Friday, September 28, 2007


Is it true?
that it is nice to date artistic people?

my ex is a graphic atrist and truth be told
he did see beauty in everything..............

someone said to me recently
she has always wanted to meet a painter
because of their ability to see beauty in everything
then capture it and leave it for all to see
(ok,i am a fraud--got it from a movie,Cherry Crush)

another graphic artist friend who whilst
working in an advertising agency
once told me i lie for a living so i guess i am a good liar
but he did also see beauty in everything

so it has occurred to me

artists see beauty in everything

any contrary opinion?


Rayo said...

Not only do they see the beauty, but they also see the hidden truths that the normal human eye cannot see.

ibiluv said...

i concur babe

rethots said...

Hmmm, i listen.

ibiluv said...

@rethots......they are pretty deep people..they seem to reach into ur soul...*wink*