Tuesday, March 18, 2008

How far?

Not far?
fuckmate caught the ground-nut i threw him
traffic was a bitch-*the do* hasnt happened

i have managed to keep my raging hormones under control
by staying away from blogs that talk too much about *the do*
thank the Lord Ubongda has stopped posting

have a new friend-she assures me she's female
she keeps sending me emails about measuring height
(new word for the do)
she expects me to reciprocate
while i can gist about the do(measure height) on my blog or with friends i choose
i dont get the idea of trying to strike and maintain a friendship with a person online when all she wants to do is talk about MH
i am starting to think she isn't female or shes's just bisexual

whenever i get online friends
if for whatever reason i strike up an online friendship
i stay friends online for at least 2 yrs before i decide to hook up
for others i stay online freinds forever
i have no wish to meet up with some pple in person
she now belongs to that category
i aiint looking forward to a sister touching me in places............
she invited me to bauchi for her birthday on the 1st April
while i have no idea why i must take a day or 2 of work for her birthday
she added more glamour by saying she will send me money for the trip AND come and pick me up
she is definitely stalking me

MH-measure height
makes u wonder when u think of couples like the Smiths(Will&Jada)
if they truly measure their heights
I am living proof that it dont matter what the height difference
is btw u and a partner
the ass will still be tapped
men appear more macho with smaller mates anyways
they get to manoeuver
a friend once said smaller mates are malleable

a pal said a gynecologist cleans where others have pleasured themselves
y should he not get a piece?


desperate lady said...

Ur female right? or male? for some reason i've been thinking ur female. Let me go read ur other posts.

desperate lady said...

was 1 1st? n am i 2nd?

desperate lady said...

oops ma bad, ur sooooooo female! girl dont stay away 4rm d do lol, if ur hungry for it then do it n make sure u get satisfied.

fantasy queen said...

you're so being bitch chased. oh my! goody goody!
one thing for sure, girls know how to spoil girls silly...lol
there are lots of rich brown chocolates lottering around here, why would she expect you to travel all the way to bauchi to eat sushi?(well thats assuming she aint entirely innocent)...LMAO

ibiluv said...

@desperate lady......I have a vagina.always had it.always will,i will do the do..*wink*

@fantasy queen........i wonder ooooooo...LMAO at eating sushi.....what with the journey????....got my eyes on those brown chocolates..........i doubt that she's innocent

Freaksho said...

someone just needs a plain,good old fashioned shag. toes curling,and a-hollering will only help you out!

ibiluv said...

@freaksho..........amen to that

plastiQ said...

fantasy* fantasy*, shag* shag*, chocolates and sushi*, hmnnnn!. Hasn't any female in here seen the movie 'She hate me' ? U culd learn a lesson or two about sushi and honey molasses, sushi might be a nice flavour and a deviation but it will never totally quench d hunger.

ibiluv said...

@plastiq..............me sushi?not in this lifetyme...give me a phallus anyday.........