Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Easter was Fab
lots of sleeping&reading tyme
also had tyme to hang out with my girlfriend&my family
On sat i had a Denzel movies day
Ohhhhh that guy is just THE epitome of Chocolate
Please God send me a Denzel lookalike

I used to be able to REALLY rock the beat
someone was looking for Ibi one day in Uni and this babe goes
I'm looking for that babe that dances all nite at parties
she wears glasses-oh.............ok.she's in the first room
i wondered if i was amused or pissed at the description

myself and my friends would waltz into a party about 11pm and dance till 5/6am
not drinking nuthing or trying to catch a nap-saved u from horny guys
some friends of ours had a party they didnt invite us to
the Ac's were laced with spanish fly
i dont know if it worked but they obviously had plans to shag any one who seemed ready and willing

I have always felt if u can move ur body on the dance floor-u sure as hell will be able to do so in a bed
I haven't been proven wrong yet

So i have noticed i cant do all the things they do in music videos
while i have no intentions of going to a party then try to buggy by copying Psquares or Kaffy's moves
I would like to be sexy-all that tummy rolling&booty shaking
every gal on tv seems able to do
sadly i cannot
i guess my bones are becoming feeble

I do know that Thanks to my Austrian Aunt
My legs are still able to do what i ask them to do
spread as far apart as i ask it
hang on a guys shoulder
or wrap aroung him soooo tight he needs to ask me to loosen up so he can breathe
Since i can still perform those functions
that's how flexible i need to be

fuckmate tried to hook up this easter
wasnt in the mood for him
I guess i am saving myself for someone else
pray who will it be?I have no idea
it still hasnt happened............
when will it?i know not

But when it does........whoever it is
Please God.........i ask that he make my vagina sing songs of praise
cos my vagina has not reached its full potential since i broke up with Mel
Mel&I were an item for 3yrs(03-06)
I believed he was *the one*
Fuckmate came on the scene last yr
with him its not what i need.........
i need me a guy that will make me sing songs worthy of a Grammy
I wanna sings those songs from both ends of me


ababoypart2 said...

Please God send me a Denzel lookalike...lol.

UnNaked Soul said...

Amen to ur singing pussy prayer! LOL

Smaragd said...

Denzel lookalike... yum! i dont know about singing from both ends of ur body though... sounds like a kettle with two spouts...lol. all the best wiv ur "prowess" (whateva that means!)

Freaksho said...

...And another Hilarious post from Ibiluv.
singing from both ends???
is such a thing even possible?

ibiluv said...

@ababoypart2........ask and u shall be given

@unnaked soul.........AMEN

@smaragd......prowess???a word i understand

@freaksho.........i assure you its possible...a guy who knows how to handle his tools will get a girl picking up grammy(ssss)......*wink*

Enigma said...

I'm fascinated by your blogs! Found Denzel yet?

ibiluv said...

@Enigma.....i hope i can keep fascinating ya...i have found him in a its complicated kinda way.........