Tuesday, April 1, 2008

She ran away..................

I learnt with polio vaccines you should get about 4 shots before school starts-here in naija school starts at about 3yrs
i am not sure how old i was but i do know you
get one shot somewhere between one to two months
another shot at four months
the third shot somewhere from 6 to 18 months
and the last shot between 4-6yrs

the incident i wanna talk about i have no recollection of so i am guesing it was the 6-18months shot.............

Mum took me to the hospital for my polio shot
I was a good girl about taking the shot so she promised me a treat.....

I love needles-i very much hate drugs(chalk i call it)
reminds me of the song............
you push it in-i pull it out
you push it back-i start to shout
oh doctor please its terrible, i cant stand the size of your needle
love this song-me???i love needles
if its biggggg.............even better*wink*

ok moving on........
we(Mum&I) get home and she decides to give me the treat
Ibi,have this........
I stretch out my arm,try to get up...
I cant...
Mum goes,Ibi didnt you hear me call you?
come and get this........
i look longingly at the sweet but my legs refuse to obey me
she gets agitated......IBI GET UP!!!!!!!!!!
Mum i can't...........
my legs are not working(or something like that)
she scoops me up and back to the hospital we go

On the way to the hospital i lost consciousness
At the hospital she finds out i was to be adminstered a 1.5mg vaccine
maybe cos i was such a doll-the idiot nurse administered 3.0mg
They had to flush my system
They had a bit of trouble finding my vein
so i got it(drips) in the head
some of my hair was shaved off(that explains my fascination for body hair&my baldness)

all this while i wasnt conscious............
Mum got pretty scared cos her chatterbox was quiet
she says she got up and sneaked out of the room after a while
trust traffic-it took Dad/Gramps and whomever else she had called a while to get there-moreover there were no mobiles then

On her way down......some random nurse sees her and asks where is she off to????
She says.................
I AM RUNNING AWAY..............
the nurse goes why?
she says.........ahhhh.......i dont know what to tell her father and grandfather when they get here
she hasnt opened her eyes and seeing that shaved part of her head isnt helping matters
the nurse goes...where are you running to?
mum says she has no idea cos she cant even go back to her Dad's
that the first place Ibi's Gramps will look for me....
so the nurse assures her
Ibi will be fine
i am sure she will regain consciousness soon
just go back&stay with her....pray...
your daughter needs you& she will be fine
Mum goes......ok i wanna pee
the nurse says there a loo upstairs in the room where Ibi is

Mum goes back,there i was,eyes open calling for her
She comforted me and asked how i was ..the first thing i asked for was my sweet
she laughed and assured me i will get it soon
she must have told me a lot of other things i cant remember
and the only reason i can blog about this is because she told me this story

I found/still find it HILARIOUS
where in heavens name was she going?
If not to her Dad's and not to Gramps?
why did she feel the need to run?
why did she feel she wouldn't be able to explain to Gramps what happened
when it was through no fault of hers
all she did was take me in for a shot....

Please`note i am Mum's first-it was her first major scare as a young mum
and her not wanting to face Gramps was not fear-it was just denial on her part

nurse is lucky-mum didnt sue
well in naija we dont have a sueing culture
i do hope the hospital disciplined the nurse as they promised to do
i also hope she didnt do it to another child who was not so lucky.....

everytime i remember the story i crack up
but really how safe are we when we trust our health to some of these crazy ass medical personnels????

i am at my new firm-yipeeeeeeeeeee
if u see what i need to study just so i can carry out my duties effectively???
Its like i am studying for an exam
but i am loving it
take care blogsville


OluwaDee said...

10k God u survived.

Guess ur mum was abit shaken, @ 1st.

Afrobabe said...

Awwww congrats babe...

So we wouldn't have had naughty you...kai God forbid bad thing...
lmao...young parents got flustered easily.....

as for the needles part...hmmmmm na major digression be that oh...wonder what one has to do to digress that way...Needles...big needles...him if u push it u just might see the link....

I get it, things entering places!!!!


Oh my, thank god for his mercies! And thank him for your new job! Congrats!

Lolu Kush (Afronuts) said...

chai! drip in ur head! I know the feeling. Pele!

Hope u've got lots of hair on yer head now? lol

ababoypart2 said...

Congrats on the new job and his mercies.

Platinum Diva said...

Man, these days we must thank God! I hope that she was spoken to, really i can't think what i would have done to her if you were my child oh , she for hear am seriously.
Take care xoxo

Anonymous said...

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ibiluv said...

@oluwadee......she was.....bless u

@afrobabe....kai,imagine a world without me?yea babes!!!things ENTERING things...*wink*


@lolu kush(afronuts)...i still no get hair o.thank God for weaves...

@ababoypart2....yea...HE does do wonders doesnt HE?

@platinum diva...i cant help feeling i hope she was relieved of the job...

@vinho....*blush*...thanks...i aim to please...will definitely be stalking ur blog too......