Saturday, September 1, 2007

Anyone agree?

saw a movie yesterday Deathwatch
and i got miffed
i know only a few words in German
how come there was no translation
to explain to those of us who would have liked
to see,hear what the guy was warning them about????
please translate once you speak a different language
anyone agree?

The only way to rid yourself of temptation
is to yeild to it
or substitute with something more tempting
(culled from the movie After the Sunset)
anyone agree?

we like people for their qualities
love them for their defects
anyone agree?

guys like.......
a rough touch
sexy women
the "view"
first time inside feel
love to be told what to do
love it wild and animalistic
anyone agree?

to get a guy coming back for more....
inspire a repeat(of what?)
pay attention(to what?)
have fone sex
anyone agree?

more later..............


UnNaked Soul said...

agree to first.

agree to second, has always been my philosophy... love after the sunset *wink*

I love people for how they make me feel... nothing else... for now :-D

quickies? check
sexy women? check
rough touch? if she knows how to do it *wink*
what's the view?LOL
first time inside feel? HELL CHECK!
love it wild & animalistic? if she knows what she's doing... Check

fone sex? depends on the mood; check
inspire a repeat? depends on who.

nice post? check

Senator said...

Nice post, love visiting Ib's blog.

Repeat the action
pay attention to him

ibiluv said...

@unnaked....u inspire me
@senator...u make me smile

rethots said...

....i luv the way your mind works.

ibiluv said...

@rethots....comments like this make us work hard at blogging.........*wink*