Thursday, December 20, 2007

Barka da sallah

My first sallah withhout Gramps
was good but oddos
but its all good

my cousin has a facial palsy
all started after a horrible flight on chanchangi-to abuja and irs-to lagos
she fanned herself from abuja to lagos in the irs plane
she got an earache
got home-slept
woke up with a numb face(left side)
by eveninig she was in hospital
had a cat scan, brain scan all sorts of tests
well shes home now
she has stopped stammering
but only the right side of her face is moving
she gets physiotherapy daily
she wants to go to the states
she doesnt think she is getting the best treatment
doc at saint nicholas said she may have the palsy for 6months
thats crazy
another doc has requested a test-it mite be a tia(mild stroke)
shes only 32
i have got over the initial scare i got when i heard
and saw her with slurred speech and she was stammering
thank goodness the cat scan and brain scan came out positive
i just wish she gets better quick
its not nice knowing she may have had a mild stroke
its also not nice watching her learn to chew with her left jaw
her nerves are not working
D-wish ur nerves would just up and start to work TODAY
love u gal
someone said na spiritual attack from her office
she has a political appointment-this new BRF regime
whatever it is,i dont belive these things
HE is able to restore your health
and i am trusting HIM

I wish u all in blogsville a very merry xmas
and a prosperous new year


Afrobabe said...

Hope she gets better soon.

ibiluv said...

@afrobabe....amen..she is a lot better dear..thanks

Returning Truth Betold said...

hope shes getting better? how is she now?

ibiluv said...

@returningtruthbetold...thanks she's a lot berra now...almost in working order-her nerves that is