Thursday, March 14, 2013


Hey Peeps

so i wonder... am i planning to stick to a post a month?
i did not set out to do this
but it will be regular wont it?
instead of a post every 7 months.......

So february was aiight
vals day was fun
lots of laffs at work

dry tables
full tables

i thorougly enjoyed darey's concert
i didnt go cos of kimmy
i watch her enuff on e!!!

a lot of peeps were disappointed by her 30 second hello
i couldnt care less....

Dare...that was opinion....

My gifts?

my thank you?


wink wink wink

you guys ever noticed how...if you savour the sex and dont fall over the cliff when you get the need to....
the orgasm is so much better when you eventually let yourself fall?

So boyf hates it when i say sex
he prefers to use the term love making

i could say fuck

really makes no difference

all i know is its fucking great......wide grin...chuckling...giggling....laffing

friend of mine has been searching for the fruit of the womb for about 5 years
says his wife is not letting them shag no more
she is disappointed in the whole process

i guess i can try to understand where she is coming from
but there are needs other than procreation for sex aiint it?

we whey never marry sha dey oil our engines
what is it with wifes who dont feel the need to oil theirs?

you lie in a bed beside a warm body every night...dont ya?
i totally get it...........noone does *it* every night
but married couples.......especially those without kids yet
since i know kids can tire you the fuck out...sometimes....there is not enuff energy in the body to get it up....

biko explain it to me
precious dick beside you and you dont feel the need to ride it?

and if you have ever wondered about my fav position... i just spilled

ibi loves to ride........yeehaw

i'll be back to tell una why we do it
after i marry
that is if i find myself in that rut

i'm not shy about taking what i want
if i'm ready to go and boyf is snoring

i wake him up with a bj and ride him till i'm spent
he can go back to sleep after that

so when i marry
if i go for months without sex and i truly dont feel the need to fuck

i'll come back here to yarn una

erm for those of you who may be wondering why i have this great sex life and i havent said anything about marriage
i can not tell you when i will marry yet because my oga at the top may change

that clip is fucking hilarious

everytime i watch it cracks me up

mwah peeps

i'll be back in April or i may surprise myself and be back before march fades...........


Toinlicious said...

Ibi ibi ibi. I just love you tres much :D #nohomo

I really pity #ogaatthetop's kids. It can't be easy being the butt of jokes

cerberus said...

keep it to one a month, 7 months is to long for us 3 to wait for.

Thanks for stopping by.


Beautiful said...

loool your posts always crack me up.

I try to wonder if you're just a normal girl next door or you'll be one of these deep people in real life.

SHE said...

Hey! One post a month is too little!

ibiluv said...

@Toinlicious...luv u too dearie

truly not easy

@Cerberus....will def do that

@Beautiful...glad to be of service

i'ma bit of both actually

@SHE..i cant promise i can do more than one a month dear

Fluffycutething said...

Sometimes the rut stems from other issues between the couple oh!
Marriage can overwhelm in a way one least expects and then sex becomes the last thing on ya mind!!,