Friday, September 7, 2007

A little of this and that

The most stupid part of a man's anatomy is his phallus
it has a head
no brain
lives in front of two nuts
and lives around the corner from an arsehole

Women want EVERTHING
Men want THREE things
as long as u can feed him
fuck him
AND keep quiet
most men would die happy

A woman knows within the first five minutes
of meeting a man especially
after a handshake
if she will sleep with a guy

the happiest people make the best of everything
they dont have the best of everything

what lies behind us and before us
is nothing compared to
what lies within us
fan it into flames

it takes a real man to fall in love
allowing someone else control his feelings

anyone can father a child
but only a man can be a father to a child

men lie all the time...i was at Tony's home
women tell the biggest's your baby

it doesnt matter
where,how,when you meet
its what keeps you together that is the mystery

there are two kinds of men
those that like the chasing
those that like the having

the only difference between an expert lover
and one who is merely adedquate
is the degree with which he/she can perceive
and satisfy a partners's deepest needs

luck is when preparation meets opportunity


Senator said...

there are two kinds of men
those that like the chasing
those that like the having - good news

So how many kind of women do we have, what are they? lol

luving it

ibiluv said...

@senator....not sure how many kinds or what types.......
u are!!!!!!!

Senator said...

Well, Ibiluv, Senator will always help, here it goes:
Men divide women into two groups: 'beddable and weddable.' They probably won't marry a girl who sleeps with them on the first date or two (I stand to be corrected!!!)

ibiluv said...