Tuesday, September 18, 2007


How mad do you get?

I once heard of a man who burst a vein in his eye
cos he got sooooooooo mad at his wife
i wonder what she did?

but really how mad is mad?
mad enuff to hit?
mad enuff to kill?
mad enuff to maim?
mad enuff to hurt?
madf enuff to insult?

i learnt a long time ago to control my anger
then i developed the art of delivering missles in mails,texts,calls
so i am not tempted to hit,maim,kill,hurt
(was never allowed to perfect the act of maiming with my younger ones)
i never learnt the art of fighting either
i am as the french will say
Je suis mince
i dont have a large frame
so i refuse to allow anyone annoy me to a lava producing stage
(as i no fit fight)
to this day it baffles me
why did i not join the world of karate and judo in uni?
my roommate had a brown belt in judo

ironically,some people just know exactly what to do/say
to turn you into a human volcano
i actually feel my blood boil at such instances......

its sooooooo easy to fly into a rage and hurl insults at a person
that gets me that mad
fortunately or unfortunately
i ONLY say the word sorry to people.....
who are ill,bereaved,have lost something.........
hardly ever to anyone who got the end of my tongue
cos when i do it(hurl it)
either to ur face or via whatever medium......

so those who see me keeping mute..................

"the gentility of a cat is not an act of cowardice"


bighead said...

u sure none of your text/call/mail-based missiles could kill, main or hurt? Words can be very hurtful too, you know.

Senator said...

some relationships and marriage have come to a stand still thro text/call/mail-based missiles.

ibiluv said...

the whole idea is to hurt/maim/kill
i just prefer texts/calls/mails
so i dont burst a vessel in my eye

UnNaked Soul said...

lol @ bursting a vessel...
i take my anger out by playing sarcasm... i can be quite dramatic... lol

badderchic said...

Burst his whaaat?

rethots said...

Haha, the very trouble with thinkers (the pen is surely mighter than the sword).

YEs oh, if you ain't sure of winning the fight what you trying to prove? Win the fight your own way. The PEN. *winks*

ibiluv said...

@unnaked.......i can visualise you laying down the sarcasm......

@badderchic.....dearie....he did

@rethots.....the pen can cause a war........*wink*