Thursday, April 25, 2013


So in the spirit of a post a month

i'm here

how have you all been?

Dee has been lethargic all week
i say take your vitamins every morning

he says... will it work?

i say ...just try... and in a week if you still yawn after every sentence

we'll both know you are pregnant

we both lolled at that

i love kids even though i can only keep up with them for a couple of minutes
they soon tire me out and i need a chair to strap them in or a play pen to drop them into

i most definitely love kids who do enjoy their own company

sometimes i wonder how i'll cope when i eventually bring forth mine
then i remind myself

i'll have a live-in nanny and if my kid is anything like me...they will be pretty easy to manage

i wanna believe that mom wasnt trying to be patronising when she said i was a pretty easy child

so whew...looking forward to birthing children who shall stress me not...

everyone keeps reminding me
nectar is going sour.have them kids now

help me ask them if they will assist me with baby food,clothes,diapers,cost of a fees etc

truth be told..i'm not emotionally and financially ready for a child...emphasis on emotionally

so i'll have a live-in nanny....where did i state: i wont be a hands-on mum?

as for being a fabulous wife that slaves in the kitchen?

i dont even like to eat

Dee tends to say.. i wanna eat ... then i'll say...lets go to the kitchen...i'll keep you company

does it matter who does what?

we eat and thats that

when ever he leaves it to me to decide when my body needs nourishment?

i end up not eating anything

well cos i tend to say

i'm not hungry Dee

so i snack on an apple, some grapes, maybe a mango...or some ice cream and tobleron
or some grilled chicken and french fires

He always says whatever happened to eba or amala or beans or rice or whatever

so...i'll say well if you are making it,i'll keep you company and we'll eat together

oh well...its great to be in love with a man who doesnt care who has what role

the rains are here
i hate the rains

always a chore to get to anywhere

bad water clogged roads
traffic dat drains the life blood outta you

oh dear

i cant wait for it all to end

i truly enjoy getting older
allows me to get away with a lotta crap
i tend to wave my birth certificate in people's noses

at my age...i'm entitled to a life
by my rules

especially cos i'm dependent on noone

i also enjoy being selfish half of the time

marriage and children will make me selfless

so i wanna enjoy my selfish years for as long as i can

truth be told

my parents did a bad job of the whole shingdig...i guess its one of the reasons i dont care for the institution

i guess...someday.....someone will change my mind and i'll be ready for the journey

until then......i love me alone..... a lot

p:s...i love you Dee.....

see y'all in May


Fluffycutething said...

I also lolled at the pregnancy thingi!

You both seem a good blend. Though I have been told that expectations change after the formal commitment of marriage and then the whole he doesn't care who does what MAY intact change.

There are exceptions to every rule I hear!

How've you been sweetie?

Toinlicious said...

Motherhood is something that really scares me but i kinda look forward to it. If he/she cries like a banshee (cos they do) i wonder how i'll manage that since i can't hand him/her off anyone. #sigh

Dee sounds all kinds of amazing. You both fit like a glove

See ya in June

ibiluv said...


I've been good dearie

you? and the family? Dee is such a nutcase...wide proud grin

@toinlicious...I feel you on the scared but anticipating motherhood thingy

lol at cant hand him off

blushing like a goat...he sure is

makes my heart all warm.....