Sunday, November 25, 2007


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one of the women was quoted to say
i call my affair my indulgence
i never want to sit in a rocking chair
in a retirement home mulling over the thrills i have missed in life
it is better to regret the things you have done than the things you havent done

women get an endorphin boost during daytime
A woman's sex drive reaches its peak at 3pm(really?????)
so women are more amorous during the day
(wish we could get sex breaks instead of lunch breaks)*wink*

saw someone at obalende selling candles biscuits and butter
what is the relation???
ok maybe butter and biscuits...but candles!!!!!!


UnNaked Soul said...

sex break? LMAO... that'll be awesome... lol

UnNaked Soul said...

"women get an endorphin boost during daytime. A woman's sex drive reaches its peak at 3pm"

Please confirm if this is true... :-D

Ubong Da said...

sorry about your grampa, its been a while since i came this way. Hmm women are most horny at 3pm shoo tell me something. and yeah I support the idea of having all the adventures while one is still young enough, worse thing that can happen is regreting during old age for not having the fun. That would never happen to me LOL.

ibiluv said...

@unnaked soul...yea,wouldn't it be nice...
not sure if its true got the info from a mag...ok half true*wink*

@ubongda...u SURE will have a LOT to keep u smiling when u are in that *rocking chair*...thanks about my gramps...MWAH