Sunday, February 13, 2011

rude,iron,crib,mum,fat,house,eyes only

She's in the living room
explaining every scene of the movie as if my brother is deaf and blind
i would love to shut her up
but wetin concern me
i guess i'm just irritated cos she didnt notice big sister Ibi and greet
the dumb spawn of my mother didnt greet either
so is it her fault?

i don enter my room....lock my door
i will punish him for said crime later....

in between
i truly am an evil sister.....
in the last year
2 steam irons have found their way to the scrap yard
i dont trust my brother
things electrical always go bad around him

its exasperating cos the asswipe has a degree in electrical electronics from an obodo oyibo university

you people should sha tell him

i have replaced gen,pumping machine,fan,iron,since he rolled into town
i will castrate him if anything happens to my kettle,fridge and microwave

oh...hehehehehe i recently bought a new iron and i am hiding it in my room

went to say hi to my pal at her place
nice crib
really nice

i'm not speaking to my mum
matter of fact i think she owes me an apology
the way it happens-when we both get upset
we dont talk for 2 weeks
thats like her limit
then her eldest sister calls and mandates me to call mum and apologise

this tyme i will also demand my own apology

if she wont give it

i prefer to stay dis-daughtered

i wonder why birthing me gives her the right to dole out shit to me and i am expected to lap it up

this text message whey she send to me dat day ehn(whey dey vex mi)
i will make her apologise for it o
either directly or indirectly.......

all these fat in my belle(2inches of fat)
please go to my bum
neither I nor Dee likes dis belly fat
we both prefer yansh fat
truth be told
na me dey find yansh fat
he loves Ibi's ass as it is
and considering i gained a few kg's recently
ibi's ass is looking gud!!!!!!!!!!!
crunches here i come.....

so Dee teased me about not registering for bba6
are you worried i may be worried about you getting horny and fucking some dude in the house he asked
my job i said
not a gud enuff excuse he said....
i know you Ibi
kisses and mayb blowjobs is as far as you will go
i grinned.....

got me wondering though...if i really went into the house
would i stay unfucked by anoda cos Dee might watch/hear
or cos Mama Ibi might watch/hear
quite frankly Dee-much as i love you and we both know i will stay unfucked in the house(if i enter)cos i love love love making love to/with you...
its the mama Ibi situation dat will keep my pants up
cos if i stray i know you will forgive me
she wont............

some outfits i buy
just to wear for Dee
if its really short and its not a pair of shorts
its just for Dee's eyes
if i've got mi boobs spilling out
its just for Dee's eyes

i recently allowed Akin talk me into these 2 gowns
both short
but.....not too short
a little more than i would normally do............
but i find that i'm looking forward to getting my sexy self into them clothes and getting *toasted*