Sunday, December 23, 2007


saw a guy today with bulging biceps-hmmmm
the sun was shining-his skin was glistening in the sun
he lifted 4 crates of Guinness 'with ease'
nice show

i remember an incident when my younger brother Sup was about 13
this guy in my opinion couldn't cook(then) to save his life
that day he showed me he could
mom and i went out
we knew we had just a little stew at home
but we planned not to go to the market
when we get home,we would prepare a bowl of eba and all 6 of us would eat together(mom,I,brothers&cousins)
we tagged such meals as 'family'-no one got individual plates
we got a big bowl made food and sat to eat together
but the eldest had to make sure for every bolus you swallow the youngest has two to swallow.....
it so happens a friend of my mom came to visit a few minutes after we left
So she waited a while....
after about 3hours ,Sup decided she must be hungry so he asks if she would like to have lunch-she says yes-so he goes into the kitchen-prepares eba for two, (considering the bowl i had to wash when i got home)the friend of my mum is a hearty eater-slim as a rake but eats enuff for two
anyways he was generous with the stew and meat:i was mentally devouring on the way back home.
we return home a full hour after the guest has digested the food and gone home only to get home hungry to an empty pot
we didnt get mad-we laughed our heads off
i just couldnt get over the fact that Sup could make 'edible eba'
that day was tagged alejo day(alejo means visitor)
to this day the easiest way to describe *the woman* to anyone is to say
that mum's friend 'alejo sup'
yea-u guessed right-i had to go to the market and cook

My first crush's'
Amitabh Bachan-all that chest hair-marvelous
Bruce Willis-from watching Moonlighting
Jake and the fat man-he always got the girls

Beyonce is allergic to perfume
I hate to go into lifts alone
Beyonce's cat is named master P
I hate smoking(the habit)i don't smoke and i abhor it in others
Beyonce was discovered by Whitney Houston
I hate it when anyone raises their voice at me
Beyonce's first solo-dangerously in love got her 5 grammys
I hate the greediness abound in our country
Beyonce's nicknames include Juju bee,foxxy
I hate it when the traffic light turns red just when i get there

Most common fear-Odynophobia-fear of pain

A man buys a PC
he is setting it up in the room
system asks for 'password'
he decides to be naughty and types 'penis'
system says 'password rejected not long enough'
wife bursts out laughing
'however did the system know?'


Senator said...

Merry Xmas to Ibi. U can get my email in my blog (Bride to be). I have also updated. Remain blessed

UnNaked Soul said...

Happy holidays darling...

ibiluv said...

@senator...stay precious
@unnaked soul...the same to u

Afrobabe said...

Happy new I take it there is a similarity between u and B?

Returning Truth Betold said...

Beyonce fan?

ibiluv said...

@afrobabe...yea.we r both HOT
@returningtruthbetold....she's HOT

miss hotbody said...

Cool blog! Where have u been all my life?

ibiluv said...

@miss baby*wink*....just waiting for u to discover me

Smaragd said...

Geez, u are so Beyonced! am guessing i am one of those pple u'll ask "jealous much?" when it involves Beyonce, cuz i just dont dig her! sorry but i just had to expresss my

ibiluv said...

@smaragd.........i like her.i am not totally hooked on her......u are free to express ur opinion