Tuesday, September 4, 2007


an oriki loosely translated
is an ancestral song/rhyme that is used to perk up one's spirits(i guess)
well i hear mine when i'm down in the dumps and my gran tries to make me smile
she always succeeds(u would soon know why)
anyone know the translation of ORIKI?
educate me please

read on someone's blog a while ago
cant remember whose(sorry) about her love for her oriki
i actually know mine
and if u believe i know the following off-hand
then u can believe anything

Ota Odo
omo arodede
omoola sowan(a child of wealth is scarce-priceless,not common)LOL
omo amula eleji pokowoo
omo ola lo
omo aribi dege
ola potiti ola onipekun
afi aagara ola dami
aya mi pupa kosi nile(my fair-skinned wife isnt home)
koje kinse alejo(so i cant see off guests)
dudu ile komo obe se(my dark-skinned wife who is home,is a bad cook)
ijanpere koje kin mu isu loko(i cant make it to the farm to get yam bcos of ijanpere)
isu wa nile ko si obe(i have yam at home but there's no knife)
mofi iru yo lota(i used dadawa to season it)

cant translate it all but the part i have always loved is translated
reminds me of an interview i had a few years back
she asked for my star-i am libran
she also asked for my hometown(odd questions dont u think?)
soon as i said Abeokuta in Ogun state.....
she said......."Abeokuta people are lazy"
stupid me i actually agreed
but u would agree too if u had an oriki such as mine
drummed into ur ears before u could speak the language
soon as i could speak the language
the meaning of the last few verses always made me laugh
my people must be mighty lazy

ijanpere by the way is a crazy-ass ant type insect
whose sting in large doses is deadly even to man
so.if they are on the way to ur farm
u try to kill them
go back home(like my people do)
or get ready to be buried cos they will swarm u like bees

sorry........long post
anyone think i am lazy?????????
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