Friday, January 23, 2009

Blue Ocean...............

So i heard about strip clubs in las gidi
i decided to go see
so i mailed a blogger who had blogged about her experience
and she gave me a ocean

mentioned it to A(my pal)..........she mentoned it to her boo

he said we three would go

next time we harrassed him about it.........he said not yet
later he said he needed to go see before letting two ladies tag along

Sat...we dropped off my cousin at the airport
and talked about hanging out
strippers came into the convo
we tried to go during the holidays

but he said he passed by and they were closed
we had a laff about it
'strippers on vacation'

we made it to ikeja
blue ocean still closed

na wa o
dem no go resume????????

we ladies said ok lets head home
dude says no
lets find another one
i say how?
he says the same way he found blue ocean
all he had was the location......but he found it
i'll ask people even if i have to ask a police man he said
we must find one tonight
so he goes on his mission

we stay in the car to gossip
he comes back a while later with a dreadlocked pal in tow
i said new pal was not getting into the car

ask me-wetin my own?
i be passenger myself

neways new pal takes off on a bike
we follow
when he stops
i wonder doesnt look like anything is happening
pal's boo D says-thats the same way blue ocean looks from the street

i spot someone and i chuckle
there sure is biz happening around here

really small place
walked in and did a quick survey
small cosy bar
spotted a girl dancing with the pole
took the cushion closest to her

sat back
we ordered drinks
and proceeded to watch the babe........

not bad

she did a striptease
had some sexy moves
was bad looking and as flat as a washboard
definitely not my cup of tea

next babe on had more meat on her bones..........i like
more stuff to jiggle

so we notice an oldie getting a lap dance

pal and i giggle about we decided to set her boo up

we asked him to get a lap dance
he was hesistant

we insisted

he got a glint in his eye
he said pick a girl

i picked a flat smallie(i figured-he did not have to enjoy it)
my pal said no.......she picked a cute voluptuous babe in a pink teddy

i wondered........will he touch?

at first no
but when she jiggled dem boobs at him
he grabbed ass

i knew he was in for the 'talk'
but then again na she pick......

i figured a lap dance-yes
grab ass-no
and babe has a luscious ass

after a while my pal stalks out
i know she's mad
he goes to talk to her

i'm grinning-imagining the convo in the car

i'm still watching the babes
another bootyliious babe was on
i particularly liked her red garter and make up

they had been in the car 20 mins
some dude decides i need company
yes o...he sat beside me

oturugbeke......a horny guy i no know
i no see anything o but how he no go horny....
he's been watching naked babes jiggle sturvs

i no blame am
as me sef siddon alone
maybe i dey advertise........

he then proceeds to move closer....ehn ehn
mo don jazzy re......
i get up.....get to the car..........ignore their tiff
scold them both for leaving me alone to the wolves in there

i needed to pee
we went back in
there was a big mama on when i came out of the loo
big mama should consider retirement
not a nice show-my opinion
but the guys seemed to enjoy her
she had no moves
just a lot of fat ass jiggling and droopy boobs
and vagina in ur face

we left soon after..........

so i've seen strippers in lagos
or as they are called..........gogo dancers

way back from work mon
babe ahead me in the bus
had a striking resemblance to a certain stripper
what are the odds?????????
i kept staring at her

she came down at my stop
i got a good look
not so sure though........but i still think she's the one

joint is open.....mon-sun.........7pm-5am

so i wonder
should i have gone to say hi???
and to ask why she did not go to work

ps:i'm soooooooooo loving the change in weather in lagos!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Will i ever tire???????


Silly ass conductor beats a passenger for giving him 20 naira for a 30 naira bus ride even though the guy was going halfway-no be 15 naira he suppose pay???

my 20 naira fell on drivers outfit...i kept asking for it...he kept ignoring me even though i had paid 30 naira to his conductor..........

He then proceeded to do a race with a tanker-since i had no idea if the tanker was empty,full with gas or fuel or diesel....i corrected him(this time he heard)

then told me to mind my business...he's been in the business since i told him not to tell me rubbish....just cos i'm in his bus dont mean i cant drive a vehicle...and i know you dont race on a narrow road close to a t-junction at night especially if your neighbour is a tanker.....

no one need know the last time i handled an automobile was in 2004-dad promised me a car-i learnt-earned my learners permit-no car.....swore not to bother till i can buy it meself.....that day is sooner than later.............

I caught a yoruba movie recently
babe and guy na childhood sweethearts
dem marry
years down the line
the babe tells her hubby that he knows she's never really liked sex
and she's tired of her nightly duty
so she marries him a second wive
well he eventually gets a third.......

i love sex
ever since i discovered it
2006 till date has been my dryest years

while i was never anyone's live-in-lover
i did get it on a regular
i was either in a relationship or getting it with a *friend*
(some friends come with benefits)........*wink*

so i wonder

will i ever be that woman?????
will i ever sometimes not want it????
will i ever be too tired for it???
will i ever give my rights to someone else??????

i doubt.........

i'm quite sure i'll still be riding
so long as there's a breath in my body........*wink*

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Stolen from Caramel............

Where is your cell phone? Beside me

where is your significant other? In my dreams

Your hair color? dark brown

Your mother? Brazilian oops Osun State

Your father? Greek oops Ogun State

Your favourite thing?(things)...Money,sex,food,tv

Your dream last night? Hooking up with big willie

Your dream/goal? Obedient daughter to my heavenly father,fabulous career woman,loving wife & mother...........

Your hobby? Sleeping,Blogging and looking good-which comes by default.....i was created hawt.....*wink*

Your fear? none

Where do you want to be in 6 years? Fulfilled

Where were you last night? At home

what you're not? A cheat

One of your wish list items? That my love handles disappear........

Where you grew up? Lagos.......

The last thing you did? now?.....proof read this

Your pet? used to own a fab cat.....

Your computer? mi old reliable tosh

Your mood? Horny

Missing someone? Nah..........but i miss something........*wink*

Your summer? no be everyday be summer in las gidi????

Love someone? God,Family and friends.....

Your favourite colour? Black and white!

When is the last time you laughed? a few minutes ago.....

Last time you cried? He moved out again.....mum was sooo sad....she got me tearing up.......

Are you genuine or fake? I'm as real as can be.

Any vices? i procrastinate....

Pro life or wire hanger? Pro life

McCain or Obama......Obama & Fashola

so my aunt once said
i walk too fast

that people cant catch up with me when i walk by

thats why i don't have a man she said
guys probably have a hard time catching up with the fyne gal that just walked past

a colleague said so a few days ago
he saw me go past
he was gonna call out to me
but he had water in his mouth
by the time he swallowed i don zap

*sigh* i guess i need to slow down my pace