Sunday, June 3, 2007

ramblings of my mind

Anybody ever get insomnia? Bet u would HATE me
I never do.......get insomnia
yea sometimes I am awake if i am thinking about stuff or doing stuff, but usually I am awake by choice. And my dreams are usually an extension of my tots so I enjoy them except when I have to fight off some old toothless woman.......(any one get one of those dreams?)here in naija if u have some problem it is probably some sister,aunt,grandmother,mother,uncle,friend,cousin,co-worker who is debarring you from success and he/she probably comes to u in sleep zone to finish off what he/she started in your life....don’t indulge myself in such tots...
He sure is alive aiint He? Yea!!!!!

I have this penchant for giving names to guys I when I am gisting about him with my peeps other people around don’t know who I am talking about, a guy with a name like abdul sule would be called abd,dul or sul by me, this name I would store against his number on my phone, it would appear as such in my diary and yea it would appear as such on my blog. Yea i like 3 or 4 letter names. Lol

Am i aggressive? my mum and closest friend say i am especially to guys i don’t like!!!!!!!!! but, thing is, y should i be nice to a guy if he is PISSING me off??????? say i meet a guy, we exchange numbers and just cos calls are free the ASSWIPE calls me at he on drugs????????????
only family, my boo(my closest friend-did i mention he is male, I am attracted to him but i don’t wanna spoil a good friendship so i am keeping my claws off him) and my current ykw(you know who) is allowed to call me that early and it better be good...else i will put my phone on silent and go back to my dream..........part of my aggression stems from the fact that i am 4"11 but i would swear that i am 5"2 i don’t like being treated small so i guess a little aggression saves me from the treat her like a kid just cos she is small syndrome. I would maim anyone who dares describe me a sho………….. i cant bring myself to finish the word. lol

I am extra NICE to those i lurve.......

sum times i hate being single, other times i enjoy the freedom of singlehood,
say i wanna catch a good movie and my peeps have dates(i hate those gals)or when it rains and i am home alone, i crave a partner but when i remember u usually have to feed a man. I love singledom (yea i hate cooking ...i CAN rustle up a good meal and i aiint anorexic but i do hate slaving over the cooker.............

more later



Nyemoni said...

Welcome to blogging...........

femme said...

just noticed that you are a virgin blogger like me.
will come avisiting regularly

ibiluv said...


@femme...yea...will be be urs too