-I had to minister to myself to get off

I know I wasn't really into him

why did I have a physical relationship with him y'all are asking???

sometimes I get horny and my vibrator just doesn't cut it and if I'm not in a relationship I can get myself a fling

but I was soooooo into banky then

dude used to say -please think of him (banky) so you will cum

at least for once-it will be nice to have you (ibi) cum while I (dude)  am pumping away

needless to say -the fling fizzled away

dude still professes how I was the best thing between his sheets

but all I remember was some guy pumping away and me making a lotta noise just to get him to feel good about himself and cum and roll off me

mwah y'all

oh by the way I'm listening to R & BW as I type this
still love him
he's so fucking fine
but I've actually never fantasized about him
my fantasies are about Dee and Idris Elba

I've seen him walk past me (banky w) a couple of times at concerts and whatnots
and on every occasion I froze in my tracks
couldn't even work up a hello can I take a picture?

I like him
love his music
but I prefer to like/love him from he doesn't know Ibi exists land...................wink

Thursday, April 25, 2013


So in the spirit of a post a month

i'm here

how have you all been?

Dee has been lethargic all week
i say take your vitamins every morning

he says... will it work?

i say ...just try... and in a week if you still yawn after every sentence

we'll both know you are pregnant

we both lolled at that

i love kids even though i can only keep up with them for a couple of minutes
they soon tire me out and i need a chair to strap them in or a play pen to drop them into

i most definitely love kids who do enjoy their own company

sometimes i wonder how i'll cope when i eventually bring forth mine
then i remind myself

i'll have a live-in nanny and if my kid is anything like me...they will be pretty easy to manage

i wanna believe that mom wasnt trying to be patronising when she said i was a pretty easy child

so whew...looking forward to birthing children who shall stress me not...

everyone keeps reminding me
nectar is going sour.have them kids now

help me ask them if they will assist me with baby food,clothes,diapers,cost of a fees etc

truth be told..i'm not emotionally and financially ready for a child...emphasis on emotionally

so i'll have a live-in nanny....where did i state: i wont be a hands-on mum?

as for being a fabulous wife that slaves in the kitchen?

i dont even like to eat

Dee tends to say.. i wanna eat ... then i'll say...lets go to the kitchen...i'll keep you company

does it matter who does what?

we eat and thats that

when ever he leaves it to me to decide when my body needs nourishment?

i end up not eating anything

well cos i tend to say

i'm not hungry Dee

so i snack on an apple, some grapes, maybe a mango...or some ice cream and tobleron
or some grilled chicken and french fires

He always says whatever happened to eba or amala or beans or rice or whatever

so...i'll say well if you are making it,i'll keep you company and we'll eat together

oh well...its great to be in love with a man who doesnt care who has what role

the rains are here
i hate the rains

always a chore to get to anywhere

bad water clogged roads
traffic dat drains the life blood outta you

oh dear

i cant wait for it all to end

i truly enjoy getting older
allows me to get away with a lotta crap
i tend to wave my birth certificate in people's noses

at my age...i'm entitled to a life
by my rules

especially cos i'm dependent on noone

i also enjoy being selfish half of the time

marriage and children will make me selfless

so i wanna enjoy my selfish years for as long as i can

truth be told

my parents did a bad job of the whole shingdig...i guess its one of the reasons i dont care for the institution

i guess...someday.....someone will change my mind and i'll be ready for the journey

until then......i love me alone..... a lot

p:s...i love you Dee.....

see y'all in May

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Hey Peeps

so i wonder... am i planning to stick to a post a month?
i did not set out to do this
but it will be regular wont it?
instead of a post every 7 months.......

So february was aiight
vals day was fun
lots of laffs at work

dry tables
full tables

i thorougly enjoyed darey's concert
i didnt go cos of kimmy
i watch her enuff on e!!!

a lot of peeps were disappointed by her 30 second hello
i couldnt care less....

Dare...that was opinion....

My gifts?

my thank you?


wink wink wink

you guys ever noticed how...if you savour the sex and dont fall over the cliff when you get the need to....
the orgasm is so much better when you eventually let yourself fall?

So boyf hates it when i say sex
he prefers to use the term love making

i could say fuck

really makes no difference

all i know is its fucking great......wide grin...chuckling...giggling....laffing

friend of mine has been searching for the fruit of the womb for about 5 years
says his wife is not letting them shag no more
she is disappointed in the whole process

i guess i can try to understand where she is coming from
but there are needs other than procreation for sex aiint it?

we whey never marry sha dey oil our engines
what is it with wifes who dont feel the need to oil theirs?

you lie in a bed beside a warm body every night...dont ya?
i totally get it...........noone does *it* every night
but married couples.......especially those without kids yet
since i know kids can tire you the fuck out...sometimes....there is not enuff energy in the body to get it up....

biko explain it to me
precious dick beside you and you dont feel the need to ride it?

and if you have ever wondered about my fav position... i just spilled

ibi loves to ride........yeehaw

i'll be back to tell una why we do it
after i marry
that is if i find myself in that rut

i'm not shy about taking what i want
if i'm ready to go and boyf is snoring

i wake him up with a bj and ride him till i'm spent
he can go back to sleep after that

so when i marry
if i go for months without sex and i truly dont feel the need to fuck

i'll come back here to yarn una

erm for those of you who may be wondering why i have this great sex life and i havent said anything about marriage
i can not tell you when i will marry yet because my oga at the top may change

that clip is fucking hilarious

everytime i watch it cracks me up

mwah peeps

i'll be back in April or i may surprise myself and be back before march fades...........

Saturday, February 2, 2013


hey Peeps

so its february again
peeps be getting all hot and bothered
what will i get for him ?
what will i get from him?

do i spend a little or a lot?

do i cook him a meal?
send him a meal?
take him out to dinner?

oh well......

i only know

soon it will be feb 15th and peace will reign again

if its any consolation

most people dont have aids on world's aids day

so if you are val-less on valentine's day?

life will go on......

look out for them concerts though,who knows a lonely soul may be lurking

erm but please watch out for murderers,rapists,thugs,thieves...they are out their lurking too

always sad to hear when fab teams break up
the whizkid saga

but alas

change is the only constant thing in life