Sunday, February 22, 2009


Passed by a sign

No loitering
No hawking
No parking
Military zone
Fine-deflated tires

Some guy that sells OK in my hood
has a sign that says
80% off
OK is almost free
so i wonder with 80% off
why not just hand it out for free????????
(OK=Okrika=bend down boutique)

We know when we are being lied to(most times)
but.....some times.......
the truth hurts too much
we'd prefer the lies

I was talking to a pal
and i asked...............
what names do guys calls babes they sleep with these days....

together we came up with
help me-i'm no male
i know no female wants to be called any of these names

in my dictionary a man can be a
i doubt any guy wants to answer to either of the first two names
i've never insinuated to anyone he was any of the first two
................i've had one of both

but i'd rather tumble into bed with a friend

i fancied myself getting married to a guy a few years ago

they guy i leaned on when i broke up with Mel

he is currently in a relationship

it looks serious

last night he called

all i've done lately is emails

and he asks

am i happy he is in a relationship

i say yes

why would i not be?

is it cos i asked you(him) to marry me thrice

and on each ocassion you brushed me away????

he says..........i never asked

moreover he always thought he was not good enough for me

so i said.........well i did ask you

i even asked one time why we are we not dating

every time you brushed my questions away

i knew he had major issues because we dont see God the same way

he is a good xtian virgin guy

i was scared i was gonna lead him straight to hell


me-definitely not Xtian

neways......he's found a good Xtian girl

if she's virgin or not i know not

wish him well

i really do

i'm someday gonna find me an unclean guy

who wants to get dirtier with me

with his body and mind and possessions

not his soul

i need his soul to be pure....*wink*


RocNaija said...


@Scelle..tata.. et al.. It's easier to just say lover..

Now that's one men and women are quite happy to answer to..

& with your ex..
We all want "a lady in the streets but a freak in the bed".. so i bet he's been doing a lot of thinking lately..

On the flip side, who knows..?
If you had ended up with him.. On wedding night he might have gone.. "Oooh is that what you do with it then..?"

Funms-the rebirth said...

lol @ OK..
ha, me i dont like those names.....bushmeat ke?

@ ur friend: i think he's secretly in love with u but was just scared cuz it sounds like u knew more thn him... he probably didnt wanna disappoint u...... eh ya, who knows, it may not work out with him and xtian girl... i hope u find ur own perfect dude jare.. and i hope i find one too

Sting said...

I loved the last paragraph. As for names guys call girls they are just shagging, "Jump off"

Qube The Wordsmith said...

lmao @'s anoda word; "scrobo" or u culd use "friends wiv benefits"
I feel u on d whole Xtain guy tin;I refused to chase a girl I liked once bcos I was scared God wuld slap me for spoilin his holy child...
hey ibiluv I culd b d guy u is lookin for.....I'm sufficiently unclean enuff. What do u say hmnnn?

wordmerchant said...

lol@ fish, bushmeat, fowl!!!...for real...thats just wrong.

Aahh don't worry will find your perfect match, the world has a way of balancing itself.

miz-cynic said...

ibiluv,mayb u are not as dirty and corrupt as u think u least i dont think so....u are just real and dnt apologise for ur actions.

badderchic said...

Im echoing Roc here,

they really do want a lady in the street and a freako in the bed.

Its his loss y'all didnt hook up seriously he really isnt good enuff for you.

you know there's someone out there for ALL of us, especially us 'dirty' girls.

On the flip, I heard they now call girls 'pullout'.

oro yii ti n suu mi o!

doll said...

bad, dirty, un-xtian girl

Freaksho said... THAT what 'tata' means?

CaramelD said...
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CaramelD said...

In my old office in Lagos, the men used to call all women bushmeat and wondered why we weren't thrilled at the name! Grrrrrrr!

Don't worry querida, you will find your perfect fit! You won't 'soil' anyone! Tut, tut. Don't want to hear that from your mouth again ;)

zara (my alter ego) said...

i think they call it fuck buddy. unisex name!

hmm.. unclean non xtian.. how about clean non xtian good enough??

~Sirius~ said...

What the hell is Bush meat?!

I Mean? Bush meat- so they intend to "eat" a girl apart or what?

NoLimit said...

I remember I once called a guy my friend's "kissing cousin"!!!lol...

Buttercup said...

lmao @ the fine for them offences being deflated tires and 80% off OK..hahahahahahahahaha!

ahnahn..those names..jeez..if only for the fact that i dont wanna be called any of those names, i'd never do the casual thing..

awww dude probably still wants u..and he has probably gotten dirty by now too..hmm..

Vera Ezimora said...

LOL @ those names. Bushmeat, fowl & fish ke? Hahahahahahahahahaha.

As 4 your woulda-shoulda-been-husband.... hmmm. It obviously wasn't meant to be. I can tell you 4 sure that he wishes everything was straight (Xtian et al).

Uzezi said...

what rubbish names are all those.

pls dont find u an unclean guy o. lol. i dont want u to get dirtier. means i will have to buy more ariel. lol
how u dey?

Oluwadamilola said...

Fine-deflated tires????
9ja military pple sha.

Guys are always silly when it s=comes to naming girls.

Smaragd said...

MY TWIN! listen to me, U R NOT UNCLEAN!


those names suck! i feel insulted...mchew...punk ass niggers! oori won fo ka sibe.

I cant wait for u to meet this guy, u in love will be fun to watch or read, i know that for sure.

Afrobabe said...

Men to me are lovers,ex lovers,friends,soon to be lovers,wish he was a lover,wonder if he can be a good lover...father,brothers and relatives....

I want me a dirty man as well..someone who comes home and bends me down without taking ioff his suit!!!

Dammy said...

I don't know about those names sha but I 'scelle' is common.

I like your mind.

You keep it real.

Confessions of a London gal said...

Lol @ Needing an unclean guy to get dirtier with you- as soon as you find him- you be sure you ask if he has a brother for me! lol!

bumight said...

maybe u dont need an unclean guy! and maybe clean xtian guys want to get dirty and freaky in bed *wink*

anyways, we're waiting for u on my blog to give us the lowdown on 4v5.
Funms wants to know if he has a brother, that is if the answer to my own question is yes. lol!

doug said...

Oh I've heard all sorts of names for women men have slept with. Lets not even get into it.

Mmmm...I guess it might have been in both your interests that you two broke up. Faith, when genuines, is a difficult thing to make compromises on. I'm sure there's a pure-souled playa out there somewhere who'll sweep you off your feet.

Much love Ibi

theicequeen said...

hehe...deflated tires...even if you are a loitering pedestrian :P

I've heard people referring to a the girl on the side that the guy sleeps with on the regz who is not the gf being called the guys chook...what THA hell!?

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Anonymous said...

F.O.B friends with benfit

bushmeat ke?lol

fantasy queen said...

lmao at afrobabes response...

Tigeress said...


I guess the dude wasnt meant for you- abi?

Miss Iyabo Opeke said...
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Miss Iyabo Opeke said...

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Juz 4get Verastic...LOL...Juz gife it all to Moi!!! LOL!!!

Parakeet said...

Hmm...ibiluv you don come again. I bet that your friend wished it was you he was with, Why cant we be true to ourselves sometimes?

CaramelD said...

Ibiluv where you dey since now? knock, knock! Come out and play :)

mike said...

very funny. this life i s funny

naijaleta said...

Hello Ibi,

Next time a guy says he's not good enough for you he actually means the opposite.

Writefreak said...

i don't have anything to say!

hope you're ok!

ibiluv said...

@Rocnaija.....first...groovy!!! personally refrain from the word..i aint in love with noone..i bet he would have said just that on our wedding night...*if* he made it that far without me breaking thru his walls....*wink* sef i tire....oh i know he loves me-he admitted it one tyme he just refused to do anything about it...amen dear...we His tyme....

@sting...last paragraph.....*blush*...another name to add to the list....

@Qube....hate scrobo...FWB is aiight...u sure you are unclean
enuff for moi..*fluttering eyelashes*... wrong wrong....amen!!!!!


@badder.....his loss..i second!!!!def dearie....there must be sum guys out there that can *handle* us....*hugs*....pullout???....hmmmmm


@Freak....thats what he said but i hear it also means young gal!!!!

@Carameld....bushmeat is such a silly name....i wont say that ever again....*well and truly chastised*

@Zara...Fb...yea same as i say fuckmate....good enuff dear...good enuff..

@Sirius...yea babe...they intend to feast!!!!!!!!!!

@Nolimit...a pal of mine once had one of those...

@Buttercup....he probably does...all he had to do was say the word...moreover i once offered and he didnt accept....

@Vera.....wasnt meanat to be.......

@Uzezi....very crazy may need izal as well..i'm luscious

@Twinny...i am not unclean..i am not unclean...yea-no woman deserves to be called any of 'em in love...let's wait and see....'m with you on the wish he was a lover thingy....that picture you painted is EXACTLY what i'm talking about!!!!!!!!

@Dammy....yea it is...scelle...bless ya

@Bumight...he shoulda....dont ya think????i've been there to give you his lowdown...

@Doug...we never dated...we are and remain very good friends..he is the only man i fell in love with without ever seeing his phallus!!!!!!!!!!

@theicequeen....i wonder o for pedestrains....those names.....hmmm

@NBA....i don vote


@FQ....she's a darling!

@Tigeress..he wasnt... mind that yeye Vera!!!!

@parakeet....i wonder why they cant..i'm true to meself ALL the tyme....

@CaramelD...was buried at work no mind me.....


@Naijaleta....i figured as much....


Omo calabar. said...

Lol. Agree with Roc..lover is much easier

ibiluv said...

Omo Calabar.........easier.......i agree.....

Omalicha said...

Tata means baby. In the context used by the guys it would mean, "babe"

ibiluv said...

@Omalicha...........i guess it would..........