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Sunday, June 29, 2008


some people are feelers-they love to touch/grab/hug
some are visualisers-they love what they see
some are audio(cant remember)-they are in love
and are good with words

heard this on *moments with mo* over the weekend
and it got me thinking...........

i like to touch and be touched but i'm more comfortable
commiting all kinds of touchry in private

i like hugs but i'm not prone to giving or taking them freely

i have also been known to act kinda cold in the midst of people

so i have discovered i am not a feeler............

i do like to look at good stuff
but i prefer words.....thats the audio stuff i forgot

i love sms's,mails..sometymes i dont even say all i wanna with
a fone call sometymes cos i can be a very private person

if you call moi at work...i may cut you short
you call me and i am in company of someone....i may cut you short
but while i dont subscribe to 1230-430am calls(except4special people)

my best fone conversations are between 10pm and midnight
then i am relaxed......probably on my bed....uninhibited
thats me at my best....

so the thing do you know which one you are
and which one ur partner/boyfriend/shagger/fuckmate is???

cos the key to a good relationship
is understanding which you are and which he/she is
so you balance it out

wit my first i remember dropping little notes in shoes,shirt pockets,pants,bags,books and while he would
find them later and say thank you,grin at moi
and grab moi....he never did such for me....
after a while i didnt bother no more......
he asked why...i said cos u didnt appreciate it.....
he said he does but he just isnt good with words.....

which brings me to........
just cos a person doesnt love you the way you want
doesnt mean they dont love you with all they have

cos the only thing that makes life worth living
is a deep and enduring love

even if for most of us..........
we can only be sure of God's love
and the love of our family..........

but for those of us hoping......s
he/he's out there...........*wink*

Thursday, June 26, 2008


I see people dropping out of blogsville cos of anons and it just amuses me
....there is bliss in ignorance you know....blogging is a release.....
i dont need some asswipe telling me shit....

thats why ONLY bloggers are allowed to drop comments here.....
by the way i hate that word verification shit on some blogs.... even though anyone can read what i write....
i only wanna hear the thots of pple i can write back to....
so anons talk all u like...i cant hear you and it suits me............

Blogsville idols 2008 i am soooooo gonna be in it...
someone needs to teach me how to send my songs in.................
details on opeke's blog and pinksatin's blog

SHAGGER WANTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A good looking Shaggee is horny-in need of a Shagger....

Shagger must be 5'7 or more, dark(she doesn't relish the idea of a pink phallus),goodlooking wit a reasonably sized phallus......

Shagger must understand Shaggee's nipples need not be torn off to prove he can suckle-he only needs to deal with them with the aim to give pleasure.....

Shagger must b nail-less or keep cropped clean nails and hands.Shagger must have perfected the art of cunnilingus-only lips and tongue are allowed on Shaggee's clitoris....

Fingers are off limits to Shaggee's clitoris...job description of Shagger's fingers is to find Shaggee's g-spot..... Please note that gnashers are off limits around Shaggee's genitalia....

Shagger must understand that while Shaggee doesn't expect him to be clean shaven,bushes down dia and in the armpit are so last century......

Shaggee expects to be had in a neat environment....Fresh breath is expected at all times-if in doubt ask Shaggee for tom tom or gum cos she relishes good long kisses......slobbering is not allowed....

Shagger must have perfected the art of changing pace and style but when Shaggee stops or halts a sequence-it may be bcos sequence is doing nothing for her,she is bored or in pain-pain is no gain during the do...

Shaggee doesnt mind being had anywhere as long as no pictures or videos of her are taken/made......This is cos her sex life stays seperate from her workplace,acquaintances,family and friends.......Shaggers who kiss and tell are not welcome to apply............

Interested Shaggers should send in their notice of interest with their needs and preferences.....from the notes sent in,Shaggee will pick a Shagger which may suit her style...

if you are not called,not to worry there is a waiting list....pls note that Shaggee prefers men that can call her up to say lets do this tonight,this morn/week...she likes to play coy and will not suggest a rematch-it is expected he suggests one and many others.....if Shaggee refuses a rematch-u were not good the first tyme....loose her number..........

Please note that sex is sex....Shaggee is not looking for a boyfriend or a husband(yet or thru this means)....if at some point Shagger becomes confused and starts to develop feelings...please inform Shaggee,she may feel the sure to know that if Shaggee develops those feelings,Shagger will be informed......If it suits them both this contract shall end and a relationship shall begin....the idea of going incommunicado or suddenly becoming busy is childish....

If Shaggee calls/texts/mails Shagger please note she is not suggesting a rematch....Shagger should be able to carry on a lively conversation with Shaggee.....Rematch(es) are the sole responsibility of Shagger....Shaggee doesnt see why a friendship can't be maintained with Shagger.....

Please note that in the event a contract is signed now but sometime in the future Shaggee becomes Shagger's sister in-law,friend's wife or some other relationship....Shaggee will acknowledge knowing Shagger-dont act like you dont know Shaggee,but contract cannot be rekindled......

Contract will be terminated if a rematch is not organised in three months....Shaggee will still keep in touch platonically....Shagger is not allowed to starve Shaggee for 3months and expect to rekindle dead fires......

Please note that Shaggee doesnt keep multiple sex partners so the idea of not organising rematches is not fair...Also note that unprotected sex is frowned upon but can be had if the Shagger agrees not to sleep with other women and there is proof he doesnt have hepatitis B and or C(lol-they say it feels better without protection????not so???)

Contract is laible to change that suit both parties....

Communication is essential between both parties........

Whilst this is a joke-some of it is true for the author.....

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

From Tosin Buckor...................

A. Attached or Single?

B. Best Friends?

C. Cake or Pie?

D. Day of Choice?
Sunday-its always restful

E. Essential Item? close to being a bat

F. Favorite Color?
Black!........luv it

G. Greatest accomplishment?
Not sure-hasnt happened yet!!!!!!!

H. Hometown?

I. Indulgences?
Icecream & Chocs

J. January or July?
Jan....the whole year ahead of me!!!!!!!

K. Kids?
Those 3 kids of mine???Still at God's feet!!!!!

L. Life is incomplete without?
Saying thanks to Baba Loke and earth shattering..*cough*.....

M. Marriage date?
.....and be stuck to only one for the rest of mi days????......

N. Number of siblings?
2-both of the opposite sex(but i need to ask me Dad
there may b some little buggers somewhere)

O. Oranges or apples?

P. Phobias or fears?
Little spaces closing up on me....
my face when i do the witch faces on naija

Q. Quotes?

R. Reason to smile?
Me teeth-them dey shine!!!!!!!!!!!

S. Season?
Anything except this darn rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

T. Tag three friends?
i tag
- smaragd
- afrobabe
- enigma

U. Unknown fact about me?
na lie-i'm sure i already told someone...

V. Very favorite store?
I hate to i weird????

W. Worst habit?
Pinching face-farting in public places

X. X-ray or ultrasound?
ultrasound.....dont ask me why.........

Y. Your favorite food
Amala and Ewedu

Z. Zodiac?

Smaragd........this is for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MEME Rules
1. Put Your iTunes/ music player on Shuffle
(i got windows media)

2. For each question, press the next button to get your

After you’ve answered all of the questions, tag 5 other people
and then let them know they’ve been tagged to do the meme

I wanna love you-Akon

Bragging Rights-Freestyle & Blaise

Am i still that special man-PSqaure

My year-Sound Sultan

Jusile-Ruggedman & Druella

Kolo-Mo'hits..........i dey make people kolo!!!!!!!!

So beautiful-Asa(this is on point)

I wanna get close to you-Mo'hits

WHAT IS 2+2?
Temperature-Sean Paul...........*wink*.....

African Queen--2face......she is,cos i am best friends with!!!!!!

Ko si Oba bi Ire-while i like you i cant compare you to Baba Loke...........

After and then-Kuku........hmmmmmmm

For instance-2face

Bodi no be wood-Freeestyle

Eye Adaba-Asa........i guess i dey fly oooooo

No air-Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown.....for real??????

Dont flip-Omotola Ekehinde.........abi make them leave me to go rest......

Tongolo wa for me oooooo

I'm on my way-Ikechukwu......where i dey go?????

Stylee-Jimmy Jatt.........which kain????

Ika o so......

Ok i tag Enigma,Unnaked,Lg,Freeflowingflorida,Freaksho

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I TOLD HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A pal had just lost her mum
at the party to celebrate her life
i saw this dark guy-quite dark-i was intriguied
asked my pal-who is he?
a family friend she said
i kept stealing glances till he noticed
then i stared at him
i could see he was wondering who be dis babe???

hours later he swaggers to our table
not a Denzel swagger but close.....he goes- hi Ibi
i like guys that do their homework,i had also done mine
so i am like hey people meet J-my future husband
for the life of me i had no idea why i said that
but once i had said it-it felt right

dude was taken aback......i just smiled at him
hours later when the last guests had gone and we were done cleaning
i got up to go to bed-he corners me and says
did u mean what u said?he asked?
so i asked him-are u in a relationship now?
no he said
i said yea,i meant it
he goes-are u asking me out?
i said yea!!!!!

Pal & I were scheduled to go back to Uni 2weeks later
we found tyme to hang out and he kept saying he would
*show me pepper*...........
guys who talk like that-CANT DO WACK!!!!!!!!!!
i didnt know that then-i hadnt been wit any one wack
but then i hadnt been with anyone who had promised me pepper
i should have known-not so????

but then again,was that the way to find a husband???
i liked what i saw and i figured if it worked
i would have had my 3 kids

J visits me in Uni 6 months later but before
then he would call every other night-no mobiles in naija then
by then i was sooooo ready to discover his brand of pepper........
when he visited he wanted us to spend the weekend together
but insisted on going to his place which was a 2hr drive
i had no issues with that but we werent gonna get any cabs to take us
he refused so i packed my stuff and we set out

tired and dusty an hour later we were back in my room
i sang------i told u so
we showered,had dinner and settled in

the kisses were good not great
i decided to leave him be
it may get better.........not so?

his touch was ok but not terrific
dude was so spoiling my Denzel fantasy
then the do.....

it was wack.......
he groped,prodded and did the whole slam bang thing...
i pushed him away after a while
i needed to pee i said

went to my pal's room and spent the rest of the night in bliss
in the morning i could sense his anger
i ignored it.....
made him breakfast which he refused
we got ready and set off for his place

his dad's country home(abi na village home)
hadnt been lived in in a while
so first we had to clean,sweep,dust
we took a shower
went to town to get something to eat
he stopped by a drugstore to replenish his cd ration
i was wondering if he had had lessons i didnt know about
cos i didnt know what the cd's were for?????

...........a while later
when his kisses started geting intense
i told him not to repeat the shit he tried yesterday
he looks at me and goes...........
is it cos he didnt blow his top at me leaving
him with blue balls???
u were performing rubbish so i decided to sleep i said
i was not having my vagina battered..........

dont do the bang bang bang i said
first thrust-slow...........
touch,feel,kiss i said
u can pick up pace later....change rhythm............
ok he says
obviously a bad student
so i let him hammer at me a while
he wasnt doing anything for me
and i wasnt lubricated
i wasnt about to have a sore vagina in the morn
stop i said-let me give you fellatio
no he says
he wont give or take oral sex(selfish ass!!!!!)

roll over and sleep i said
u are a lousy fuck
what do u mean????? he said
exactly what i said!!!!!!!!!!

watch movies or hook up with a courtesan
watch the kama sutra or something
when u get better
give me a call

i roll over
ignore his black ass and fell promptly asleep

back to school the next day-he dared to
suggest one for the road
i say no-i aiint about to subject meself
to that shit...........
i get to school and tell my pal-
ur family friend is a lousy fuck
i am definitely not letting him near
my vagina till i feel he has improved........
how will u know he has improved she asked
i said if i let him stew a few months i
expect him to go get lessons somewhere or
mayb when he is more receptive to being schooled

i ignore his calls............
back to Lagos a month later
he finds out i am home,calls me and insults me for 45mins

i am listening without hearing the words
i let him rant and when he is spent,i engage the phone

next day i call him up and ask him to loose my number and address
i am no longer interested in what we have.........
he dares ask me why........

the sex was wack and you fight like a girl

he still calls occassionally
maybe he wants to show me his new skills.....
and to remind me
i wanted to marry him at one tyme
i shudder at the thought that i could have married
such a lousy fuck and a man that fights like a girl

thats the only tyme i was in the hands of a man
who didnt know how to make my animalistic tendencies surface

God has been good to me..............
HE has always sent me guys who are sensitive to my needs
and i theirs.........
while i have had ok sex
i have mostly always had earth shattering sex

ladies i pray thou shall not fall
into the hands of men who didnt have practise with their maids.............LMAO!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

TELL HIM............................

The whole fascination with sex started with mills and boon
i was allowed to start reading them (officially) in SS1...

my first encounter was at 19.....i had by then seen all
those movies we were once prohibited to see.......
I spit on your grave,Sliver,Basic Instinct,Jason's lyrics
i HATED and still HATE porn
its too animalistic for me

it was me first who told me i wasnt expected to just lie
there during the do............
so even though i had seen all those movies
it didnt prepare me for what was expected of me
just cos someone moans doesnt mean you are doing anything
for her/him
i wasnt even moaning
apparently dude understood all the pleasure was on his part

after we started the do........the first two months
i didnt get what the hype was about
so i wasnt letting him have it like he
the first day was kinda bittersweet........
a little pain with the blood and a vagina that felt like
it was swollen
i had to make meself walk aiight when i left his flat
cos i wasnt having his roomates tease my life out

so he said i wasnt expected to just lie there.........
i asked..... what do you want me to do????
he said...get into it-feel it along with me.......
........move your hips.........
whilst i am thrusting.......
lemme show you..........
and so we experimented with each others bodies

it wasnt about being kinky
it was about..........
when i lick u here.......does it feel good????
when i touch you here......does it feel aiight???
do you like it when i do this?

ANY woman can make a man hard just with a look
ANY woman can make a man cum if he gets his phallus into a
warm wet spot...............

but while sex is sex
earth shattering sex is HEADLINE news

lovemaking is special cos being in love with a person
makes every touch SPECIAL

so ladies
the guys are saying na we dey make them think say them
dey do what napoleon couldnt do............
if he is not doing it for you
don't just lie dia and moan only to fake an orgasm

TELL HIM...........

WETIN YOU DEY DO??????????????????

Monday, June 16, 2008


One of my favourite pastimes is sex
thinking about it
reading about it
talking about it

notice i made no mention of doing it
i do like to fuck and be fucked but
i dont need it like i need air

it can be fun just reminiscing about
or fantasising about it

*when his fingers are in me-uhmmmmmmmmm*
*he stayed down there so long i lost count how many tymes i came*
*he filled me up-i could feel him hitting
me belly button on the inside*

every person has a different style
some are aggressive
some are meek
some like the lights on
some like the lights off
foreplay for hours.....
a 2 min man
a 30 min man

it dont matter really what he brings to the table
all that is important is that he is able to pleasure me

no offence guys
it doesnt take a lot to pleasure a man
with babes its different

no wonder mama always said
go the marriage bed undefiled
all u will ever know is ur husband
so whether he can do or not
u are fyne with it
moreover the do is for making babies aiint it????

i should have listened to her
cos i dont care how goodlooking a dude is
dont matter what his bank account reads
dont matter if he worships the ground i walk on
if he cant tap that ass,
make me see stars
make me loose all inhibitions
make his roommate/neighbours mad at my
pleasure me(i promise to return the favour)
and hold me when we are spent..........

he should loose my number.............

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Begging isnt cute

especially when the person begging
is a guy i cant stand

he thinks if he makes himself an ass
you will take pity on him

while it happened that way for someone i know
to date we say it was a case of sympathy love

in my case it just makes me dislike the guy more
cos its either i like you or i dont
begging just aiint cute

so we were journeying home yesterday
and this song comes on the radio
Down on my knees-i'm begging you(Ayo)

Down on my knees, I'm begging you,
Down on my knees, I'm begging you,
Down on my knees, I'm begging you,
Please, please don't leave me

Do you really think she can love you more than me,
Do you really, really think so
Do you really think she can gave you more than me,
Baby I know she won't
Cause I loved you, unconditionally,
I gave you even more than, I had to give
I was willing for you to die,
Cause you were more precious to me, than my own life

Down on my knees, I'm begging you,
Down on my knees, I'm begging you,
Down on my knees, I'm begging you,
Please, please don't leave me

I won't believe, that you really, really,
Wanna leave me, just because of her
Have you forgot about, all the things, we've been through,
She was not the one, who was there for you
I loved you unconditionally,
I gave you even more than, I had to give
I was willing for you to die,
Cause you were more precious to me, than my own life

Down on my knees, I'm begging you,
Down on my knees, I'm begging you,
Down on my knees, I'm begging you,
Please, please don't leave me

Don't leave me, I'm begging,
I love you, I need you, I'm dying, I'm crying, I'm begging,
Please love me
I love you, I love you,
I'm begging, please love me,
I'm dying, I'm crying
Please don't'leave me, no, no, no, no, no

Down on my knees, I'm begging you.
Down on my knees, I'm begging you.
Down on my knees, Down on my knees
I'm begging you, you, you
Down on my knees
Down on my knees
Down on my knees
I'm begging you
Down on my knees
Down on my knees
Down on my knees
I'm begging you

My pal goes he hates the song
how can a woman beg that way?

I say guys too arent allowed to beg
he says guys are
in his words
if it was a guy singing............
the level of begging isnt high enough
he thinks its aiight for a guy to ask
his family AND friends to go along with him
on a begging spree
he is allowed to beg continously till the babe says yes

he should beg till he becomes a nuisance and people go like
haba...gree for the guy now.............(trust naija)

we all laughed
but what's ur take ?
is begging cute?
should guys beg
but ladies be ladies and not beg????

Friday, June 6, 2008


I love to strip when i need to do number two
i go in with a mag,novel,newspaper
and put on my radio/cd(at work my fone)

i love to be as unencumbered as possible
releasing poo can b disturbing

doing number two is a fifteen minute transaction for me
friends and family know that

at work its a different ball game
everyone can see u go into the loo
i try not to go at work
cos i cant do my strip fetish
and i try not to spend as much as 15mins
cos when u work in a dept where there are 4females 22males
u know u can be d butt of a joke

so at work.................
i go in with my make up bag like i need to do my makeup
guys understand u can spend hours doing make up
i then spritz the air every 20secs
i dont want anyone saying

oh the smell
moreover my Grandma says when ur poo smells real bad
u are eating good stuff

i i mess up the air real bad when i go

oops i do need to go NOW

catch u all mon
have a splendid weekend u lot

now if u read this to the end
and u will be back here
obviously u love me
if u finished reading this and u wont be back

u no dey shit???????????????


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wish u...................

I have this friend
whenever she gets holed up with her man,
she would come out looking ''ravished'' with
this ''cat got the cream look''

and for days after she would smile for no reason
i've always known it's cos she was remembering............

when u have had a good one passing u remember stuff and
a warm feeling washes over you..........
people just might catch u smiling at nothing in particular.........

So i caught ''How Stella got her groove back''
again two days ago
and even though she had a lot of issues
with falling in love with a 20yr old

you could see her glowing
and smiing to herself sometymes..........
ohhhhhhhh the flashbacks....................

though, how many 40 yr olds can flaunt
a bod like that??????

i wish u all a man
that brings a tear to ur eye when u *cum*

and a *workout* that keeps u smiling
and glowing for days after............*wink*

i wonder why that kinda feeling cant come in a box??????