Sunday, November 17, 2013



where you carry waka?
my people............. me sef I taya
I dey this gidi o
dey chase money up and down

how I for do?

life is good... we dey pray make e better
work is aiight...that can always be better too
sex is fabulous as always
my family is good...mum just keeps getting old people's illnesses

one day she's cold
another day-her chest hurts
next its her knee
then you always have to tell her again and again something you already told her
if I didn't know any better I would think she has pregnancy brain

its worse for me cos Dee has it too...pregnancy brain

I tell him something in the morning and by afternoon he's calling to ask me about it

all I can do is roll my eyes and wonder why my partner and my mum are growing old on me at the same time

its okay to talk to family isn't it?
my issue is I've always been a bad gossip-I'm also a terrible liar
I always always tell gossipee what we gossipers gossiped about in her/his absence

so the gossip got to me so I told gossipee what we had gossiped about without naming names
well she's has taken a stance and everyone concerned believes there's anger in the reaction
I on the other hand couldn't  care less
cos she did as we wanted/expected
weda the reaction was borne out of anger or of realisation doesn't affect my orgasm later tonight

Dee thinks I should  have held my piece
I told him she's family-she can agree or disagree or disagree to agree
after all that is said and done
it takes a village to raise a child
and we the village have spoken

gonna do my blog rounds now

cant say if I'll be back here tomorrow or next month or in another 8 months
but I'll be back



Toinlicious said...

Family drama is takes patience :)

Welcome back

Fluffycutething said...

Lol envying you and the fabulous sex! Don't ask why lmao

NoLimit said...

LOL!!! Should I say welcome back/ At least you keep in touch once in a while! Glad to know all is well with you.
Lol @ your mum and partner growing old on you!

divadivine said...

I love your blog!

Rhapsody said...

Its good that life is good and your sex is better.

You can talk about whatever you like, try though to refrain from gossiping. My grandmother always said, "don't say behind someone's back you cannot say in their face, and if you can say it in their face don't waste time saying it anywhere but there face, that way the story stays the same."