Friday, April 25, 2008


A soundtrack in my vocab is the kinda sound(s) you make when you are boffing
While i dont go listening at people's doors when they are busy at it
it just happens that sometimes you hear people when they go at it
maybe they have paper thin walls
they may be loud
or their window is open(thanks to PHCN)

we had this couple in Uni
they insipired the term soundtrack
we had connecting doors in the house i stayed in
my uni was non residential so u got to live where ever you could
get a good price close enuff to school

she was in the 4th year
he in the 1st year
i was in the 2nd yr then

i know how in the heat of the moment
people loose all inhibitions

we have the moaners(ahh ohh uhm)
the screamers
those who insult others(you are....)
those who need to clean up(shit shit)
those who pray(Jesus,Jesus)
those who need their mum(mummmmmmmyyyyy)
those who concur(yes yes)
those who race(faster faster)
those who prefer results(harder harder)
those who like to dig(deeper deeper)
those who remind you (fuck me fuck me)

i have heard my share of soundtracks and made mine
sometimes after a good boffing
i remember some of the things i said
and i blush to my roots

while i have no qualms with people and their soundtracks

i crack up EVERY tyme i remember the above name couple
one night they go

her-o dun mi amo o dun mo mi(i'm in pain but i like it)
o dun mi amo odun mo mi(i am in pain but i like it)
ma yo ma yo(dont take it out dont take it out)

another day she goes
wa dagba wa mo iwe e(you will grow old you will be knowledgeable)
o ku itoju mi(thanks for taking care of me)

guy says - ko tope(its my pleasure)

what kinda convo is that in the heat of the moment?
and in yoruba language

whatever happened to moaning,screaming,panting or cursing

Update on my fix
it was exactly what i needed
i sang from both ends of me
i lost count of how many tymes i climaxed
i have grammy(s) on my bedside table from all the songs i sang

and thats all i am gonna say


perhaps i should emulate the couple above and say a prayer for him????


Freaksho said...

Looks like someone had fun.
'singing from both ends'
...i have to remember THAT one!

ablackjamesbond said...

You r crazy! And that couple must have really had some good times together.

Uzezi said...

what does ur soundtrack sound like?
i am laughing. lovely post.

Anonymous said...

i dont think iv been here before, but this is hilarious, it brings so many sound tracks to mind, nice post

Ms Sula said...

That was too funny! They really were going at it, weren't they.. :)

Singing from both ends, uh? Great imagery.

Fun post!

naijalines said...

I like it a lot. (Not my soundtrack o, lol.)

ibiluv said...

@freaksho....i did.....i did.... guess so...oh...they had some swell tymes..... soundtrack???good girls dont tell....*wink*

@spezatura....thanks...i aim to please

@ms sula...they sure were.... u wanna tell what ur soundtrack is????....

Adekunle Shobowale said...

Please tell me you diddnae make that up.

Ko tope. lol

laspapi said...

'My Vagina sings'- that came up in the V Monologues too. Glad you're content, Ibi

ibiluv said...

@adekunle shobowale....nah...didnt make it up......

@laspapi...actually culled from v-monolougues......i am.... aim...thanks


this is so hillarious, odun mo mi ke? whats that? lol!!!

ibiluv said...

@36inchesofbrownlegs......can u just imagine how startled i was when i heard it???.......lmao

Afrobabe said...

My sound track sounds like a church!!!

Loads of Jesus and God involved in the matter...

sometimes I pause and wonder wheather to shut up to avoid hell...

Afrobabe said...

Dammmm Ibi, you have inspired a new post...lmao...

ibiluv said...

@afrobabe....our God is passionate.......HE understands your passion......*wink*

babe i look forward to that post.....

Smaragd said...

yoruba is def not the lingo of that is some crazy sturvs! o dun mo mi ke? ROTFLMAO

"singing from both ends", now where have i heard that before?*scratching my head*

ibiluv said...

@smaragd.....definitely not the language of passion....singing from both ends -got it from v-monologues.....