Monday, December 10, 2007

Mber months

My boss got robbed yesterday-bag,fones,keys,cash
not sure if she got slapped but the last person
i know who got robbed also got raped so she is lucky
an evil part of me felt it serves her right
just cos i am mad at her
but hey for real
its not fair that i am gloating
it is a terrible experinence
i have never been a victim but i don hear enuff stories
peeps be careful its the yuletide-the boys r hungry
avoid traffic as much as u can and be afraid of nitetime
and before dawntime
that when they attack cars
rememeber to always leave your bags outa sight in your cars
and above all
NEVER underestimate the power of prayer
He keeps u safe if u remember to ask for His cover


Niomo said...


Freaksho said...

well said.
may i also sugest a decoy fone be kept in plain sight? in fact, go ahead and get double for everything;wallet,cards etc.
u never know.

ibiluv said...

@freaksho...well said