Sunday, June 30, 2013

Belated May

I really have no excuses for may

i'm truly sorry peeps

I'll make up for it

so for some reason I'm not worked up about bba the chase

y'all know how I like my reality shows

I guess its because naija performed badly last year

ola and his pal went out too early and I refuse to speak ill of the dead

all I see is dem peeps should watch out for selly

dat girl is there for the moolah

as for stupid betty

continue enjoying yaself

I'm no hypocrite

I love sex

but I'm fabulously discreet

I've had my fair share of fuck-buddies night stands and whatnots

so when a babe goes in to the big brother house and has sex with some random dude from another country she may never see again......

I know its entertainment for us

but I do have a problem with it cos its on camera for every one to assume or see

I'm a tad traditional about that

she may fuck every dude in the house so long as there is no proof.......wink

but when u go under the sheets.....we can all conclude girl....

so I know someone who tends to drop off her kid at her mum's on Sunday with the maid then picks up the tot Friday evenings

he's a handful

first and foremost---my issues is her mum is older hence handling a toddler is way more tiring for her-my opinion
and why drop him off for 5 days and nights a week?
she lives 10mins away from her mom

i think its bullshit
but if her mom is okay with it and cant/wont complain
dats fine

but i don't think its healthy that her kid is away from her 5nights a week

he's your kid -don't matter how much of a handful he is
he is your responsibility not your mum's

my two pence

ok I started this post before betty was evicted

seems shenanigans under the sheets aren't what its about

she and beau are both out

good riddance

oh and by the way-still on bba
selly has had her share of shenanigans under the sheets
is it just me or just nando just ignore her now???

did I ever tell you about the massive crush I used to have on banky w?

had a fling with some dude about that time and he could never make me cum

didn't matter what he did-I had to minister to myself to get off

I know I wasn't really into him

why did I have a physical relationship with him y'all are asking???

sometimes I get horny and my vibrator just doesn't cut it and if I'm not in a relationship I can get myself a fling

but I was soooooo into banky then

dude used to say -please think of him (banky) so you will cum

at least for once-it will be nice to have you (ibi) cum while I (dude)  am pumping away

needless to say -the fling fizzled away

dude still professes how I was the best thing between his sheets

but all I remember was some guy pumping away and me making a lotta noise just to get him to feel good about himself and cum and roll off me

mwah y'all

oh by the way I'm listening to R & BW as I type this
still love him
he's so fucking fine
but I've actually never fantasized about him
my fantasies are about Dee and Idris Elba

I've seen him walk past me (banky w) a couple of times at concerts and whatnots
and on every occasion I froze in my tracks
couldn't even work up a hello can I take a picture?

I like him
love his music
but I prefer to like/love him from he doesn't know Ibi exists land...................wink


mizchif said...

LOL. I love you Ibi #dazall

Used to have that same crish on Banky but it has long since fizzled.
Still love his music though.

ibiluv said... you right back babe

#no homo#

same on fizzled crush but me love his music too