Wednesday, August 29, 2007


What keeps a relationship strong?
Sharing goals and interests
Sharing tasks
Daily Exchanges

i agree with whoever coined this
but the one i agree with the most is the last one
i personally agree with a quote i saw on my mum's friend's keyring
"never allow a man's mind to wander,it is too small to do so,it'll get lost"
i was amazed when i saw that and i was about 16-but it stuck
and years later i do say i agree with it

it is true that a man will cheat on u,
if he wants to,even if he is tied to ur apron strings
i just like to be in CONSTANT touch with whomever i date
so his mind doesnt "wander"
i like daily excahnges-made easier these days with technology
emails,calls,texts,mms......... u dont have to visit daily

the daily visit was necessary in uni
where would he rather spend his after school hours,if not with u?
my uni was non residential,so we had privacy!!!!!!!
(to do what with,i have NO idea "WINK")
except if u had the kinda guy who liked to drink
(we had no clubs,funspots so guys found solace in bars)
then he would hang out with his drinking buddies
poor u,when they are done,u would have to feed them all
moreover,he was sure to get fed in ur apartment
why miss out on a good meal thats free?LOL

i guess they are no sure tricks to having a good relationship
i've heard u have to be the perfect person to find the perfect partner
but i do believe in a relationship where.......
Trust,Communication,Intimacy,Humour,Sharing goals,Sharing tasks,Daily exchanges
the couple will go from strength to strength


bighead said...

I'm sure all that is necessary for a good relationship but sometimes the whole "daily" thing might put someone who is more of an loner off a bit.

Could you redefine "intimacy"

ibiluv said...

@bighead....intimacy in my opinion is what works for the couple,a picnic alone,a movie on the sofa,whatever....its just something you share alone-just the two of u,not everyone defines intimacy as intercourse

ibiluv said...

@bighead...loner?what if "she" is the "one" do u be lonesome around someone u MAY spend the rest of YOUR life with???????

bighead said...

Even couples need space sometimes. Some, more than others

rethots said...

"...i've heard u have to be the perfect person to find the perfect partner..." No ma'am, you don't have to be the perfect person.....rather, you have to be you to find the other (who's also not perfect) and together you both achieve perfection.

ibiluv said...

@bighead.......i agree...

@rethots.........actually what i agree to now is a relationship is a commitment to an imperfect person to achieve perfection(if perfection is possible in humans)