Friday, February 29, 2008

First times.......

Was reading Nyemoni's blog..
first tymes.......

I guess i wanna blog about my first day at school..........
the one i remember will be secondary/high school
i have no recollection of my first day at primary school

i had this weird desire to school as far away from home as possible
so i guess i looked at the map of Nigeria and from Lagos........
i chose to school at Federal Government College Sokoto
My uncle was a pilot at the then Nigerian Airways so i knew getting there wouldn't be a problem-he had two sons there-so i was looking forward to being the female cousin

I didnt get in........
I got into Federal Government College Minna
I really was tiny then and i was 11
so i got my period on the night before i left for school chapter of my me
my mother still cringes..........

ok-two stories in one
first period-first day at school

was watching a stuff all packed
felt funny
went off to the ladies
saw blood................
at first i drew a blank
then it ocured to me
Ohhhhhhhh now i get to be a woman?
went off to tell Gramps...he smiled and sent me off to Grandma
She was amazed-kept wondering aloud why it had to be tonight of all nights
no sanitary towels at home
Granma didnt need it no more
My uncle went to the store....closed

i guess its crude but i had to make do with the cloth
remember how Grandma did it before sanitary towels?
Grandpa came in after a while and suggested tissues
so grandma showed me how to use the tissue

the whole neighbourthood would have known i got my period
i was walking like i had something between my thighs
i did
try telling an 11 yr old she had to walk like she had nothing btw her legs..............

then came the talks...............
u are going off to boarding school
be wary of boys
now u have ur period u can become pregnant if they touch u down there
dont let NO ONE touch u down there
Gramps first then Grandma
they called my parents and i got the talk over the phone as well
Mum,Dad,Mum's eldest sis,Uncle the Doc finally my Aunt the chaperon
must have got to bed about midnight

off to school the next morning after kissing Gramps goodbye
(loved to run my little palm over his stubble)
miss u Gramps................

got to the park
stores still not open
Grandma and my aunt went with me
who lets an 11yr old travel from Lagos to Minna by road alone?
not my family

Stopped at...have no idea...Aunt says come along...
we went to the ladies after finally getting some sanitary towel
she showed me what to do
i still walked liked i had something between my legs
it was uncomfortable in my opinion
i just wanted to yank it out and keep changing my pants once they were soaked

I love sleep and it loves me too
i have no idea what the scenery was
i spent every min that wasnt spent wit my nose in my novel sleeping
must have been a twelve hour journey in my opinion
at every stop,my aunt and I had to check down there.............

Every min i spent seated was bliss cos of.....u know what
Finally got to Minna then to the school
we had to look through a list for our names
my name was put against yellow house
i was still debating the idea of I in a yellow outfit
the School's Guidance counsellor who had being contacted
by my Aunt the Chaperon-my Aunt visited the school soon after we got the notification that i was gonna be in Minna-she met this nice family who put her through and she suggested or they suggested they would look after me during my stay in school
nice family....

The Guardian Cou...lets say Mr O comes up and says nooooo
strike that off...........She will be in green house
i felt yea someone after my heart
Along comes this plump beautiful lady-he pulls me towards her and says
shes from Lagos and she is your responsibility
she R was in green house,he needed for me to be in the same house as she
My very own school mum-wasnt elated but being the school daughter of the Labour prefect turned out to be bliss

It almost became a family thing-Male labour prefect then decided to be my school dad
i said no-he liked the fact that i had a mouth on me
i was easily one of the smallest in the whole school then
this tiny thing who had a BIG mouth and wasnt afraid to talk back to ANYONE

I spent a lot of my tyme with Gramps and i was encouraged to say just about anything
so it was an eye opener to know i had to shut up if i didnt want to be eligible for punishment from the seniors

i had immunity all thru my first year in school
so i guess i got worse
all that tyme the seniors in SS 2 were plotting...........
they couldnt wait for my immunity to wear off cos wear off it did in my second year
now i have to blog about my first punishment.......

how did i go from first day to first period to first year in school?
R=school mum's eyes almost popped out of their sockets when she found the towels in my luggage
she helped me get thru the next few days
it was like having a big sis
which is cool(i dont have a female sibling)

After the introduction to school mum i said good bye
to Grandma & Aunt the Chaperon
She was being all clingy and i wasnt having that
i felt your job is done u have seen me here safely
can u please go?
i couldn't wait to go explore my new surroundings

went off with school mum after Grandmum&Aunt the Chaperon
had settled into Mr O's home
they had to spend the night-couldnt make the trip back to Lagos
was asked to spend the night with them
i choose to go check out my new abode

Hung around school mum the rest of the day while she handled her duties
slept in her bed-i have no idea where she passed the night
next day i got the bed beside hers
she made sure she hung around till i fell asleep though
t'was a tad colder than Lagos
had a dreamless sleep
i forgot to mention how disgusted i was by all the other new comers like meself who burst in tears once their folks had to go

stay tuned for other firsts.......

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