Wednesday, September 26, 2007


The fire that is put in a child's palm by his father will not hurt him

A man who wants to lead other men will see spirits on his way

A man who wants to swallow an ugala seed must first consider the size of his anus

No father sends his child to the market to buy salt then invokes rain on him

Lets find a black goat before it becomes dark

When an animal feels an itch on its back,it scratches on a tree
but a man calls his fellow man
(proverbs from ultimate warriors-naija movie)
yea-i watched it and even wrote down the proverbs

U have no business marrying someone with emotional,
psychological,physical features u cant work with
then expect him or her to change

Just 1 cigarette narrows the artery,raises the blood pressure and puts an extra strain on the heart for 1hr30mins-do smokers know this?

saw the movie
escape from sobibor
again a few days ago
i am just glad
i wasnt part of all that inhumanity


Senator said...

what if MOGOF (marry one get one free) applies. This was enacted by National assembly to encourage men to marry inoder to reduced the number of single women. and you don't know anything about the free babe.

ibiluv said...

@senator...just cos it may b a possibility to marry one get one free still does not mean a person should subject two people(the couple in question)to a lifetime of misery

Waffarian said...

heheheheh My brother collects naija proverbs, I'll be sure to pass these on to him!