Sunday, June 30, 2013

titbits and a post to say bye bye to June

would be nice if I could fuck in an elevator

I never wanna try out a threesome-I'm not that wanton-and I don't wanna share

Dee we really should get naughty in a movie theatre one of these days-too bad naija cinemas don't show x rated movies-then we could go all out-yes dear I'll wear a short dress with no panties-but other peeps would wonder why I need to sit on your lap you know-wink

will sex ever get boring?- I hope not....

can I have a kid readymade at 5?.well, kids are a handful at age 0-5.....

I need a raise

gonna have to do an early post in July or 2 posts in August...........Ramadhan

why am I getting bald?...Dee says shave your hair off....he says it'll make me look younger....I'm not willing it take d risk...being growing my hair since I was born...see how long it is...if I cut it??? what will happen???

it rained ALL day in Lagos today....or was it just my hood???

I really hate people that beat about the bush

R.... I really didn't appreciate your feedback, you came off as you were trying to save face-you shouldn't have bothered...I don't really like you and its obvious the feeling is mutual...lets stay civil....we are after all only colleagues...we don't need to be friends

what is cracking the maid up on tv???

did kim really name her daughter north? and I cant believe how quiet her twitter handle has being since the birth of donda....

I used to be the girl who didn't have le petit mort with every sexual experience
I've had pretty amazing sex, earth shattering love making but it would not always culminate into an orgasm
I surfed the net and found women like me
sex was great-fun-fabulous but orgasms were few and far between

I've had previous lovers say their egos were smashed
and I've had to assure and reassure-I had mad fun-you made my world shake
please ignore the fact I didn't cum
its just me
that is the way I am wired

I don't cum as much as other women do
I would totally enjoy the sex but trying to achieve an orgasm would just make the sex mundane

so lets just have mad fun and ignore the fact that an orgasm didn't/wont happen for me

until Dee
he is some kinda sexual genius

not sure how he does it
not even sure its cos I love him cos its been dis way since before I fell in love

I remember an ex who could make me climax with a look
some other guy whose voice drove me mad and who.....I'll NEVER  forget that day and those O's
I've had some pretty amazing O's............just not from coitus

so my friend says he (Dee)is the one
he(friend) says marry him(Dee) before he slips outta your finger

I'm not worried

I don't worry about marriage and kids the way other people seem to

kids will happen when I want them to
I'll go off the pill and slowly get my eggs fertile again
and if that fails
I'll adopt

as for marriage.............
some day....I'll be ready


Toinlicious said...

Ibi Ibi...Dee for president lol
Happy new month and have an amazing Ramadan

tboz said...

Marry him...

ibiluv said...

@Toinlicious...yes o
my Oga at the top
same to u
thnks dear.Ramadhan is alwayz fun

@Tboz....i just might....

Man2Man said...

Sometimes I find it difficult to believe women enjoy sex without cumming. Anyway wish you the best with ur new guy. Cheers

Fluffycutething said...

Been a min! U alright? ;)

ibiluv said...

I used to
I still do
thanks for your wishes and he's not new.....