Wednesday, February 20, 2008


O calls me yesterday to tell me about his befuddlement
He works for company V and gets a mouth watering offer from company M
he drops a letter for company V and is to start at company M 3rd march
thereby giving V two weeks notice
yesterday company M calls him up and says if he doesnt start work today 21st
the job goes to someone else........
So he has to come in to company V today and tie up loose ends since he cant work till the 29th no more
he really wants to work for M-more work load,better pay,car,experience,exposure-the works
but he just got slightly amazed over the *if he doesnt come today 21st he looses the offer*
i'm thinking some big shot@M wants his brother to have the job
havent spoken to him but he said he will be at M today

I just started with company A in feb
yesterday i got an offer from company E
*mouthwatering offer*
'cos i am going...........
just feels sad that just when i was building bonds at A
E sauntered in with this yummy deal

Last night i had a dream
O & I in bed together-just comforting each other
no intimacy.............
thing is -it couldn't ever happen
he is crazy in love with J and much as i love O
it's platonic
Does my dream have anything to do with the fact
that we are both changing jobs
both offers are contract positions
but i am thinking if we can both work our asses off for the next 2yrs
we get to stay dont we?


Rayo said...'s simple dilemmas.

ibiluv said...


Freaksho said...
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Freaksho said...

now that was freaky.
no people names or company names??just ALPHABETS???man, trying to read and understand that post,my mind got flashbacks of further mathematics and shut the corner of the of the office rocking back and forth and sucking my thumb.

ibiluv said...

yeah alphabets for anonymousity
V(incumbent firm) is now offering O(my pal) more than M(firm he was gonn ago to) is offering...

i told him to leave his black tush at his incumbent firm-they are offering more-they must like his black ass,y leave for M?they seem to have politics in play anyways...

i never was very good at maths -i only ever managed to scale thru so furthermaths...was gibberish to me

are u sure u would rather suck on a thumb???*innocent look*

Freaksho said...

...innocent look,eh?

ibiluv said...