Thursday, March 6, 2008


Found a new word-well not in the dictionary or anything
but u know how we all say
fuck,shag,gbensh,roll in the hay..........
i guess it's not new to some
but i like how it sounds
thats my new word for *the do*

I was 18
8pm April 24 1996
yea i remember the date
was seeing my cousin off to her abode
cos we lived in different apartments the first year in uni
saw a guy..........
and i thot *Oh my God those biceps are not real*
he was at the junction with a friend(small guy)
i didnt notice him(smally)
i only had eyes for this tall dark (found out)good looking dude
he wasnt built like Arnold/Vin but at that age,most guys i knew were skinny
they said hello to my cousin and the introductions followed
i hated my cousin that instant for knowing a hunk like that and not telling me
we walked on and i accused her and she was like
oh she met them a few days ago
they are a riot-bunch of 2 cousins and 3 other friends
already we had such a team-cousin and 1 and 3 other friends -how cute

Anyone ever wondered how after u meet a person u seem to always bump into them?
next day and every day after that-our paths would cross.........
i must have being sending out some vibes
he seemed smitten too
but no one was making a move
after a while he would come for visits
i lived on a storey building-i could always see who was coming up the stairs
if it was him i would meet him/them at the top of the stairs
Ohhhhhhhhh i am headed to K's place(my cousin)
we would stroll down there together
the idea was-much as i was giddy having him around
i wasnt looking forward to being alone with him
to this day i have no idea why i had such a notion

we kept on at this till Dec
cousin and I found an apartment we could both move into
was closer to Dudes abode-lets call him M
A day later we move in-he walks by
Oh u babes now live here?(M)
I live just around the corner-i mite drop in tonite(M)
Oh we are travelling in a few hours(I)
headed home for an Aunts wedding(I)
When will u b back?(M)
lectures on mon so back sun nite(I)
ok see u then(M)

Home/Wedding was fun-all the while i had it at the back of my mind
*He* lives around the corner from my new abode
Got to sch-roomie says she saw him yesterday and invited him in for a drink
he was grilling her about me so she just said
he was perplexed she said-she goes i have noticed how u both have been pussyfooting around each other and it's sooooooo obvious to who is looking u are both smitten
ask her out already
he goes ok(I guess that was the impetus he needed)

When she relays the convo-at first i freak out
then i go-hey i have been drooling since April
i am gonna say yes(if he dares ask)

He comes to visit-we chat,laff as a group
he says he's leaving
i get up to see him off
we walk a few mins then he says
Ibi-will u be my girlfriend?
I ask-are u sure thats what u want?
He says yes-well i can give u tyme to think about it
I said YES-i dont need tyme to think about nothing
been waiting since forever for u to ask
So there in the middle of the street
he gets this big grin on his face-moves closer and gives me a big bear HUG
i felt cocooned

he then proceeds to gimme a peck
T'was soooo sweet
some guy who wasn't enjoying the show
yells at us to get a room before we get squashed by a car
we say our goodbyes
and i go to the room grinning from ear to ear
to tell roomie,cousin and other friends the good news

is the title of the post right?
is it first hug or first boyfriend

have a fabulous weekend



"boffing" thats a first

u must have an IQ of over 300 to remember date,time e.t.c me i cant even remember my firt kiss

...i think first BF sounds better

ibiluv said...

Yea..i like i like new word

While i agree i am a very intelligent person-the thingy is -i have "talent"-i rememeber dates,time,venue with annoying clarity any thing major in my relationships(past,present(ok-none existent) and future)

yea-i think so too

Rayo said...

Lmao!! You remembered the date...It must have really meant a lot to you. So what happened between you guys?

ibiluv said...

@rayo.......we broke up a yr later.stayed friends.very good friends...a friend of his still has bet on us that we will eventually marry.....i listen to his sob stories.used to help him with sex......

he wants to have a kid by me.........we know we cant be together forever but he wants a keepsake....we dont do the sex thing no moreso i no knw how the kid will happen

if it had/has anything to do wit a guy i get/got physical with-i will remember the date...freaky?i know

Rayo said...

haha hmm..we'll see how that works out

ibiluv said...

@rayo.......we dey wait to see

Smaragd said...

that part about meeting someone and running into every day is so true! thot i was the only one who thot so. nice blog

ibiluv said...

@smaragd........yea...irony of lyfe.....thanks.*blush*