Monday, June 11, 2007


it rained most of the day yesterday
we had breakfast and started gisting
and cause it rained a long while we talked about a whole load of stuff
one of the stuff we talked about was what does it takes to arouse a guy/gal
i say, a woman is aroused by touch (aiint)phallus arent good looking so u have to touch a woman to get her juices flowing but a guy gets aroused by looking or thinking about
so my gist mate(male cuz-Kaz) says he knows some gals whose juices will flow just by some guy walking into the room and i think that possible?
when i was dating the love of my life(LOML) my first!!!!!!!! ..stopped dating some ten years ago but i am still attracted to him...thing is when ever he came into a room i felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand but juice flow?nah
but i guess we all are different...............

does everyone has a married ex who thinks he can come shag u?
why do men do dat?
if i wasnt good enuff to be ur wife why would i wanna be ur mistress?

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Nigerican said...

I have an engaged ex who thinks he can come shag me( i like that word shag lol).Oh well theres no shagging for him here. Vote Nigerican on tuesday ok love .Ciao