Monday, February 4, 2008

Bus Ride

As unprepared as we were
i still expected a miracle as always
but Ghana is hosting to win apparently
we lost
thank God for the penalty
them for beat us 2-0

a lot of stuff goes on in people's lives
I enjoy bus rides in this city of lagos(sometymes)
one gets to hear all sorts

there was this woman,her grievance was that the fees lastma charges traffic offenders is too high
they should bring it to the barest minimum so people will not find it hard to pay
i disagree-the whole idea is no one should disobey traffic rules,if there is a steep fee to pay,people will learn to be cautious,why make it cheap?
so people can knowingly do damage to other road users just cos the fine is easy to pay?

one man's problem-atms
he picked a card
didnt change the original pin
which in my opinion is easily accessible to "any" hacker
so he uses his atm at an eatery
where he said a software programme was installed to take down pin numbers and card numbers of all atm cards used on it
i dont know how he came by the info.....
someone somewhere hacked into the system
he lost 20,000 naira
he went to the bank to complain-they showed him the transaction-no foul play detected
he has confisticated the atm card
he doesnt need it anymore-he says
he cant afford to loose money he didnt spend
i know people do all sorts with atm machines&stolen cards
i think maybe his money wouldn't have been tampered with
if only he had followed a simple instruction
"change your pin(personalise it)as soon as u receive your card"

another woman's grouse-she's been on leave
she noticed a lot of families seem to have men and women who stay at home all day and seemingly have no source of income but have what everyone else that has an 8-6(not9-5) thrive for....'the good life'

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Afrobabe said...

wow...Identity theft can be a bitch...imagine hard earned money being stolen just like that...and the banks investigation at all

ibiluv said...

i guess cos it wasnt a stolen card and he didnt personalise his pin,there really wasn't anything teh bank could do,he did go to the bank and they accessed the information for the transaction-the blame is his really....though it's not fair that he lost the money...but life aiint fair