Tuesday, June 12, 2007


i listened to the blogsvilleidols contestants and i think
Chicala is HOT!!!!
Abujababe ROCKS!!!
Lurlur was CUTE!!!
Dscribe can SING!!!
Bobby Taylor was REFRESHING!!!
Tminx was ON POINT!!!!
Idemmili was COOL!!!!
Nigerican was SWEET!!!
Mimi had it GOING!!!
Everyone loves a naija girl was GOOD!!!
Naijadude made my HEART SKIP!!!!
Sparkle was FABULOUS!!!
Kid made me SMILE!!!
I'm a babe was LUVLY!!!
i am luving it..............keep rocking idols...........

1 comment:

Nigerican said...

Thanks babe, u're awsomer( yes i said it lol) for thinkin i rock.