Tuesday, September 11, 2007

From Nyemoni

Accent: Nigerian i guess
Booze: Does half a glass of baileys with lots of ice at parties count?
Chore I Hate: Ironing
Dogs/Cats: Dogs-no!!!!!!!Cats?love them
Essential electronics: Mobile,TV,Radio,Dvd,Laptop,Fridge,Microwave,Kettle,Hair Dryer
Favourite Perfume: Simply Irresitible by Givenchy & Ck in2u by ck
Gold/Silver: Gold
Hometown: Ikereku Egba OkeOna Ogun State
Insomnia: Never!
Job title: Administration
Kids: A girl and twin boys(all I need) will start on them next year.*wink*
Living arrangements: comfy apartment
Most admired trait: I tune off when people badmouth or bore me
Number of sexual partners: good girls NEVER tell
Overnight hospital stays: several Typhoid Fever&Ulcer attacks when i was younger
Phobia: Povertyphobia
Quote: "The best amongst you is he who can control his anger" Hadith
Religion: Islam
Siblings: 2- (2 brothers)
Time I usually awake: 5:30a.m
Unusual talent: "sleeptalk"
Vegetable I refuse to eat: none comes to mind..
Worst habit: Dillydallying
X-rays: To extract a tooth at 13&18 and to get admitted to sec sch&uni
Yummy foods I make: Vegetable&Ogbono soup,Yam Porridge
Zodiac sign: Libra


bighead said...

Accent: Nigerian I guess

You guess?

exschoolnerd said...

lol at poverty phobia...we all have dat oh!

ibiluv said...

@bighead...what can i say?*wink*
@exschoolnerd...dont we all?LOL