Saturday, June 9, 2007


not Idibia
i am two faced
sensible ibi and naughty ibi
i love it when a guy calls me ibi
its sooooooo hmmmmmm(naughty ibi..always horny and it rains everyday now,so not helping my hormones at all,they are raging like hell)
i hate it when a guy gives me a nickname,i have ten names choose one(sensible ibi)
i love both sides of ibi they balance each other out
naughty would wanna do any guy that has large hands and feet.u know big feet and ...but the size doesnt really matter,what matters is if a guy knows what to do with his whatdoucallit that matters to me but the sensation of a sensibly sized phallus is nice
sensible ibi likes to do the go to the marriage bed undefiled thing
more later