Friday, December 7, 2007


When i was younger and trying to increase my vocabulary
My Gramps made me read newspapers,now i read almost anything
My Mum made me listen to the news to hear how words are pronounced
I pray my kids dont get to listen to the new breed of broad casters
whats going on
Radio and tv this days
they keep assaulting my ears
they pronounce crap
as for Galaxy tv and dia diction avenue-its crap(i hope its off the airwaves)
NO ONE in my opinion uses THAT much stress when pronouncing a word
as for dress sense-I dont get why a young lady will wear a suit then beads!!!!
fashionistas??? e blend????
Adaure u are a pretty girl,lovely voice and u do the job well
but please try and be a little daring.....
everytime i see u, u seem to have the same hairdo
different weaves-same style
i am sure u will still look phat if u try something else with ur hair
as for those pronouncing with igbotic yorubatic and all sorts of accents
spare our ears

Heard about a woman who committed adultery on the same night her husband did
neither ever found out about the other but the marriage became better cos each found out what he:she would have lost
no go try am o


KreativeMix said...

lol!!! on the adultery comment below:-)

ibiluv said...

@kreativemix...yea...funny how some people get away with stuff...........

Smaragd said...

you are so right about those deadly broadcasters! I think we should form an NGO of sorts against them, esp Galaxy and Mitv, TV watching is now officially dangerous to your diction, gawd!