Sunday, November 18, 2007


My Gramps has been ill a while
all started about 5years ago
he had an issue with his prostate
he had an op
he recuperated, got better
2yrs later a relapse-anoda op
all these while he got older

about 2 yrs ago-his response to questions
took foreever before they came out of his mouth
he stopped recognising people
short memory span
all the signs of old age
all i could rememeber everytime i went to vist
was sitting on his lap for a kiss on my way to boarding school
treats from him when he returned from shareholders meetings
his car horn and the way we would hurridely rearrange the home
bring out our books-before he came up the stairs
even if my gramps saw u reading a comic at 2am
he was sure to leave u be
but if he finds u in front of the tv at 9pm!!!!!TROUBLE4U....
sallah with cousins,family...full house
getting my Uncle into trouble just for the fun of it.....

2 yrs ago he goes on and on about visiting home
so his kids and a few grandkids left lagos for abeokuta for a day visit
we had no tv-just the basics
food water mattresses
but we had fun

he woke up the next day and sad he wanted to return to lagos
though he showed a few of us where he wanted to spend eternity
2 weeks ago i heard he could no longer speak and wasnt eating
in fact he was living on drips
heard he had about 40 before he gave up the fight
he died 940am 16th Nov 2007 at 84yrs
i loved him and i will miss him dearly
I am just glad he has gone to rest in HIS BOSOM

Adieu Gramps
May Allah grant u paradise

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